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What’s New in Romantic Relationships

October 25th, 2011 · No Comments · General, Libra, Moon Goddess

libra goddess gold 150x150 What’s New in Romantic RelationshipsWhat’s New in Romantic Relationships

I know, I know, I’m a bit late. But then,  I’m a delayed reactor much of the time, as I swing back and forth from one extreme to the other, until I find that mid point where magic happens.  But I have a couple of more days before the Moon Goddess’s New Moon on October 26, at 12:56 pm PDT. That’s when the Moon Goddess and Aquarius will be escorting the Scorpio Goddess to take the sceptor from her masculine side.

You’re After Love Now, Not Power

My first message to you was about justice.  The Goddess of Love says when someone hurts you, unfold your compassionate heart and forgive not only the other person but yourself.  Then come up with a system that will keep this from happening again.

Do know you may find, to come up with an effective system, it may be you that will have to change.  If you have for sometime proven that no matter what happens, you will survive, emerging stronger each time, it’s time for a different strategy that will attract different people and situations to you.  The patriarch society that’s based on power, strength and intellect is unraveling.  You’re after love now, not proving how strong you are.

You Were Hot For Those Stronger Than You

During the patriarch era, you most often were attracted to romantic relationships that were stronger than you, as well as your opposite.  It’s those types of relationships that produced the magnetism in you; the spark which you thought was love.  Now I ask you, how many of those relationships turned out to be a loving relationship?  For most of you, you learned to stand up, speak up, and this set you on the path to become as strong as the stronger person that you were attracted to in the beginning.  Love, it was not; in fact, most of the time this stronger person that churned you up inside turned out to be very similar to someone who was abusive and hurt you in the past.  Unconsciously, you were drawn to someone to finally prove your worth, get even and balance the scales.

No Spark for the Weaker “Nice Guy”

You were rarely ever romantically drawn to the weaker “nice guy or girl”.  You didn’t perceive them as strong enough for you, too weak and there was little spark.  If you, for some reason, did end up with this kind of person, most probably from a rebound, then the opposite would come out of you.  You became the bitch, the controller, the abuser; someone you did not like or respect.

Harmful Relationships Are Over

Those harmful types of relationships are over.  During this matriarch era, once you begin to care for yourself truly, you’ll be led to the love inside of you.  As this occurs, you’ll be drawn to someone quite different.  You won’t be magnetically pulled to your opposite; in fact, you’ll find yourself magnetically repelled, especially sexually. 

Now Attracted to Someone Like You

You’ll be attracted to someone very much like yourself.  Certainly this should give you the impetus to change if you are still stuck in the patriarch era, exhibiting controlling and dictatorial behavior. 

Out with the Old, In With the New?

Now the question is, what do you do if you are in one of those old outdated relationships, where the two of you battle it out to stay connected?  Do you get out of this relationship and find someone else that fits who you are today?  Not necessarily; it all depends if both of you can realize that during the patriarch era, that you were perfect partners for each other. Both of you ended up winners in the strength/power game.  Give each other tons of gratitude for being a formidable player.

The Game Changed

Now there’s a shift, the game changed.  The objective is different now, it’s about connecting. You do want to get to love, but not so fast.  Start off with each of you caring for yourself, then including your partner in ways you care for yourself.  Look for your similarities.  If any issues now crop up and they may, as don’t forget that’s the way you connected before.  This time, do not give in to choosing opposing sides.  Search for the similarity, it’s there.  Your argument is about your method which isn’t harmonious.  It’s not about what each of you wants.  You probably want the same underlying purpose; it’s your manner that’s the problem.

Libra’s Method is Communication

So, it’s definitely time to talk.  After all, communication is the Libra way to resolve all challenges.  In the patriarch era, it was about learning respect for differences. Now you communicate to find your similarities, which will lead you to acceptance and the heart stir will begin.

Protesting What You Don’t Want

In all probability, you’ve been protesting against what you don’t like, what you don’t want, without a clue of what you really do want, much less how to achieve it.  That’s okay if you realize protesting about what you don’t like is a beginning step in the process of finding what calls to your heart.  Sometimes the process is a series of “that’s not what I want” until what you do want clearly emerges.  Not settling for what you don’t want but continuing ahead until the fog lifts.

Minimum Good Friends

Now if you do find that you don’t have enough similarities to bond now, minimum, you’d end up good friends cheering each other onward.  Then you are free to attract someone who’s more like you today.  Realize as you make the transition, it’s about healing the past, and seeing who you can go forward with, and in what way.  Forgive the past, and see if you fit today. 

There are great Aquarius techy tools to help you clear out and transform these hurts without taking years to do so. Search them out.


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