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SAGITTARIUS: Astrology Forecast for Sagittarius

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Sagittarius

SagredtL copy1 SAGITTARIUS: Astrology Forecast for Sagittarius


Astrology Forecast for Sagittarius – (General For All Sun Signs)

Do you love stories, books, and movies of people like Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha who have dared to dream the impossible dream? Who against all odds, no matter how hopeless, had a quest to follow?

If you are someone with a purpose in life, a destiny to fulfill, then you are going to love Sagittarius. If you haven’t touched into that part of you, where you are willing to fight the unbeatable foe, to bear the unbearable sorrow to follow your star, this could be your month from November 23 to December 20.

The Sun no longer appears high up in the sky, it’s descending. Darkness has overtaken light for over a month now, your dark twin is testing your every weakness. And that’s Sagittarius’s message; in your darkest hour, the dark night of the soul, the human spirit can triumph.

How do you do that? Let’s go to the cosmos for that answer. As the Sun travels eastward through the constellations on its route around the center of the Milky Way, Mother Earth is revolving around the Sun. The Sun’s passage during our Earth year is divided into twelve sections, with each segment named after one of the Zodiac constellations. The ninth part is Sagittarius which embodies three distinct energies.

Energies of Sagittarius

Dark Energy is the first, the same energy that we just went through in Scorpio. Although a mystery, at least to the eye, its gravitational pull is so powerful that nothing, not even light can escape. This is the realm of your dark twin, your personal demons. Your dark twin’s purpose is clear, to entice you into every addiction, every weakness you exhibit or even fantasize. But why? That’s the mystery for the detective in you to unravel.

Scientific Reasoning is the second energy, and your salvation. Dark energy is a mystery that has scientists mesmerized, seeking to unravel its secrets. Scientists routinely travel into the unknown, often being richly rewarded with new inventions as another unknown becomes known.

This month, the scientist in you awakens, giving you objectivity. You are released from the gravitational pull long enough for you to realize your current weakness is just another test for you, the human spirit, to triumph over, to succeed. Go ahead, have a good chuckle, as you awaken to what this piece of life is really all about, and then invent your own method to overcome. Or if you are really mired down, this time search out someone who overcame the same weakness. Whether you like it or not, you are not so special, human lessons are the same decade after decade. Someone is always becoming victorious.

Idealism is the third energy which gives you the optimism, the inspiration, the motivation to wrestle your demons to the floor and emerge victorious. It’s not for naught that one of the characteristics of Sagittarius is being the archer, the visionary, pointing the way to the emerging light ahead, even though in the moment it is pure darkness.

Virtues: Hope, optimism, inspiration, freedom, objective, curious and supernatural.

Vices: Scattered, biased, addictive, depressed, unrealistic and complex.


Totally immerse yourself into the energies of you, the human spirit triumphing over any obstacle put in your path. Recharge your optimism battery fully. Maybe rent some of the real classic movies that inspire you to become the best person possible, filling you with hope. Here’s some oldies: Chariots of Fire, with Vangelis’s unforgettable uplifting musical score; Man of La Mancha, where you’ll sing the lyrics of The Impossible Dream for days on end; Gandi, even though the movie was in 1982, its message today can still inspire us, that it is not force that delivers freedom, but a respect for human dignity in the face of oppression; Field of Dreams, where you’ll cheer, cry and beg for more or Rocky, Braveheart and Life is Beautiful. Read inspirational quotes. The quote that epitomizes Sagittarius is, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi.

Intimate Relationships

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”, is this month’s motto. Every problem, no matter how daunting it is, has a solution. Never give up, love is your reward.


Don’t forget Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 26, a day to give gratitude to your parents for giving you life. Thank them for being role models for qualities you could emulate as well as those that pointed you to find other methods.


Sagittarius energy inspires the entrepreneur in you. If you’ve lost your job, or it looks bleak outside, how do you know it’s not just a test? What if it is to inspire you of your own worth, awakening you to your abilities that truly serve someone’s needs. Isn’t that what true business is based on; goods or services that truly serve other’s needs being exchanged for money or its equivalent?


This is your time to give back. Sagittarius’s way is often to become the star, shine as an example for everyone. Like the 17 year old singer/songwriter, Sarah Lonsert, who using her love of music to combat social embarrassment and fits of rage brought on by intense autism. She became the youngest recipient of the prestigious Los Angeles Music Award, the 2009 Female Singer/Songwriter. That’s Sagittarius at its best, fighting ones inner demons, finding a method to conquer, and becoming a celebrity inspiring others. “If I can do it in my condition, anyone can.”



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