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Scorpio Forecast 2010-2011. Pt2

November 26th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Scorpio

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Forecast 2010-2011

for All Zodiac Signs –       Part Two

Grim Reaper With Its Scythe

Why such protection? What is so pure and exquisite that Scorpio must guard it at all costs even using the grim reaper with its scythe that will pierce even the strongest?

Will is a Thrust, Push Out Energy

The Aquarian Age is arriving right at the end of an era where the energy of Will has been in command, fostering a male patriarch civilization where strength and power were the most sought after virtues or qualities. Will’s energy is a thrust, push out energy, the exact opposite of this intense pull in energy that Scorpio is defending with its scorpions and snakes?

Love, Will’s Opposite Energy

And what is this intense pull in energy? It’s none other than Love, Will’s opposite energy. Love is moving more and more to the forefront as a new matriarch guided era is about to begin. Scorpio is ensuring Love is not thrown off course before it is firmly entrenched.

Scorpio Uses Manipulation to Tempt You

Manipulation is the dark side of Love and what Scorpio uses the most to tempt you while protecting Love from any onslaught of unbalanced Will. Only the heart with its language of feelings or intuition can open the door to the unknown where Love dwells.

Scorpio’s Sting of Death

And what that means to you personally is you can not get far into the unknown until you pass Scorpio’s initiation tests. Until then, with each bombardment you try to make into the unknown, you get stung by the scorpion’s sting of death. Another part of you dies and before you know it, you continue to be mired in the duality prison of life/death. If conscious immortality is a goal of yours, truly embrace all that Scorpio has to offer

Love’s Magical Formula Encased in Feelings

However, passing even one of Scorpio’s hurdles catapults you into the intuitive, where Love resides.  With each new barrier penetrated, the intuitive realm stays open for longer times which is so precious and illuminating that once felt you do not want to stay away. You promise to yourself no matter how many times you fall you will get back up until you learn Love’s magical formula which is all encased in its language of feelings.

Feel the Feeling

Do know you will never pass these Scorpio initiations through the logic of your mind no matter how hard you try.  You must feel this addictive magnetic pull inside of you, manipulating and luring you to one of its addictive examinations.

At First Maybe Say No

If you are a novice, at first you may just want to become aware of the feeling surging inside of you yet say   “No, I  dare not follow you this time to something that I know I can not resist.  I’m not strong enough now, so No for now.” Then run quickly to the shower, turning it on cold to break your spell.

Abstaining Only Beginner’s Step

But be apprised, abstaining is only the beginning step. Too long and you become like some of the priests that turned into pedophiles denying their feelings or some preachers that were caught with ladies of the light while preaching of their damnation in their pulpits.

Witch’s Brew

Imagine, a white witch’s brew that is absent of any of its key ingredients.  Their  concoctions would yield no magic. To pass Scorpio’s initiations, you have to feel the adrenalin rush inside of you, the addictive tow and wield its tug stopping at just the right quantity. Too little and you will just flap your wings feeling righteous but never soar like the Scorpio eagle.  Too much and the ambulance carts you off to the hospital, over satiated once again.

Simplest Yet Hardest Test

Why not this Scorpio, start with the simplest and yet the hardest test, food.  You can not abstain from food completely, or you would become a living skeleton and surely die.  You have to eat, and that is why it’s the most challenging of all the Scorpio physical tests.  It is even tougher than excessive drugs, alcohol or even sex, as you can run away say no to all of these, but not food.

Run Away Train

You must learn to feel when you are full or just before even and stop right there, relishing in its life sustaining feeling.  One step beyond and the gorging run away train shows up plummeting you toward stuffing your body until you can hardly move. Only then does the mesmeric  pull of energy that you could not stop run its course.

Become Your Own Conscious Enticer

It’s this compelling addictive  pull that you must learn to feel and deal with, exactly what is heaven in a manner of speaking and what will nose dive you toward hell.  So during this Scorpio, why not become your own conscious Scorpio enticer?

Here’s Your Instructions

  1. Put the most decadent expensive food in front of you, one item at a time but an abundant amount.
  2. Serve this mouth watering food on a most beautiful plate.
  3. Personalize it, give it a name and have a conversation with it.  Something like, “In the past when you’ve showed up, I’ve been a goner. I could not resist you for anything.  This time I want to partake of you, but just the right amount, not too little and not too much.
  4. Nobody can tell me how much that is, only I can feel what is right for me.  So, help me, feel you, taste you, enjoy you, and stop when I can feel we have the perfect intimate relationship.

5.  Then just sit and look at it for at least fifteen minutes, do not take your gaze away or think of anything else.  Stay focused. It is a must you wait till you feel its addictive pull begin to lessen.

  1. Then with food as your partner, partake of it, savoring its very essence.

7. When you can feel just how much is enough, stand up and walk away and let out a wolverine howl of  joy.

Magical Amount For Your Witch’s Brew

Remember everything has a learning curve and you can start over and over and over, just make sure you pass this one test during Scorpio, with food.  It’s the feeling you are after, the magical amount for your witch’s brew of magic.

Soar Like Scorpio Eagle

Once you’ve got this down, with one item of food, it becomes easier and easier to soar like the Scorpio Eagle. You dive down and pick up just the right amount, savoring it fully, and then you take flight again. Addictions soon will no longer ground you, keeping the secrets of death from you, sticking you in its duality.

See Them for What They Are- Initiation Tests

There’s a multitude of addiction tests still to come, but once you can feel within you just the right amount, they won’t daunt you or overwhelm you.  You’ll see them just for what they are, Scorpio eagle initiations. Surely you didn’t think becoming an eagle, flying above death’s secrets could be achieved by succumbing to the scorpion sting did you?

Unknown Rapture of Love

And once you can feel just the right amount that’s magic, you can make your list of everything you haven’t been able to resist – specific items of food, drugs, alcohols, wines, sex , exercise.  And this is only the physical arena, there’s still the emotional where all its addictions of relationships reside, and mental addictions of power, fame, greed, and ego. They all can be done though, and each time the duality of life/death lifts its veil for you to enter into the unknown rapture of Love’s energy.

Scorpio’s Three Most Important Examinations

You do not have to pass all these tests during Scorpio, but feeling this mesmeric energy, developing a relationship with it, and imbibing the right amount for you to feel full and no more you want to learn this Scorpio Once you know how, you can then apply the same formula to all the initiation tests.  Each Zodiac sign holds the secret to its own initiation examinations, but feeling its addictive compelling pull is learned the easiest during Scorpio.  The three most important initiations to pass during Scorpio are food, drugs or alcohol, and sex.

How Universe Evolves

So now you have it, Scorpio is the protective part of Love, and its function is to ensure that an onslaught of Will can not penetrate Love out of balance.  Will now needs to be the support with inner or not outer strength. It’s Love’s turn on the world stage, connecting everyone, bringing about an intimacy that we’ve so far mostly experienced only in our dreams.

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