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Scorpio Supernatural World Has Arrived-Pt2

November 26th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Scorpio

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Scorpio: Supernatural World Has Arrived-Part Two

If you look at prominent Scorpio people’s lives, it is easy to see the Scorpio virtues as well as the vices just waiting to be transformed.  Never count Scorpios out, as just when you think the scorpion sting got them, they reappear like the Phoenix, another of Scorpio’s symbols, on the world stage once again for us to either applaud or boo because of their intense demeanor. 

An Initiation Test for Prince Charles

Scorpio Prince Charles of England certainly brought about the wrath from his fellow Englishmen, not to mention his mother, when he refused to give up his mistress, choosing her over England’s sweetheart, Princess Diana.  If Prince Charles is now living happily ever after with Camilla, it could be worth it all, but it could be another initiation test for him to pass before his demise.

Scandals Sting Most Scorpios

But scandals, especially involving the lure of sex magic, sting most Scorpio’s at least once. How about Georgia peach, Marla Maples who showed up for a skiing trip to flaunt her Scorpio whiles in front of Donald Trump’s then wife, Ivanna? Marla’s magic did not last, at least when it came to keeping the man, but if money was her quest, she certainly ended up with more than when she began.

Fame Hard to Resist

Years ago, Julia Roberts thought nothing of stealing another woman’s husband, her fame hard to resist for any man. Will he be Julia’s for life or will it be their children that will put her shawl around her in years to come? 

Reversal of May – December Relationships

And then we have our famous Scorpio cougar who started quite a fashion, Demi Moore who reversed the May-December roles, mesmerizing a younger man into her lair. But then he may be escaping, at least long enough to breathe the fresh air again and break the spell.

Political Arena Draws Scorpios To Its Flame

The political arena with its power draws many a Scorpio into its flame. Scorpio’s intensity and drive often keep them from being voted the most likable, but powerful everyone will agree.  You’ve seen Scorpio Hilary Clinton being stung by the scorpion many times but she’s not been paralyzed for too long.   She’s at her finest being behind the scenes, in the perfect role for the moment as our Secretary of State, negotiating issues we may never know their terms.

Another Scorpio politician that’s been on the scene for many a decade is Joe Biden, our Vice-President who is also at his best negotiating with foreign officials behind closed doors.  And what about Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, certainly he’s booed  by some  as the Darth Vader villain who many fear will  vanquish both Israel and the United States with his nuclear power.  Can you depend on Mahmoud to speak the truth, not if you understand that secrets are part of Scorpio’s bag of tricks.

Cocaine Legal in Bolivia

One intriguing Scorpio is Eva Morales, the first indigenous to become President of Bolivia.  South America is on the rise while North America may be headed toward its demise, much like Rome in ancient times.  Morales is said to be considering  making cocaine legal made from the finest of Bolivia cocoa leaves, thwarting the drug lords that amass their fortunes feeding off the temptations of the weak.

Boy Scout Gates Soars Like an Eagle

One Scorpio according to the newspaper columns tells us that Bill Gates continues to soar like the eagle could be because he earned his medal as a disciplined Eagle Scout years ago. No longer steering the helm of the personal computer revolution, he now, with his Texas wife, is leading and transforming the field of non profits enjoying the personal rewards of being a philanthropist.

More Dramatic Expressions

A few other dramatic expressions of Scorpio energies that you can learn from if you follow their life’s journey are Maria Shriver,  Whoopi Goldberg, Calvin Klein, Jodie Foster, Larry King, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Schwimmer and Sally Field.


Musk and the interior of new cars, especially  expensive ones like the Ferrari or Lamborghini.


The finest of silks to adorn your body or to tie you to the bedpost; Leather as in coats or boots or whips to unfurl; and Metals of every shape, especially steel handcuffs to run your fingers over in anticipation of your most erotic fantasies.


Tantric Sex will satisfy your every physical desire while taking you on a magic carpet ride into the spiritual realm.  You could also swirl with the whirling Sufi dervishes into the magical realms visit skilled astrologers or shamans to peer beyond the visible.

Whatever is your persuasion, don’t hide under the covers during Scorpio. Discover your own unknown that is always lurking in the shadows just waiting for you to awaken enough to its power, its mystery that will catapult you beyond your wildest dream.

Countries to Visit

Visit the Netherlands where every temptation awaits you; Geneva to experience the Cern; or to Transylvania to conjure up the werewolves, vampires and ghouls that abound in your nightmare.

Relationship Tip

Learn the magic of surrender and have some fun, leaving behind your serious pose for another zodiac sign.

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