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Scorpio Supernatural World Has Arrived-Pt1

November 26th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Scorpio

MoonGoddess032810Mid copy1 Scorpio Supernatural World Has Arrived Pt1

Scorpio: Supernatural World Has Arrived – Part One

October 23 through November 21, 2010

Scorpio has arrived and for one compelling zodiac month, you have the opportunity to soar like the eagle into the realms of the supernatural world.  That is, if you don’t succumb to the scorpion sting of death as it tests your every mortal weakness.

Cougars Pounce Much Like Predators

Scorpio is the guardian, with a blockade you must pierce to cross the threshold into the matriarch guided era that is upon us in beauty.  Otherwise, instead of being a much despised predator of the patriarch era, you would be much the same, entering as a cougar pouncing on your prey. It may sound like fun, and it can be, but not for long, as you become the mother, no longer the enchantress you are intended to become.

Scorpio’s Energy

The sumptuous, mysterious supernatural; which has been hailed by some as dark energy, dark matter.

Scorpio Virtues to Express: Courageous, Intense, Determined, Passionate, Investigative, Penetrating, Fun, Sexy, Magical, Elegant and Creative.

Scorpio Vices to Transform into Virtues

Tyrannical, Addictive, Jealous, Possessive, Out of Control, Suspicious, Illusionary, Slut Like, Intrusive and Depressive.

Scorpio Tips

Here are some tips that could help you this month to become the eagle within, you spreading your majestic wings in flight.

Colors To Wear

Naturally you’ll want to wear black. This month, instead of wearing black trying to hide those rolls and lumps clumping together with what you couldn’t resist, wear black as a receptor for Scorpio’s energies.


Highlight your black with elegant and exquisite emerald green as in expensive emeralds or those that look so real that only you would know the difference.


Find photos of scorpions and put one on your refrigerator, your liquor cabinet, and above your bed, or anywhere where you usually succumb to the temptations of the scorpion sting.  Then each time you start to weaken, look Lady Scorpion in the eye and say, “You’ll not get me this year with your sting.”

Another symbol you might want in front of you is the scorpion snake. Become the snake charmer not the snake slithering into the cracks of Achilles’ heel.  And, of course, eagles to inspire you to flight into the supernatural world where magic awaits you as you pass Scorpio’s initiation trials.

Get your Taste Buds Salivating

If it’s decadent, expensive and alluring, serve it this month.  If you’ve never tasted pheasant under glass, you are in for a sumptuous treat.  Foie Grass, escargot, avocado, artichokes with dripping butter, wilted spinach with bacon and warm dressing, cheese fondues, and the purest of dark chocolates from around the world and that’s just a start.  Whatever you can’t live without, serve it this month in the most perfect amounts that keep you crying for more even when you can feel it’s ample. Don’t forget the creamy foods that you can smooth on your partner’s body like whip cream and lick off.

Scorpio’s Magic Potions

If you are rigid, over controlling and need to be broken down until you learn the magic in surrender; you might want to find a white magician with her bag of multi or hallucinatory drugs. She needs to be able to read you, sense just the right amount to send you into the supernatural realms where you’ll imbibe Scorpio energies during your flight.  Be discerning as if you find a shaman that cannot feel your vibration, knowing just the right concoction  to give you, instead of entering magical realms, you’ll set off the Scorpio security system and be detoured to illusionary realms.

Moon Goddess Magical Potions

If you are already sensitive and don’t need to be conked out of your inflexible state, imbibe in the Moon Goddess’s Full Moon magical potions which will unfurl your intuition to you once you learn how.  During Scorpio, go to a Moon Goddess’s Full Moon Ceremony and delve into the magic of enchantment.

Find your way to the supernatural; it is all that you thought it would be and more.

Enter the Intimate Realms of Scorpio

Entering the intimate realms of Scorpio through sensual sex is true magic. It’s a thrilling journey but not for the weak, that’s why many have opted for the celibate role, which they think is safe but really just churns their juices up inside demanding release through another form. Just think of all the liqueurs invented by cloistered priests who often could be found weaving down the halls swinging their rosary beads to and fro.   Ready yourself, then dive into sex’s forbidden waters, with just enough wine, alcohol or drugs to relax you, not drown out your consciousness. You want to remember the fun you had.

Set the Ambience For Your Journey Inside

If you are looking for a soothing aphrodisiac, you might like to become mesmerized by Scorpio Yanni’s music who consistently channels another facet of the unknown for you to imbibe.  If you prefer to put on your cowgirl boots and hat and be yoked into the unfamiliar, search out Scorpio country and western star, Dwight Yoakum whose name alone will bring to you a smile. Or you could rap your way into the indefinite with Scorpio P. Diddy.    Ah, but if you need to be more determined, pick up your feet and march into the strange with John Phillip Sousa’s music.  And for those that can hear the music of the spheres and need no enticement, pristine silence could be your conduit.

Scorpio Art to Entrance You

Let Pablo Picasso boggle your investigative mind as you peer deep into his symbols. Let’s hope you can find your way back to reality, wherever that may be.

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