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  The Moon Goddess Has a New Role Now

November 21st, 2011 · No Comments · General, Moon Goddess, Sagittarius


The Moon Goddess has a new role now.  She was a messenger for the Goddess of Love when she was far away in the cosmos which could be reached only through your intuition. That ended once the Goddess of Love arrived permeating the physical realm, radiating her own messages.

Immediately, Aquarius enlisted the Moon Goddess to help in the shift of the zodiac signs to their Goddess expressions. The Moon Goddess was well qualified, as the Old Man in the Moon had already turned over his moonbeam wand to her.  The Moon Goddess knew well what was entailed as she had gone through the experience herself.  So “yes”, was her enthusiastic answer to Aquarius, she would love to be part of this cosmic shift. Now at each of her New and Full Moon times, the Moon Goddess amplifies the incoming zodiac Goddess energies, supporting each as they take the zodiac stage.

Aquarius will be orchestrating the shift of Sagittarius the Archer turnover to the Sagittarius Goddess, assisted by the lovely Moon Goddess.  The Sagittarius Goddess will be the ninth zodiac Goddess to emerge on the cosmic scene.

When the Sagittarius Archer was in power for thousands of years during the patriarch civilization, he most powerfully transmitted optimism and idealism.  The Sagittarius Archer with a flourish would shoot his arrows to the heavens, directing your attention to the God of Will. If you could truly surrender, then the God of Will could save and take care of you.  You became God’s helper, sacrificing, being selfless and taking care of others.

You were to find all your imperfections, your flaws and to triumph over them. Much discipline was needed to attain such high ideals of perfection.

The Sagittarius Goddess has no need for the Archer’s bow and arrow, as she will not be shooting arrows into the heavens. Instead she would be helping you plant your feet firmly in the physical realm. The Sagittarius Goddess’s one pointedness is like the Unicorn with a single straight spiraled horn sprouting out of her third intuitive eye.

You are being welcomed into your own body, in the here and now. No longer do you need to surrender to someone outside of you to be saved.  The task at hand is save yourself, to care for you like you used to care and sacrifice for everyone else.

Don’t fret about becoming a narcissist, self-centered and uncaring to others. As you become adept at taking care of yourself in a loving way, you will be welcomed into the matriarch era. You’ll also be elevating the collective consciousness, radiating light for others to do likewise.

To do this, your attention will need to shift from what’s wrong, bad and not good enough about you, to what’s good about you.  As you care for and nurture the aspects of you that are good, your consciousness begins to radiate more light and the darkness subsides, retreats.

Instead of you giving all your attention to the “bad kid” inside of you, you begin to give your time and attention to the “good kid.” It won’t be long before the “bad kid” will begin to reveal to you what’s good about it also and transformation will begin.

This is what is being asked of you now to help the matriarch era flourish and be all that you have dreamed of, fantasized. One person, you, can make a huge difference just by making this shift inside of you as you are part of the collective consciousness.   You will be moving out of the frequency of the patriarch plot of Goodness Triumphs Over Evil which kept you in an adversarial stance both inside and outside of you.

“The implications of learning and wanting to save and care for yourself has much broader implications than you might realize”, says the Sagittarius Goddess.

There were only three roles available to you in the patriarch plot of Goodness Triumphs Over Evil – the victim, villain and heroine.  Wanting someone outside of you to save you, to care for you, kept you imprisoned in a victim mentality whether you realize it or not.  It’s why you, way too often, attracted villains to hurt and abuse you. And when you did attract heroes,  once they got you out of danger, they didn’t let go of their control, keeping you dependent.

The God of Will’s patriarch plot was brilliant though in its objective of seeing if you survived, you would develop your will, power and strength.  The Sagittarius Archer was right there, sending you idealism that got your adrenaline flowing so you could triumph and become victorious.

The Sagittarius Goddess knows she’s got her work cut out for her, as the craving for that adrenaline rush that you get with triumphing; overcoming in an adversarial competitive way is most addictive. Caring, especially at the beginning while you’re letting go of “not good enough” could make you feel unloved, as no energy outside of you is being directed to you.  It’s you with you.  Once you begin to feel the sweetness in the caring though, it will pull you to love.  Stay with it, it’s far more sumptuous than the adrenaline rush you were used to during the Sagittarius Archer’s reign.


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