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VIRGO: Virgo’s Idea of Fun for 2010

September 16th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Virgo

VirgoEB2 VIRGO: Virgos Idea of Fun for 2010


Virgo’s Idea of Fun for 2010

General for All Signs

The party is over. Time to get back to work, start school and get off those pounds you put on frolicking with gay abandonment while sampling all those new taste treats you just could not resist during vacation time.

Virgo’s Idea of Fun

Sounds serious, no fun; not really, just a different kind of enjoyment is on its way with Virgo’s arrival. Sober up, take a good look at yourself and strive to the next plateau. No matter how bad it seems, you can turn around if you utilize Virgo’s energies.  Also if you are already doing great, in comparison to other people of course, you can always challenge yourself to your next unfolding.  Becoming accomplished is Virgo’s idea of having fun.

I Am Not Good Enough

Virgo’s energies are just the right catalyst to help you get over any leftover “I am not good enough.”  Finding everything possibly wrong with you, then beating yourself up for being such a bad person, repenting and promising to sing in the choir is an out of date method, old Piscean age way of improving.

Perfection is Changing Its Ways

You never can get rid of “I’m not good enough” as you will always find something else where you are not perfect.  To become perfect or a master in anything requires a learning curve or evolution, but that is not acknowledged, only the end result is held in esteem. That is all changing now though for those savvy individuals who have started on the path of loving themselves.  Each step of the mastering process is being seen as perfect, finally. Update yourself with Virgo’s help.

Virgo and Health

Virgo is the zodiac sign that inspires you to take charge of your health. Here is how Virgo does just that.  Idealism and Love are the two Virgo energies that are down poured on you during this time. Idealism provides the inspiration, the zest and the drive to ensure that your body is healthy enough to receive the incoming energies. Otherwise, you become parked to the side, while others who do take care of their physical bodies zoom past you transforming them by bringing in more and more of the cosmic energies.  Get out of the parking lot by taking care of your body and catch up or zoom past all those who raced past you earlier.

Love Starting To Take the Lead

What has Love got to do with it?  Love is starting to take the lead, with the great idealistic causes moving into the background.  No longer are you being asked to sacrifice yourself for a cause. The big questions now, rightly so, is “What benefit is in it for me?” or “What is in it for me.”  Those may sound like selfish questions but they are not, they are just a demand that you be included also, not swept to the side sacrificing yourself for some ideal that is not practical.  If there is an advantage to you, then there will be rewards for everyone like you which are countless in number.  So keep on requiring that if you get involved, there is direct benefit to you also. You are helping by being in service to all those that have as yet not found their voice.

Virgo Says Loving You Means Loving Your Body

You are being asked to love yourself and Virgo says that means loving your body.  If who you feel you are inside and what you look like on the outside do not match, use Virgo energies to close the gap and transform yourself.  You’ve got a month to get going and usually all it takes is a month of being consistent to change patterns.

Love Yourself  by Becoming Virgo Accomplished

You deserve to be the best you know you can be.  There is so much help now that you cannot miss; from support groups to electronic devices that measure how many calories you expend with your daily routines versus how many calories you intake.  Get started and be Virgo accomplished loving yourself every step you take along the way.

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