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Taurus Cow Goddess Transmissions

May 24th, 2011 · No Comments · General, Taurus

taurus cow w name resized Taurus Cow Goddess TransmissionsTaurus Cow Goddess


My man, Taurus the Bull, was always transmitting messages about safety and security, especially at a physical level.  “Stock up on food, water, keep your gas tank filled up, have money on hand, your papers in order, be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. You never know when there will be a natural or manmade disaster and you want to be prepared for any crisis that could occur.”

Being Safe Emotionally

Being safe and secure are also messages that I’m sending to you, but more from the emotional perspective.  It is feelings and intuitive abilities that you will be fully developing during the Goddess of Love’s reign that is being expressed through a matriarch inspired era. It’s quite an enthralling time ahead as you learn how to play your feelings consciously, much like a gifted pianist runs her fingers adroitly over a piano.

Actress Within You

For now, know that your emotional nature is designed to express feelings so everyone can easily identify the role it is acting out.  Your feelings most often keep you playing the same roles over and over again like a broken record without becoming conscious of the fact. You may sometimes ask yourself, “Why am I repeating the same role over and over again, I know better.”  Think of your emotional nature as the actress within you clamoring to jump up on the emotional stage and play her part. The more familiar the script, the more she likes it.

Three Basic Emotional Roles

There’s really only three basic emotional roles: victim, villain or heroine.  So, why would your emotional nature head for a victim role? Actually it’s not at all a despised role for your emotional nature. The pain, grief and suffering that can be expressed through the victim role can be so heart-wrenchingly dramatic.

Victim Role Seductive

The victim role is such a seductive role.  Through the hurt and suffering that you endure, you can tap into your seductive, tender sensuality that makes the agony worthwhile.  Hard-core victims wait until misfortune strikes so many times that even they can’t help noticing that something must be wrong.

I’m the Victim, You’re the Villain

In a relationship conflict, both parties usually try to convince each other they are the victim.  The thought is, the victim role is the only safe role, while pointing the finger at the other one as the villain.

You Will Not Be Safe

So what do emotional roles have to do with safety?  It will not make any difference how much you prepare at a physical level for a catastrophe or a crisis, if your emotional nature loves to express itself through the victim role, you will not be safe. You’ll end up in your usual role, the victim.

Life Looks Unfair

Let me ask you, “Are there enough heroes to go around, or are there more people heading for the victim and villain roles which emotionally are so much more juicy than a perceived staid heroine role?” That’s why life looks unfair, not enough heroines to save all the victims and triumph over all the villains.

You Become the Heroine

If you want to be safe, you’ll need to learn how to play your feelings just like the pianist plays the notes. When you catch your emotional nature expressing itself as the victim, you become the heroine she’s crying to save her.  Don’t try to reason with her with facts and figures, rational reasoning does not work. Instead get involved, play the role of the heroine to the hilt but like in an exaggerated play. “Oh, damsel in distress, let me save you. You’re my love, here’s a tissue to wipe your furrowed brow. Do you need to cry my love?”  Not snide, not nasty, just really “campy”, fun. 

Break Hypnotic Trance

You’re after breaking the hypnotic trance your emotional nature is stuck in and you’re doing it in a caring way with humor.  Then get her to help you, cook, care for the animals, water the plants, whatever that would get her into the heroine role also, being helpful.  You may be surprised, your emotional nature is actually happy playing all three starring roles, it’s the feelings that she wants to express. Help her this zodiac year become truly masterful at expressing herself through the caring heroine role.

Victims and Money

Be realistic, no self respecting victim will ever be caught with money.  As soon as she gets it, she has to get rid of it, either spending it on things foolishly or letting someone take it from her. To train your emotional nature how to become a heroine in the matriarch era, you’ll need to become good at business but in a whole different way.  Home based network marketing is a natural, where to succeed you definitely must express carrying which automatically thrusts you into the heroine role and out of the victim role.  Passive, residual income made through duplicating yourself many times is the matriarch way.

Understand the Numbers

Get involved!  Each and every zodiac month, there will be a new skill to develop, so your emotional nature will not get bored for even a moment. This zodiac month, it’s the compensation plan, the numbers you need to understand. Otherwise you will be a naïve, gullible hero which will land you back in the victim role way too soon.


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