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Sexy, Scintillating Section #11 Speaks

January 24th, 2011 · No Comments · Aquarius, General

AquariusGreenB Sexy, Scintillating Section #11 Speaks

Aquarius:Sexy, Scintillating Section #11 Speaks

Note From Loy

When astronomer Paul Kunkle made statements in his interview debunking present day astrology, I wrote letting you know that what he had to say is not new, but dates back to 132 A.D. I also stated that I, as well as most western astrologers alike, had accounted for this. The way he was interpreted sounded like Mother Earth had a new tilt, wobble of her axis. As it turned out, he was talking about thousands of years ago.  So now, where do we go from here?

The perfect Time to Experiment

Now that I’ve had time to reflect on the purpose of astrology and its meaning, which is the study of the cosmos and its effect on our human behavior, I’ve decided to experiment. It’s a perfect time to do this; the energy pouring down on us now actually encourages us to do just that.  Why be polarized with astronomers or anyone for that matter? It wasn’t too long ago that Pluto was demoted from a planet to a dwarf  planet. What’s next?

The important ingredient is staying true to the purpose and its meaning.  That is what drew me to astrology in the first place; how the cosmos affects us personally. Loy’s Relationship Astrology focuses on its effect primarily on our relationships, feelings and intuition.

Let Me Entertain You!

With that in mind, I’ve decided to adhere to where astrology has been relegated, entertainment only.  When I write for Ezine articles, the classification I use is astrology – entertainment. You are not supposed to take it seriously or think of it in a scientific vein like you do astronomy. Maybe that’s not so bad. Instead of being miffed each time I have to do this, why not just surrender to it.  Then I don’t have to prove a thing, just have fun. Let me entertain you.

All of my articles during Aquarius are an experiment for me, speaking in the voice of the Moon Goddess or the Zodiac sign. Actually, it will be a relief to move out of the more serious, staid teacher role into a creative role. We’ll see, I’m giving myself the whole of this cosmic month to test it out. Give me your thoughts by emailing me at L...@cox.net.

Sexy, Scintillating Section #11 Speaks

Did I tell you that I’m one lucky individual?  The captivating Moon Goddess was still outpouring her Full Moonbeams when that mighty old Sun started to penetrate me. Who am I? Why, I’m energy of course.  More specifically, although I’m known by other names, I’m Section #11. Eleven is one lucky number, the number attributed to mastery.  Whatever, I love numbers, symbols and formulas as a way to express myself.

Cosmic Legend of Stargazing Clan

I bet you want to know how I got the name of Section 11.  It comes from a legend which starts like most “Once Upon a Time.”   Allegedly, a Northern Hemisphere stargazing clan proclaimed the Vernal or Spring Equinox as the beginning of Mother Earth’s trek around the Sun which takes one full earth year of 365.25 days.  The distance that the Sun travels in this earth year was measured no less than by a cosmic gauge and then divided into twelve sections.

Each section was then named after twelve constellations they also had previously named mostly after real and mythical animals.  Note, I said twelve not thirteen although there certainly were more than 12 constellations in the sky. This  ancient tribe  loved numbers as much as I do and twelve disciples or team members was the perfect number of a relay team, each having a separate function but building on the other to reach its objective.  The Sun was number 13.

Vernal Equinox Ceremony

At a very special Vernal Equinox ceremony the oracles of this ancient family would get together performing rituals, creating ceremonies.   They would endeavor to pervade the full twelve sections, intuiting the overall energy of the entire twelve sections, the theme you could say. Then as the Sun passed through each of these twelve sections, with their characteristics in keeping with the seasons of the year, they would strive to develop this theme or quality within themselves.

Present Day Followers

Present day followers of this ancient stargazing clan still today create rituals at the Vernal Equinox to help them permeate the entire girth of these twelve sections, sensing the essence or theme of Mother Earth’s upcoming journey.  At the past Vernal Equinox, the intuits announced the essence of the band of sky that the Sun is traveling through this year is Beauty. Mother Earth’s travels will be ending soon on March 20, at which time she will start on a new journey. She is so enamored with the Sun, intent on keeping up with him, that she never takes a moment to herself.

Authentic Beauty

The theme being beauty this year, naturally brought up everything unlike itself from ugliness to the femme fatale beauty that is not authentic but way overdone calculated to trap their prey. However, for those present day followers, they have been busily transforming any of the negative aspects of the quality of beauty. At the same time they are accentuating what is truly beautiful in their expressions of dress, tone of voice, actions, products and services they have created as their relationships.

Dawn of a New Era About to Begin

Excitement is really in the air, as Beauty signifies that the sun is at the tail end of the band of sky he has been moving through for thousands of years. The dawn of a new era is about to begin, with Love being the overall theme for the next few thousands of years. Beauty, you see, is an outer expression of Love, which although still in the inner is very close to being fully illuminated, just like that most charming Moon Goddess.

Task is to Discern

As Section 11, my task is always to discern, discover the most excellent inventions or handiwork from the preceding 10 sections that will forward evolution. I’ve got my cosmic magnifying glass out especially, looking for the manifestations of Beauty.  If you embrace my energy January 20 to February 19, in 2011, you might like to do the same in your own life. What have you accomplished that is most beautiful that you will want to take with you once Mother Earth starts on her new yearly trek March 20, 2011? Be sure and look not only at your outer accomplishments, but pay special attention to areas of yourself that you have transformed.

Excess Baggage

During the next section, #12, the end of winter, you’ll want to put to rest, leave behind everything that will not serve you on your new journey. Excess baggage will just weigh you down, keeping you from enjoying the new adventure.

Talk to you soon!


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