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SCORPIO: Astrology Forecast 2009

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Scorpio

ScorpioBB copy2 SCORPIO: Astrology Forecast 2009


Astrology Forecast for Scorpio

If you love mysterious, intriguing books or movies that keep you on the edge of your seat, then you’re going to love Scorpio. Always a thriller, with its twists and turns, Scorpio reigns October 23rd to November 22nd in 2009.

The Sun no longer appears high up in the sky. Darkness overtakes the light, with night time slinking in much earlier. Scorpio’s magical, dark energy is for you, not just those born during Scorpio. Scorpios just receive a double dose of energy to weave its enchantment. Relax your grip on life, surrender and cuddle your naughty sensual self. Then all of Scorpio can be Howl-O-Ween.

The Magic Formula

Dark energy is not something to run away from just because it stimulates your dark twin addictive nature. It is true that different concoctions of sex, drugs and alcohol can be dangerous and lead to crime all too easily. But shamans, high priests and medicine men have been using these potions for centuries to enter magical realms.

The secret lies in the proportions. For example, when there is too little rain or no rain at all, we have a drought. If the famine continues for too long, the grim reaper arrives, bringing death and sometimes extinction of the species. If there is too much rain, floods descend. A skeleton holding a scythe appears, reaping its yield of lives.

If there is neither too little, nor too much, but just the right amount of rain, magic ensues. We experience bountiful and rich lives. It’s the amount, the precise proportion that determines life or death. The intense drive of Scorpio is to find the magical exact proportion in most everything that mere mortals run from.

The Scorpion and the Eagle

But then mastering the duality of life/death is Scorpio’s quest. The scorpion, one symbol of Scorpio, with it’s sting is the bringer of death. Symbolizing a magical life is the Eagle soaring above the Earth.

If you are someone that has had dreams of flying, it could be the eagle in you calling to you to find the right proportion in anything that has become your addiction.

Energy: Dark energy expressing itself as unknown power.

Dark energy is still a mystery that has scientists mesmerized, while they seek to unravel its secrets. Imagine, dark energy is hailed as direct evidence of the universe’s existence, but its nature has remained elusive. Its gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, not even light can escape. Sounds like the powerful feminine Goddess energy to me.

Hopefully, this will help you become more conscious of your dark twin, as dark energy is its realm and source of its power. That’s why your shadow side is untraceable to your visual senses. Yet it’s gravitational pull on you to the shopping mall, another glass of wine, or to someone else’s lover can be felt if you stay alert. That’s why becoming adept with your feelings, learning to play them like a piano, will allow you to sense your dark twin influence that affects your every behavior. Transformed, you’ll soar like the eagle.


Powerful, connecting, captivating and magical.


Domineering, secretive, addictive and manipulative.

Your negative characteristics are really just your positive qualities that are not yet balanced. That just means your vices are still in progress and haven’t yet matured into the virtues they will become. Domineering will one day be powerful, secretive will become discerning, addictive will become magic, and manipulative will become enticing.


Embrace your spicy, enticing side and enjoy Hallo-O-Ween to the fullest all month long.

Intimate Relationships

There’s a really fun song with words that go something like this, “Little less talk, and a lot more action.” It’s a time of feeling, enticing your lover with your eyes, your slinky come hither body movements.


Get your whole family into a playful Howl-O-Ween mood and keep up your decorations all Scorpio long. Indulge your family with treats that make them feel special, like dark chocolate. Remember the magic is in the proportions.


You may have great products and services, but if you want to sell, you need to add the sizzle. There’s never a better time than during Scorpio to see if your image is really compelling and would draw people to you.


Give back; turn any dull project into playful fun.

Become truly magical and soar like the Eagle! Release yourself from the sting of the Scorpion!


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