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The Sagittarius Goddess has taken over from the Sagittarius Archer

December 1st, 2011 · No Comments · General, Moon Goddess, Sagittarius

Sagittarius 12 The Sagittarius Goddess has taken over from the Sagittarius Archer.

Sagittarius Goddess

The Sagittarius Goddess has taken over from the Sagittarius Archer.  She’s most busy transmitting energies to her Sagittarius transmitters; those born November 23 to the December Solstice which can vary a day some years.  The Sagittarius Goddess’s reign ends when the Capricorn Goddess begins her tenure.

Adrenalin Driven Energy

Like all the Zodiac Goddesses, she has been inspiring her Sagittarius transmitters to shift over from their male adrenaline driven energy to their feminine caring energy.   The Sagittarius Goddess is sending her messages to you and everyone during her time on the Zodiac stage.  Naturally, if you are a Sagittarius transmitter on Mother Earth, you, of course, will receive more abundantly.

Matriarch Era Becoming Anchored

The Sagittarius Goddess has profound messages for you. No longer do you want to be just the puppet or the avatar of your higher self, the puppeteer.   She states for the matriarch era to be fully anchored, you will need to help lead the way, from the physical realm.

You are the One Percent

Just like the zodiac signs are shifting to their Goddess expressions, demand that of your higher self also. No longer do you want to be guided by the masculine part of your higher self, you want the Goddess part of your higher self to take over. You may have to protest, as in this case, you are clearly the 99% with your higher self being the 1%.

Your Higher Self

Don’t be naive; you are not the only avatar or puppet that your puppeteer is pulling the strings. The Sagittarius Goddess energies will help you awaken to other avatars that your higher self is the puppeteer for also.  Surely you didn’t think that your higher self only sent in you to the physical realm, there are at least twelve of you, one for each zodiac sign.

You Want a New Script

You want a say in how the virtual reality game of life gets played out.  You want a new script, the old Goodness Triumphs Over Evil, which propelled you into adversity with both people outside of you and internally, just doesn’t work in a matriarch inspired era.  Yes, you became stronger, a real survivor but it’s time for a shift.  You no longer want your biggest learning lessons to be through crises, relationship breakups or accidents. The reward for your higher self has been the virtues or qualities like strength and power, but at your expense and quite painful sometimes for you.  Enough!

Awaken Loving Qualities

You now want to awaken all the loving qualities within you, and that’s not going to happen with you triumphing over what’s wrong with you.  You want change from the top down, which means your higher self to you.

Activate All Signs in You

You also don’t need to incarnate twelve times to attain all the zodiac sign qualities. During these Matriarch Era,  you now can connect with each of the Zodiac Goddess’s and activate those aspects of you in this life during their time on the Zodiac Stage.  You no longer want these parts of you kept separate, waiting for another life to blossom.

Become a Caring Person

The Sagittarius Goddess’s message is the same as all the zodiac Goddess’s message; begin to truly take care of yourself which will connect you with the Goddess of Love’s vibration.  Utilize each of the zodiac Goddess’s energies to help you truly become a caring person to yourself.  That’s when your love will fully awaken, connecting you most intimately with others as they feel your heart and trust you. Precognition, telepathy and intuition are just the beginning! Don’t settle for less! Protest if needed and demand your higher self shift now!


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