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Virgo Goddess Speaks of Loving Structures

September 16th, 2011 · No Comments · General, Virgo

Virgo Tranparent 150x150 Virgo Goddess Speaks of Loving Structures

 Virgo Goddess Speaks of Loving Structures

One of my roles in the Zodiac has been to work closely with Leo who’s always been a creative inventor.  Documenting Leo’s inventions, coming up with a practical “how to” that could be made into user manuals or textbooks, has been one of my functions.

Love in Endings

This zodiac year, Leo the Lioness Goddess announced that Love was in the endings, on reflecting on the past. That’s quite a switch as Leo has always been a pioneer, urging you to the new.  This zodiac year, however, the Lioness Goddess encouraged you to review your life since you were born, to glean the love.

Mold Another Body

Also you were thanked for holding and grounding the Goddess of Love’s energies which sometimes caused you to take on a lot of width, in other words, becoming plump like the Pachamama of South America. The Goddess of Love’s energies are here now, so there’s no longer a need to help anchor her energies.  You can let go now and mold you another body that says “I’m in the process of really caring for myself now.” That probably means more intense exercise which can be a lot of fun.

Connect Through Your Emotions

Now it’s my turn to give you a method, a “how to” which will help you glean the “gold”, the love out of those endings.  Instead of the mental “how to”, with concrete steps as in 1.2.3 format, I’m encouraging you to connect with your past through your emotions, not just the facts and figures.  An easy way to do that is delve into the stories that are rich with feelings inside of you.

Draw To Yourself the “Bad Guys”

During the patriarch era, there was one underlying plot that your emotional nature developed its attributes. Goodness Triumphs Over Evil, which means the good part of you was often drawing to you people that represented the evil or the bad or the ugly.  Your goal then would be to develop your strength, your power, and your smartness by learning how to triumph over this person outside of you.

Naiveté Believed in Goodness Too Much

You had three emotional roles in which to express yourself, the victim who would be taken advantage of by a villain playing out the role of the evil or bad guy.  Your naiveté believed in goodness too much to discern the person playing out the villain role would harm you. Your ability to feel was not as yet developed enough for you to be able to discern the person’s intent.

Words not Actions

Words were what you listened to, excusing actions.  Amazing as it may seem, you did become stronger each time you were victimized. You proved to yourself that you were a survivor each time. The villain would not always be a person, sometimes an illness or an accident.

Attributes You Developed

The way to bring about an ending to these victim experiences is to look for the attributes you developed, your ability to survive and your strength in these situations.  When you realize the true purpose of going through these victim experiences and what you gained; you next want to really appreciate yourself and love yourself. 

Caring Doesn’t Attract Victim Circumstances

The Goddess of Love’s message is to really care for yourself right now, and as you do that, you’ll be surprised; you won’t need to attract victim circumstances to you any longer to prove how strong you are.  Even better, you really caring for yourself will lead you to the love inside of you, just waiting to embrace you.

Take Your Time

Take your time; don’t be in such a rush to get into action with something new. It won’t take forever to review your own past, but my Virgo energies of Idealism and Love can be most helpful to you right now. Some of you may need to write your full life story now, your autobiography during the patriarch era.

Villains Justifies Harm

The second role your emotional nature expressed itself through was the villain role.  As this role is inherent with hurting others whether they were people, animals, plants or objects, you had to really build stories that gave you justification to harm. Otherwise, the goodness in you could not hurt. Just know taking the villain role was your emotional nature’s method for hurling off all the hurt you had endured as a victim, its own way of balancing the books.

Forgive Yourself

As you review your stories where you acted out the villain role, again look for the attributes you developed.  Instead of being a “wimp” or victim, you became stronger and more powerful, regardless of the method you chose.  It’s those attributes that you’ll be bringing into the matriarch civilization.  So concentrate on those qualities, and forgive yourself for the harmful methods that included hurt.  As inverted as it might seem, by taking the villain role, you were trying to care for yourself, not with love but with strength.

Simply Care for Yourself

Now you can just simply care for yourself, and realize that if you now think you are good enough, you won’t need to attract villain circumstances to you.  Then you won’t have to hurl off the hurts that you received on anyone else.

Sweetness, Tenderness in Caring

Do feel the sweetness, the tenderness of the caring that you are now learning how to give to yourself.  It’s those frequencies that you want to radiate and draw to yourself, people like you who are being the vanguard of the matriarch civilization that is being firmly entrenched.

Relive the Love

The third role that your emotional nature expressed itself through was the heroine role where you rescued and took care of those that were in victim circumstances.  You did receive love and adoration from others outside of you which made it all worthwhile. You began to believe that you were good enough after all.  Relish in these stories inside of you, reliving the love given to you.

Didn’t Let Go Soon Enough

You may also want to look at times when you carried your hero role too far, when you didn’t let go soon enough as the person recovered from their victim experience. Where you didn’t teach the person to “fish” but made the person dependent on you.  Without doing this you may still be perplexed as to what happened.  At the beginning, you were the “heroine” but later this same person turned against you, saw you as a villain that was causing harm instead of helping.

Discovering Yourself

One of the real reasons to review your life during the patriarch civilization is you’ll be reviewing stories that involved people outside of you and helped you to see yourself more clearly. Now that the Goddess of Love has arrived, you’re turning your attention inward, discovering your own insides without playing off another person.

Underlying Script in Process of Reform

The underlying script of Goodness Triumphs Over Evil is in process of reform. For now, become the heroine to save your own victim self, triumph over the harmful part of you that’s abusive to yourself.  Become your own heroine by caring for yourself, leading you to your own Love.  The new script will be Love Links Love. Be one of the vanguards that have learned how to get your own Love out of its hidden cavern inside of you.  Link up; connect up with others that have done the same.

Review History for Inequalities

Go back, not only in your own life, but to history as well.  It’s time to reform, revise, amend and update any structure that was built on any inequality.  It’s time to transform the dualities of superior/inferior, right/wrong, good/evil into Love.


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