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Sagittarius Characteristics

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( November 22 to December 21)

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Are we ever glad to see you! You’re our futurist, our visionary, and you have access to the paranormal. No matter how dark it looks in the moment, you inspire us that there is light ahead. You show us that the glass is half full, not half empty.

You arrive when darkness is still overtaking day, the sun is lower in the sky. You are our messenger, telling us not to despair; light is on its way. You can sense a month ahead, when night will begin to lose its strangling hold on us and lengthening days emerge. Your intuitive night vision sees in the dark, like the owl or flying squirrel that climbs to the top of a tree, leaps into the air and glides gently to a nearby branch. Does that sound supernatural for a human? Well, you are.

Energies: Dark energy expressed as unknown power and scientific reasoning conveyed as freedom; and Idealism communicated as optimism.

Dark Energy

Dark energy is still a mystery that has scientists captivated, while they seek to unravel its secrets. Imagine, dark energy is hailed as direct evidence of the universe’s existence, but its nature has remained elusive, a mystery. Its gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, not even light can escape. Don’t mistake black for being negative, it’s not; it’s just unknown power. It is called black because it absorbs all the light that hits it, reflecting nothing back.

A vacuum energy, undetectable by its emitted radiation, Dark Energy’s presence can be deduced from gravitational effects on visible matter. This is the realm of your dark twin and source of its power. Untraceable to your visual senses, you can realize your shadow side’s presence by its addictive gravitational pull to your weaknesses. Your dark twin beckons you to discover it through your feelings.

Scientific Reasoning

You are the researcher, the experimenter, the philosopher, always seeking to unravel the secrets of the unknown of any endeavor. Your own unknown, your dark twin draws you to discover it, which can become addictive itself. But you are not daunted or scared; you are quite sure with your scientific reasoning that you can liberate yourself of any entrapment and become free. Your ability to solve problems becomes quite developed as you learn to become adept at wielding this scientific energy flowing through your veins.

And since you can travel into the inner realms, you are never stumped for too long if the answer is not available in logical, linear thinking.

Idealism Energy

Idealism is expressed as striving for the highest standard of excellence in any endeavor, nothing else is satisfying. Being in service is where you find your most fulfillment; you have an unusual acute foresight and imagination which inspires people, elevating them from mediocrity. Idealism will lead you toward the intuitive, supernatural part of yourself which can be through many different methods such as; traditional religions, shamanism, spirituality, metaphysical or new age.

Virtues: You have so many, but let’s take the core qualities that relates to the three energies flowing through you. You are inquisitive, optimistic, fascinating and you can be quite humorous.


This is the scientist in you. You are eager for knowledge, to solve mysteries that seem unfathomable to others, delving deep into yourself for answers that others do not have.


This is the visionary, the futurist, the seer beyond any darkness into the approaching light.


You inspire a great interest or attraction in anything you do.


Your unusual way of looking at things gives you the ability to see what is funny in most situations. You also have a way of presenting it in a way that elicits amusement and laughter from others.

Vices: Scattered, intrusive, unrealistic and cutting humor.

Your negative characteristics are really just your positive qualities that are not yet balanced. That just means your vices are still in progress and haven’t yet matured into the virtues they will become.


You have so many interests, so much curiosity, that it is impossible to do everything you want in a 24 hour period, so your timing is off and often you are late. You also can appear unfocused.


In your quest for knowledge, for answers, you are often too nosy, prying into other people’s business. It’s great if you are a journalist but tough on people’s privacy.


Your optimism is many times unfounded or unrealistic for the current situation. It makes you appear not to understand other people’s plights.

Cutting Humor

As you can see what’s humorous in most circumstances, you can appear insensitive to other’s feelings and be hurtful to them with your jokes.


As humor is your natural way to diffuse conflict, consider being a comedian, helping us laugh at ourselves. Or a humor therapist, it matters little which vocation you choose, but realize the value of this most natural ability.

You also make an excellent spokesperson for anything that inspires you. Sales, marketing, making anything known that has value is really your task. So many good products and services sit on the shelves, waiting for you to discover them.

Idealism will lead you toward the intuitive, supernatural part of yourself which can be through many different methods such as: traditional religions, shamanism, spirituality, metaphysical or new age. Make sure you tell us the value you find through your experiences.

With your scientific reasoning, you are an excellent researcher, engineer, mathematician as you are always seeking to unravel the secrets of the unknown of any endeavor. Be sure and speak to us about what you find.

Relationship Compatibility

With your inspiring, optimistic manner, you are attractive to most any sign. There are also many you could do well with.

For that magnetic pull that will draw you toward your center and take you deeper and deeper sexually, be on the lookout for a Gemini, your opposite sign. Gemini is a messenger like you, leading everyone to the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. Your mission is to escort everyone to the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.

When you want to solve the problems of the world, figure out what life is really all about behind the smoke and mirrors, Leo and Aquarius share your innate curiosity. You’ll keep each other enthralled for years to come, as every answer you find will present you a new question.

And if you want someone to explore your addictive, dark side with, search out a Scorpio. Magic awaits! Both of you can escape each other’s entrapment. But if you do get caught, search out a Taurus to pull you out of the inner realms and ground you, focus you.

What about your spirituality? You could be a religious or spiritual teacher yourself, with your high standards of excellence. For sure you will be led into service, helping those that need you to be a seer for them, assuring them that there is light ahead. During this time in your life, you are most compatible with Virgo and Pisces.

Keep being the pied piper, sprinkling humor as you show the way! Everyone will follow.

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