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CANCER: Moon Goddess-The Old Man–in-the-Moon Learns New Tricks from the Moon Goddess

August 13th, 2010 · No Comments · Cancer, General, Moon Goddess

MoonGoddess032810SM copy1 CANCER: Moon Goddess The Old Man–in the Moon Learns New Tricks from the Moon Goddess


Moon Goddess-

The Old Man-in-the-Moon Learns New Tricks from the Moon Goddess

The Old Man in the Moon is almost finished turning over his reign to the Moon Goddess. During The Old Man in the Moon’s time of supremacy which lasted almost four thousand years, his moon beams stimulated primarily our minds, which directed our accomplishments. We had the opportunity for great insights and visions of how to become stronger, more powerful and better hunters when we gripped his full moon’s illuminations.

Our Feelings Fuel Our Actions

As the swing of the pendulum is moving toward the Moon Goddess’s period of influence, it is our feelings that are coming alive and fueling all our actions. Instead of being directed by the mind’s visions, we respond more by how we feel. If something feels bad, we usually resist and do little or nothing. If it feels good, we spring into action.

Full Moon Experienced Through Outer Senses

During the reign of the Old Man in the Moon, what was thought to be the most important was just the Full Moon; as that’s what we could see and experience through our outer senses. Now the Moon Goddess insists our inner senses are just as important.

New Moon Happens Through Our Inner Senses

The Moon Goddess also proclaims her New Moon is equally as important as her Full Moon. Just because we cannot see her then doesn’t mean her influence cannot be felt, in fact maybe even more, once we awaken our inner senses.

Moon Goddess Receives the Latest at New Moon Time

At the New Moon time, the Moon Goddess is positioned directly between Mother Earth and the Sun. She is receiving the latest sun rays broadcasting the Sun’s experiences as he makes his trek around the center of the Milky Way. These sun rays are so radiant that the side of the Moon Goddess that is facing him is fully illuminated. In July, the New Moon occurs on July 11, 2010 at 12:45 pm PDT and 3:45 pm EDT. We are still in Cancer.

A New Facet Emerges

Each time the Moon Goddess returns from her encounter with the Sun and is receiving these emissions or sun rays, another facet of her emerges. She may look the same, but she will feel differently, stimulating other aspects of our psyche each month. No wonder the Moon was given a different name every time she appeared. For July her name is Thunder Moon.

Crescent Moon Will Appear Soon

We need to experience her uniqueness to stay abreast of the changes of the cosmos that directly affect us. If you cannot as yet feel her inner pull on your psyche at the New Moon, look to the heavens and in about two to three days, her beautiful crescent moon will appear. Being able to see her may awaken what you received at her dark New Moon time.

Prepare for the New Moon Just Like the Full Moon

Prepare for the New Moon just like you used to do for the Full Moon. This then gives you the opportunity for heightened awareness, increased unfolding of your intuition two times during the month instead of just one.

Full Moon Time

Now the Moon Goddess is on the other side of Mother Earth, still in direct alignment with Mother Earth and the Sun, but no longer in the middle between the two.

The Full Moon occurs on July 25, 2010 at 6:37 pm, PDT and 9:37 pm, PDT. This will feel quite different than her New Moon though, as the Sun is moving through a new section now, which is Leo.

As our emotions and intuition are more and more stimulated, the influence of the cosmos will become even more important in our lives. If you want to be a natural part of the cosmic flow, become skilled at embracing the Moon Goddess’s moonbeams.


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