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The Cancer Goddess Speaks Of Love

July 6th, 2011 · No Comments · Cancer, General

Cancer RA 150x150 The Cancer Goddess Speaks Of LoveThe Cancer Goddess Speaks Of Love

As the Cancer Crab turns over to the Cancer Goddess Hen, like any good woman, especially a Goddess, her first utterings are about relationships.

Pure Love

The Cancer Goddess explains when a couple gets together and if they truly loved each other at that time, the relationship can be repaired, years or even lifetimes later. This holds especially true when there was no alternative motive like a pregnancy, money or fame, just a case of love in its purity.

Love Often Puzzling

Love is a feeling and trying to understand why two people fall in love using logic or reasoning is often most puzzling especially in the past.   Love in the preceding patriarch civilization, was a lighter, connecting feeling belonging to the inner realms.

Love’s Connection Could Be Broken

Unfortunately that connection could be submerged or even broken when heavier negative emotions such as blame, jealousy, disillusionment, feelings of being taken advantage of entered into a relationship.  Love then often swung to the opposite side of the pendulum to hate and disgust with the inevitable relationship break up and divorces.

Standing Up For Yourself

As a matter of fact, standing up for yourself was how you found your power and developed your emotional strength.  Most of the time you magnetically drew to yourself your opposite, so you could discover yourself by going through one relationship experience after another. You would exclaim, “I’m not like you, I’m different.” And soon the judgments would follow, which mandated you overthrow the other person for your own self esteem.

Love Now in the Outer Realm

However, now that the patriarch era is winding down, and a matriarch inspired era is curving upward, Love no longer belongs exclusively to the inner realms but now is fully in the outer.  Negative feelings are no longer weightier or stronger, with the power to plunge and break your Love connection.  Now, the pendulum can swing right back to Love, while defying rational understanding.

Different Than Parents

It’s the same with your parents.  In all probability, you were born to parents that were quite different from you.  You spent a lot of your teenage years exclaiming, “We have nothing in common. I’m much different than you. ” It is those feelings that thrust you outward to discover your own unique destiny.

Goddess of Love’s Arrival

But now, with the Goddess of Love’s arrival, it’s time to repair, to discover that lost love they got submerged with heavier negative feelings.  Whether it’s a past romantic relationship, parents, siblings or friends, you owe it to yourself to reclaim this Love, even if they are no longer in the physical realm.  No longer is the goal to show who’s more powerful.

Both Want Love

Come from the viewpoint that you are both good people, and both of you want to be loved and accepted now.   Give yourself a good emotional workout learning how to express these feelings in a way that will be received. One Cancer tip is to start with a tone of voice and body language that expresses Caring, the theme of this entire astrological year.



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