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SAGITTARIUS: The Long Nights Moon

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Moon Goddess, Sagittarius

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Moon Goddess-The Full Long Nights Moon


Would you like to have more access, more control of your feelings? Then you might like to learn the secrets of the Moon Goddess. Here’s how she weaves her magic into your inner realms, the dominion of not only your intangible feelings, but your intuition.

She begins with the New Moon each month. On Monday, November 16, 2009 at 11:14 pm PST, she launches her first phase. You need to know the time as, if you look for her up in the sky, you won’t see her. It’s her Dark Moon time, but you very well might feel her without even understanding why.

At this very minute, the side of her facing the Sun God is being illuminated, rejuvenated. Mother Earth, the Moon Goddess and the Sun God are in a direct line with each other, which causes a gravitational pull. Mother Earth is made up of over two thirds water, and the waves of the ocean overflow on the beaches.

Like Mother, like child. Our bodies are also composed of a high percentage of water, over fifty percent. You just might very well feel this tug on the water in your body, rousing your feelings. If you live close to the seashore, take a walk and watch the high tide engulfing the shore. And drink more water today, replenishing yourself.

For the next couple of days, as the Sun descends lower in the sky, with night time appearing even earlier, be on the look out for the Moon Goddess. She will soon reveal just a sliver of herself at first, as she emerges from the Dark Moon period. Let yourself feel her enchantment as you gaze at her crescent moon, which has been equated with magical themes and Greek and Roman goddesses: Artemis, Titaness, Diana, Artume and Hecate. The crescent moon has also inspired religions and is a symbol for both the Islam and Hindu religions. Let the Moon Goddess enthuse you also.

One of the secrets of the Moon Goddess’s crescent moon is rejuvenation, revitalization, to begin anew. If life knocks you down, it doesn’t have to be forever. When you see that crescent moon, know it’s time to pick yourself back up, begin anew. The Moon Goddess as she increases her own light will shine on your emotions, encouraging you to express yourself in a delightful way.

Once you begin to embrace and utilize the secrets of the Moon Goddess, you’ll feel so much more in sync with the natural flow of the cosmos. If you would like to be enlightened at her Full Moon time, much like she was illuminated by the Sun God, you probably will want to prepare your physical body, your emotions and your mind. The December Full Moon is on December 1, 2009 at 11:30 pm PST.

Self-Discipline and Your Physical Body

Three days before the Full Moon is November 28, time to put your physical body in order, so you will not be overwhelmed with her luminosity. Become the embodiment of self-discipline today, not someone telling you what to do. You decide what you could do today to take your body to a new level of discipline and vitality.

Acceptance and Your Emotions

Two days before the Full Moon is November 29, time to ready your emotions, so you can feel your most beautiful feelings. Accept yourself today, with all your flaws and imperfections. Acceptance is the route to love, which is the most coveted feeling of all. Ready yourself today!

Inspiration and Your Mind

One day before the Full Moon is November 30, time to prepare your mind through inspiration. Maybe you’ll want to read inspirational quotes, listen to music that uplifts you. Take a walk and look at the wonders of nature. There is no set way; the day is yours to create; just keep in mind that you want to fill yourself up with inspiration.

Full Moon – Breathe, Surrender and Receive

If you have earnestly prepared your physical body, emotions and mind, today could be a magical day for your intuition. You could receive answers that have been perplexing you for some time or sense visions far beyond who you are today.

The Sun God, Mother Earth and the Moon Goddess are in a direct line again, and the gravitational pull abounds. High tides are strong again, like New Moon but even stronger, as waves once more flood the cliffs at the shore. And welcome your own waves to flood your emotions, incite your passions. You can learn to surf the upsurge of your emotions, and feel pure bliss.

The Moon Goddess wants you to fully experience your encounter with her. Breathe deeply often, sip water to keep yourself hydrated and be in silence as much as you can. Receive the Moon Goddess’s moonbeams with cascading warm colors to inflame your sensitivity, awakening you to your intuition.

Enjoy! Receive! It’s the Long Night’s Full Moon, the night before the Yule!

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