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Winter Solstice Ceremony 2010

December 21st, 2010 · No Comments · December Solstices, General

MoonGoddess032810Mid copy1 Winter Solstice Ceremony 2010

Winter Solstice Ceremony

It’s one of the most glorious days of the year once again, the Winter Solstice which arrives on December 21.  It is when the Sun is directly overhead along the Tropic of Cancer. The word Solstice is derived from Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still). Indeed at that moment, the Sun appears to stand completely still while a shaft of light is transmitted to Mother Earth.  Although every year’s Winter Solstice is most profound, this year is even more so. Here’s why!

Lunar Eclipse on December 20, 2010

First, you have a lunar eclipse which begins at 10:33 pm, PST; the total eclipse arrives at 11:41 pm, PST, December 20.  Unless there is a thick cloud cover, you’ll see the moon turn reddish as it passes into Mother Earth’s shadow. It could go from a salmon color to a deep red.  It is worth noting that Benjamin Franklin, founder of our country and astrologist, found by pouring through history, that on eclipses most profound historical events occurred.

Resolve Overpowering Circumstances in Your Relationships

Maybe you will be part of history in the making, in the moment as it happens, especially with those you love.  Enter into what was perhaps overpowering circumstances in your relationships, with you now fully participating, could very well resolve. Go for it, relationships are the heart of life itself.  Get help if you need, as often when you feel overpowered, you are in a trance, not fully present.

The Moon Goddess Prepares You For The Winter Solstice

Second, you have both the Moon Goddess’s Full moon, as well as the Winter Solstice on the same day.  The Moon Goddess’s Full Moon occurs at 12:13 am, PST on December 21. You will not see it even if you wait up, as the total eclipse ends at 12:53 pm, PST, forty minutes after the Full Moon.

Moon Goddess Permeates Your Consciousness for 24 Hours

As the Moon Goddess’s Full Moon beams permeate for a full 24 hour period, 12 hours before and 12 hours afterward, her transmissions only completely end at 12:13 pm on December 21. Even with this year’s eclipse, you will still have time to imbibe her moonbeams, if you are one of those night owls.  If not, make yourself ready before you go to sleep, with the intention of receiving and connecting. The Moon Goddess loves to penetrate your dreams.

Intimacy Not Separation

The Moon Goddess’s full moonbeams are filled with love, pulling you into your inner realms through your feelings. As your intuition unfolds, you have an opening to connect with your higher self that resides outside of this physical realm, but diligently guides you throughout your life’s journey. There is no separation at this time between you, the avatar and your higher self.

Winter Solstice Begins

Then, just three hours and 25 minutes later, at 3:38 pm, PST marks the Winter Solstice.  As the Sun seems to stand still, at that moment a distinct shaft of energy, of light is transmitted to your consciousness.   Every Winter Solstice the energy being emitted is different, as the Sun is continuously traveling eastward on its sojourn around the center of the Milky Way.  As the Sun is always voyaging through a new belt of the cosmos, Mother Earth’s annual trek is always full of surprises and a real adventure, never the same.

Ancient Mystics Built Sacred Underground Observatories

Ancient mystics captured this moment by building sacred observatories deep underground.  A narrow opening at the top of their temples was cut in such a way to receive a shaft of the Sun’s light as it stood still, which would pierce deep into their sanctified chambers.

Sun Climbs Into Heavens Again

It was a time of initiation and profound Winter Solstice ceremonies were enacted.  For hours, sometimes days before, rituals were performed to cleanse both their bodies and their minds. Once the longest night was over, as the Sun would begin its climb into the heavens once again, the initiates would then emerge from their hallowed underground sanctuaries.  Full of power and renewed strength, they would vow to be of even greater service in their community.

Embrace the Ancient Teachings on the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice has always been associated with rebirth, reincarnation, reinventing oneself.  Why not consciously get emotionally involved?  Let your emotional nature, who is the actor/actress within, express itself fully on the Winter Solstice.  Drama, be it tragedy, love or comedy, is how your emotional nature expresses itself and learns.

Rational reasoning, logic, facts, is for your mind and is really boring for your emotions which hold the secrets to magical, loving relationships. Love, the most sought after of all feelings, is kept hidden inside the chambers of your emotional nature, waiting for someone who understands its language of feelings, intuition and stories to bring it out into the light.

Quest for Unconditional Love

Let the quest for unconditional love be your star, your vision to learn the language of your emotions. And on the Winter Solstice, let the shaft of light penetrate even the deepest of love’s chambers, enticing it out once more, for a time of rebirth.

Let me show you how to create a ritual; a ceremony to experience this day or even in the dark hours of the night, most profoundly.  Use the magical dualistic symbol of life and death to its fullest.

Reinventing Yourself with a Rebirth Ceremony

1.       Take a long hot shower, wash your hair, prepare your body as if it were a sacred temple and maybe even anoint it with rose or jasmine oil.

2.      Put on white clothing; a long white gown would be most dramatic. White reflects light and is a symbol for life itself.  Then drape black clothing on top, totally covering the white, so not one thread can be seen.  Black represents the other side of life’s duality, death and the deepest of mysteries.

3.      Take out a piece of white paper and use a black pen, or select a black, bold font on your computer.

4.      Next, delve deep inside to that darkest part of you that holds the shame, the guilt, memories of times when you went out of control emotionally, said things you wish you could take back, but alas, you couldn’t.  You struck someone you care for with your words, maybe even your hand.  With great focus, find times when you caused harm to your relationships.  Have a good cry, feel your remorse one more time.

5.      Then it’s time to become emotionally accountable, ask yourself, “Have you punished yourself enough yet for what you did? Did you sabotage yourself, have an accident, and lose someone you loved?”  In other words, did you do your best to balance your harmful deeds.  If the answer is yes, acknowledge that, know you balanced the harm you caused.

6.      If the answer is no, you are still justifying your harmful actions. Decide it’s time to take off your cloak of darkness, your arrogance and make amends to the person. And if that person is now dead, long gone, help someone else. If you need, commit to getting some help, to transform this harmful, dark part of you so you’ll feel you deserve love, happiness. Don’t skip this step; it’s called the dark night of the soul, when you come face to face with your hurtful, harmful actions. Decide to transform this part of yourself, to bring it out in the light, to continue on your quest for unconditional love.

7.      Now take what you’ve written, print it or tear it out of your journal.  Then light a black candle and look at its flame which symbolizes the sun. Of course, you could always build a bonfire, if you want to be truly dramatic and you probably would if you do this with a group. It’s up to your creativity, but for sure, you want fire as that’s the symbol of the Sun’s scorching rays of sunlight.

8.     Throw what you’ve written into the fire, watch it burn and be proud that you could look that deeply into yourself.

9.      Now take off your dark clothing, drop it to the floor most dramatically.  Stand tall in your white clothing and then put out the fire, but before you do, light a white candle from it.

10.  Hold the white candle and with unconditional love, forgive yourself fully. Appreciate yourself, even hug yourself.

11.   Finally, holding your candle, take a walk, it could be around your house, but look at the flame and visualize yourself walking toward the light, being reborn, reinventing yourself, starting all over one more time.

12.  Finally turn on some uplifting music, dance totally free form; you’ve just freed yourself from the past.

13.  Then dance until you fill yourself up with joy, with bliss and commit to expressing happiness, smiling at everyone you meet, knowing you’ll be uplifting their hearts also. You have six months now, until the Summer Solstice next June 21, to express your most beautiful and loving feelings to everyone. Don’t forget yourself, as once you begin to feel the love within you, you will not be dependent on others to give it to you.

Continue on your quest for unconditional love, it’s why you incarnated.  Love is now within your reach if you really stretch, go way beyond what you thought you were capable of doing.


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