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WINTER SOLSTICE: Profound Rebirth Ceremony

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · General

Moongoddess RA 150x150 WINTER SOLSTICE: Profound Rebirth CeremonyProfound Winter Solstice 2009 Rebirth Ceremony

Are you someone that ponders, “What is life really about?” You still can’t figure out why you weren’t given an Owner’s Manual at birth. Have you been searching for clues wherever you go for your origin and the secrets beyond what you know today?

Then, for sure, you’ll want to acquaint yourself with matriarch civilizations from long ago and glean what you can from symbols they left behind. Discover the secrets of the solstices which they deemed so important that they built temples and sacred observatories to capture the shaft of sunlight that shone through deep into their inner chambers on the Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice was a time of rebirth for them, and it can be for you also. Let me show you a magical, profound ritual, a ceremony which you can do in the quiet of your own home or with a group.

The Winter Solstice marks the longest darkest night, with the least daylight. It is our shortest day when the Sun has its lowest arc in the sky. Solstice is derived from Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still). Indeed, that is exactly what happens for just a moment, at 9:47 AM PST, December 21, 2009 with the sun being directly overhead along the Tropic of Cancer.

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Then the Sun begins it climb back into the heavens, we have more daylight, we are reborn.

Newgrange 3700 BC

One lost civilization is Newgrange in the Boyne Valley in Ireland, which has been radio-carbon dated as far back as 3700 BC. That’s long before Stonehenge which is a perfect marker for both Winter and Summer Solstices, even before the Egyptian pyramids were built. An underground chamber was constructed to receive a shaft of sunlight deep into its central chambers on the Winter Solstice.

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Matriarch Civilization in Malta

Another underground chamber which has been found, from the same time period, even a few hundred years earlier is on the island of Malta. Instead of normal male genital artifacts representing a patriarchic civilization, you’ll find female genital symbols, including statues of women revealing clues of a matriarch civilization.

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Even though Ireland and Malta are far apart in distance, you’ll find the same markings, of the dualistic spiral, the precursor to the ying/yang symbol. The symbol is of darkness/light at the equinoxes and solstices. It’s also one of the secrets of the greatest duality of all, life/death. And the Winter Solstice represents rebirth, reincarnation, reinvention of one’s self.

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Embrace the Ancient Teachings on the Winter Solstice

Why not consciously get emotionally involved. Let your emotional nature, who is the actor/actress within, express itself fully on the Winter Solstice. Drama, be it tragedy or comedy, is how your emotional nature expresses itself and learns.

Rational reasoning, logic, facts, is for your mind and is really boring for your emotions which hold the secrets to magical, loving relationships. Love, the most sought after of all feelings, is kept hidden inside the chambers of your emotional nature, waiting for someone who understands its language of feelings, intuition and stories to bring it out into the light.

Let the quest for unconditional love be your star, your vision to learn the language of your emotions. And on the Winter Solstice, let the shaft of light penetrate even the deepest of love’s chambers, enticing it out one more time, for a time of rebirth.

Let me show you how to create a ritual, a ceremony to experience this day or even in the dark hours of the night, most profoundly. Use the magical dualistic symbol of life and death to its fullest.

Rebirth Ceremony

1. Take a long hot shower, wash your hair, prepare your body as if it were a sacred temple and maybe even anoint it with sandalwood oil.

2. Put on white clothing, a long white gown would be most dramatic. White reflects light and is a symbol for life itself. Then drape black clothing on top, totally covering the white, so not one thread can be seen. Black represents the other side of life’s duality, death, the deepest of mysteries.

3. Take out a piece of white paper and use a black pen, or use a black, bold font to write with, and then delve deep inside to that darkest part of you that holds the shame, the guilt, memories of times when you went out of control emotionally, said things you wish you could take back, but alas, you couldn’t. You struck someone you care with your words, maybe even your hand. With great focus, find times when you caused harm to your relationships. Have a good cry, feel your remorse one more time.

4. Then it’s time to become emotionally accountable, ask yourself, “Have you punished yourself enough yet for what you did? Did you sabotage yourself, have an accident, lose someone you loved?” If the answer is yes, a thousand times more even, acknowledge that. You don’t need anyone else to scold you or make you wrong any longer.

5. If the answer is no, you are still justifying your harmful actions, decide it’s time to take off your cloak of darkness, your arrogance and make amends to the person. And if that person is now dead, long gone, help someone else. If you need, commit to getting some help, to transform this harmful, dark part of you so you’ll feel you deserve love, happiness. Don’t skip this step; it’s called the dark night of the soul, when you come face to face with the harmful actions of your dark twin. Decide to transform this part of yourself, to bring it out in the light, to continue on your quest for unconditional love.

6. Now take what you’ve written, print it and then light a black candle, and look at its flame which symbolizes the sun. Of course, you could always build a bonfire, if you want to be truly dramatic and you probably would if you do this with a group. It’s up to your creativity, but for sure you want fire, as that’s the symbol of the Sun’s scorching rays of sunlight.

7. Throw what you’ve written into the fire, watch it burn, and be proud that you could look that deeply into yourself.

8. Now take off your dark clothing, drop it to the floor most dramatically. Stand most tall in your white clothing, and then put out the fire of your black candle, but before you do light a white candle from it.

9. Hold the candle and with unconditional love, forgive yourself fully. Appreciate yourself, even hug yourself.

10. Finally holding your candle, take a walk, it could be around your house, but look at the flame and visualize yourself walking toward the light, being reborn, being reincarnated, starting all over one more time. You have six months now, until the Summer Solstice next June 21, to express your most beautiful and loving emotions to yourself, and to all those meaningful people in your life.

11. Finally turn on some uplifting music, dance totally free form; you’ve just freed yourself from your dark twin. Commit to escape its ensnarement of causing harm to yourself or others.

12. Then dance until you fill yourself up with joy, with bliss, and commit to expressing happiness, smiling at everyone you meet, knowing you’ll be uplifting their hearts also.

Continue on your quest for unconditional love, it’s what you’re here for and it’s within your reach.


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