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Scorpio Forecast for 2010-2011. Pt1

November 26th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Scorpio

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Forecast 2010-2011

For All Zodiac Signs Part One

Don’t think Scorpio’s energies belong to only those born during Scorpio’s time; it is for you too if you are brave enough to enter into the dark realms of the unknown.  Proceed with caution though; the light can no longer protect you as night is slithering in earlier nibbling away at day.

Howl-O-Ween On Its Way

In just a few days, Howl-O-Ween will arrive enticing out your sensuous and naughty side for even you to see, that is if you are valiant. Or if you would rather, you could disguise yourself as the grim reaper and deal with your fears of death in a simulating, fun way.

Fun Vital Ingredient of Magic

Without a doubt, Fun is a vital ingredient of any White Witch’s brew that conjures up magic.  Seriousness only descends you to the entrapment of your dark side, where you remain ensnared until you awaken to laughter’s  magical feel.  For however long it takes, when it does, voila, the trap door releases as you chortle and chuckle at the illusion of the fog and mirrors that entangled you with your serious tone.

Aquarian Age Promises Transparency

One of the promises of the Aquarian Age which is now firmly entrenched is that there will be no more secrets, everything now hidden will be revealed.  Aquarius’s scientific reasoning energy is what drives, unbeknownst except to the most intuitive, scientists chasing after the unknown which they have dubbed dark energy. Those earnest in their endeavor will not be disappointed, their journey will reap its rewards even if it is different than what was postulated at its inception.

Matriarch Civilizations

Will scientists eventually be led to the ancient formula left behind by former matriarch civilizations of Think with Your Hearts and Love With Your Mind that is entwined in the infinity symbol? Or will they inscribe their own icon? It is too early to tell, the Aquarian Age is only now beginning and has 2500 years to unravel the secrets of creation.

Scorpio’s Veil Lifts

This unknown energy is most intense with a magnetic pull that nothing can escape, not even light. But if you are bold and courageously blaze into the inner realms, during Scorpio each zodiac year, the veil lifts for you with another piece of the known becoming known before the curtain surely comes down once again.

Moon Goddess Prepares You

It’s worth readying yourself each month receiving the Moon Goddess’s New and Full Moon transmissions and embracing the Equinoxes and Solstices ceremonies.  You now have the confidence you can survive the intensity of Scorpio’s energy for the entire zodiac month, as it is of the same fabric, just a more dramatic design.   Its energy is so sumptuous, so intimate, it is no wonder that once imbibed, there is no turning back, and then your destiny will not be denied.

Potions and Blood Gripping Drama

Scorpio is not for the faint hearted, invoking superstition and needing potions to calm the vapors. Neither is it for the Darth Vader villain types whose frequency of harm and abuse only trips the Scorpio sensor alarm, spiraling them far away satiating them with another blood gripping drama to sink their teeth into.

Peek through Scorpio’s veil and bring another fragment of the unknown into your heart, you deserve it!

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