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Virgo Goddess Takes Her Place on the Zodiac Stage

September 11th, 2011 · No Comments · General, Moon Goddess, Virgo

Virgo Tranparent 150x150 Virgo Goddess Takes Her Place on the Zodiac StageVirgo Goddess Takes Her Place on the Zodiac Stage


On both the Moon Goddess’s New Moon August 28, 2011 and her Full Moon on September 12, Aquarius will be assisting Virgo the Virgin to move into her Goddess expression. The Moon Goddess is right there helping as well by amplifying Virgo’s energies with her moonbeams.

Women Often Strong and Willful

Let’s have the Virgo Goddess tell you with her own transmissions; what are the differences as she shifts into another part of herself.

How wonderful, you’ve gathered to welcome me.  Hopefully, it won’t be as difficult a shift for me as the other zodiac signs.   I do not have to turn over from my masculine expression to the feminine.  I’ve always been a woman, but surely you know many women that were able to really connect with the God of Will’s energy and were as strong and willful as a man with their minds, although not often with their bodies.   After all, we were being over shadowed by the God of Will’s energy.  Becoming strong, powerful and intelligent were the qualities to develop.  The shift is how to become adept at expressing my feelings in a loving way and trusting that my “knowingness” or intuition is right on and then begin to look for the confirmations.  

Love of God

By the way, I transmit two energies: Love and Idealism.  During the patriarch civilization, my transmission of Love was not to you, but outside of you.   Love in its most pure form, don’t forget I was the Virgin, was for the Love of God, the God of Will. 

Human Love Came in Second

Human love came in second, but still it was about the Love outside of you. You needed a relationship, whether romantic, parental or a teacher to give you love, tell you what the person could see in you that was of value.  Your concentration was more about you not being good enough.  Each time you exceled, becoming stronger, more powerful and smart, you felt good about yourself, at least for a little while.

Earned Love

You had to prove to yourself that you were good, worthy of love by the actions you did for others. In other words, love was most conditional.  You had to earn it and get others to say, “Yes, you did a great job. You’re lovable.”  

Felt Like a Fraud

No matter how many accolades you were given by people outside of you, you never really believed them and felt like a fraud. “If the person only knew the real you,” was your secret thought. You just couldn’t feel your own love as yet.

Stimulated Mind and Body

My energies stimulated your mind and your body, especially through competitive sports.   Books, writings, especially about great ideals became religious in tone and it’s no wonder countless religions were spawned by my energies.  Two major religions, Christianity and Islam were formed during my reign.  In balance, of course, both religions have great merit. When my idealism energy went unbridled, zealots arrived in mass, expressing great ideals that you dare not argue with if you valued your life.

Women There to Support Man

These religions were male dominated and women definitely were not seen as equal, but there to support the man. The extremes it was taken to, was not of my doing. The virgin role was without question the highest ideal, sex was nothing to be enjoyed. That was sinful and dirty, giving justification to some for mutilating, cutting a young woman’s clitoris.

Sensationalism the Louder Voice

Without Aquarius’ “techy” inventions, you might never have known about many of the atrocities that were committed, all in the name of God or Allah.  However, with Aquarius holding the ideal of transparency, the good, the bad and the ugly are being exposed.  It’s just the good gets lost many times as the sensationalism finds a louder voice. That will change in time.

Zealots Only Way

By the way, zealots appeared not in religion but anytime a person said, “I have the only way.”  Or more covertly, “there are many ways, but mine is clearly the most advanced, the most conscious.” This happens in the health field, in schools, families, literally anywhere. There’s nothing loving in a zealot’s tone but it takes time to hear the pitch and not be swayed.

Beauty of Religions

The beauty of the religions is they provide a structure, and it takes a long time for people to be able to set up their own structures.  They are also about service, being helpful, and the best denominations teach people “how to fish” and not become dependent.

Learn to Set Up Own Structure

 But as the Virgo Goddess, I would encourage you to become good at setting up your own structure for whatever endeavor you want to be involved in.  Does that mean you can’t borrow from others? No, but it does mean, you’re probably going to research many different structures, gleaning the best from each which will lead you to your own construction.  That’s also what I would suggest you to do with religions, take the best from all.  Being most eclectic, drawing from many different viewpoints, is the Aquarius “way.” 


At the moment, reform is the key word for any religion that’s going to go forward into the matriarch civilization.  If you took on a woman’s body, know by just being a participant, it’s your destiny to ensure that women do end up with the same rights as a male.  And if you were born not only a woman but a lesbian, then you have double duty, to ensure you have the same rights as a male but also as a woman that’s heterosexual.  The end result of course is for any gender, sexual persuasion, religion, race, culture to have the same rights as all others. 

Two Primary Paths

There are two primary ways to do this: by staying inside the system and bringing about reform.  Or going to the outside, to more the alternative movement where there is already acceptance. Again though, if you haven’t accepted yourself for your differences, you would feel like a fraud when someone accepted you from the outside.  

Physical Immortality

What will happen to religions that promote this is “the way to everlasting life, to immortality” once physical immortality is achieved? What happens when a “male” God begins to lose favor?  Will there still be a place for religions?  The Goddess of Love says, “Please don’t set me apart, turn me into a religion with a lot of rules.”  Just turn inward to find the love within you.  

Actualize Love

How to find the Goddess or the Love within, and then how to actualize that part of you in your daily life is the quest in the matriarch civilization that has already begun.  Spirituality, service in action will be the norm.  That’s already happening right now, but more in the experimental stages. 

Structure of Caring for Self

If you have  leaning toward this, to be a successful participant, you will need first to put together a structure that shows you know how to care for yourself.  Caring for others, while sacrificing yourself, is totally out of vogue.  Caring for yourself is easier said than done though; it requires you put together a structure, a formation that fits who you are in your own circumstance.  Caring for yourself puts you in touch with the love within.  As you begin to feel its depth and let it begin to emerge, it will take the lead attracting those to you of like vibration.

Who Cares for Themselves?

As you go through the same human lessons as other humans, you can be assured that if you have a challenge, there are thousands, hundreds of thousands like you going through the same trials.  There are also many that have gotten on the other side of that challenge, and probably are embracing the next.  Learn from those that have successfully overcome what you are setting out to do.  Listening to someone who has the best intentions but is stuck in the same challenge you are aspiring to complete will only add confusion.  What you’re looking for now is those that have learned to care for themselves or who are many steps beyond where you are today. You’ll be so inspired that these people have figured it out. That lets you know you can do the same.

As you start your day, ask yourself, “How will I care for myself today that will take me a step closer to my heart?”


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