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Scorpio Characteristics

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( October 23 to November 21 )

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Were you fascinated by the witches and wizards at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter movies? Then you love being Scorpio, as darkness has finally overtaken daylight. Your dark twin rules – the Magician, the Sorceress.

Scorpio is intense, enticing, sensual, captivating and the entrance to the supernatural realm. Your left brain logic will be stopped at the door, no entrance allowed. Why not turn the door into a magic carpet with your right brain intuition. Then climb on and ride it through the opening into a mystical world.

It’s not coincidental that Halloween is during Scorpio, it’s the most fun outrageous expression of Scorpio energy possible. Instead of just one night, if you’re very courageous, you might allow your dark twin to be in charge throughout Scorpio’s time.

If you’re receptive, you could be thrust into the depths of your feelings where magic awaits you. That is if you don’t drown in the sea of opposites – good and evil. But if you surrender and let your dark twin be your mentor, you may never be afraid of the dark again.

Energy: Dark energy expressing itself as unknown power.

Dark Energy

Dark energy is still a mystery that has scientists mesmerized, while they seek to unravel its secrets. Imagine, dark energy is hailed as direct evidence of the universe’s existence, but its nature has remained elusive, a mystery. Its gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, not even light can escape. Don’t mistake black for being negative, it’s not, it’s just unknown power. It is called black because it absorbs all the light that hits it, reflecting nothing back.

Dark energy is a vacuum energy, undetectable by its emitted radiation, but its presence can be inferred from gravitational effects on visible matter. It is thought to have consequences for the behavior of the universe. Some think this is the energy harnessed by UFO’s.

Hopefully, this will help you become more conscious of your dark twin, as dark energy is its realm and source of its power. That’s why your shadow side is untraceable to your visual senses. Yet its gravitational pull on you to the donut shop, another bottle of beer, or to someone’s husband can be felt if you stay alert. That’s why becoming adept at your feelings, learning to play them like a piano, will reveal your dark twin which influences your every behavior. Transformed, you’ll soar like the eagle, another one of your Scorpio’s icons.

Virtues: Intense, sensual, mysterious and magical.


You feel and connect with strong and deeply felt emotions. Intensity is most often required to bring the intangible from the world of the inner realms to the outer tangible world.


You have the ability to put your intellect on hold, while being intimate and finding pleasure through the senses of your body.


You can excite considerable curiosity; make people want to know more, captivating their attention. You take your time in revealing your secrets.


You can be so pleasing and beautiful in your expression and presentations that you seem supernatural, often unexplainable by ordinary means. You have become the white magician, reaching into and transforming the unknown into something known and most useful.

Vices: Domineering, secretive, addictive and manipulative.

Your negative characteristics are really just your positive qualities that are not yet balanced. That just means your vices are still in progress and haven’t yet matured into the virtues they will become.


This is a vice that will one day become the virtue of Intense, bringing into manifestation or into material form that which is still a part of dark energy, the non material. Right now, you connect or demand too strongly with your emotions that bring about entrapment.


At this stage, you keep secrets and information that needs to be known, allowing innocent people to be hurt. As you have more experiences, this vice will turn into the virtue of mysterious – being entrusted with secrets, keeping to yourself what is not needed to be known, while revealing what needs to be known in a way that does not cause unnecessary harm.


While you’re on your way to becoming the sorceress, the magician by learning the right proportion of most everything, you can get addicted to excessive quantities drugs, alcohol, food, drama, fame, power. At this stage, you’re caught into the black widow spider’s web, one of Scorpio’s icons.


As yet, you don’t trust that you can be magical, bringing back from the inner realms that which you need to take care of yourself. So you become over pleasing, speaking to other people’s weaknesses to get them to give you what they have. You could also disguise yourself as some poor innocent victim, appealing to naive hero types that cannot let anyone hurt. Eventually, you will become bored wielding your magic in dark ways, and learn white magic.


Scorpio loves to be magical behind the scenes, fully creative, manifesting results that are beyond comprehension. Their unfathomable abilities are often expressed as sales people, shamans, dowsers, magicians, psychics, astrologists, past life regression therapists, UFO researchers, writers (especially fantasy, thrillers or mysteries), directors, producers, artists and a myriad of other vocational expressions. They are also first rate detectives, undercover operatives, lobbyists, quantum physics scientists and politicians (especially in foreign policy).

And don’t forget the dark side “addictive” vocations that thrive on walking on the wild side such as liquor store owners and employees, sex shops, bartenders, prostitutes, escorts, lap dancers, pimps and drug dealers.

Remember to use your unknown, hidden power for the good!

Relationship Compatibility

As a Scorpio, Taurus is your opposite energy. Together, you generate a magnetic attraction, a pull toward each other which is great for intimacy and sensuality. This pull can also annihilate each of you.

A Sagittarius will love the wild ride also but keep you from becoming too intense, adding humor and fun to your life.

And for any sign, if you are someone that likes to go deep into the inner realms, find a Taurus to hold your energy. A Taurus, as your sexual partner, friend or family member, will keep you from getting lost and ground you when you come back to Earth.

But if you want someone brave enough to fully explore the hidden realms, the unknown with you, especially sensuality, seek out another Scorpio.

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