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In Depth Report: Bad Rap!

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Astrology Doesn’t Deserve the Bad Reputation!

What gives Astrology a bad reputation? One of the paramount reasons is because the Sun is no longer moving through the same band of Zodiac constellations it was over 2500 year ago. That’s when the Zodiac constellations were given their names, marking the Sun’s movement at that time.  Does that discount astrology?  I don’t think so. Don’t be so skeptical, give it a chance.

The Zodiac Constellations

What we know of astrology, at least today, is that it originated in the 7th Century BC with the Babylonian astronomers in Southern Iraq in the Northern Hemisphere.  They divided the band of sky that the Sun progressed in one Earth year (365.25 days) into twelve equal sections (91.31 days). Three sections were attributed to each of the four seasons; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Where Did the Zodiac Names Come From?

These twelve sections were named after the ring of constellations that lined the sky that the Sun moved through.  They are known as the Zodiac Constellations. The names were derived from Latin and the Greek zodiac which meant “circle of animals”.

When Does The Zodiac Year Begin?

Section number one begins the first day of Spring which is called the Vernal Equinox (Latin for Spring). All other Zodiac dates shift accordingly to this time.  The following dates are adjusted for 2011.

Spring section is heralded by the Vernal or Spring Equinox March 20, 2011

1.  Aries                    The Ram                                March 20-April 19

2.  Taurus                 The Bull                                  April 19-May 20

3.  Gemini                The Twins                               May 20-June 21

Summer section is announced by the Summer Solstice June 21, 2011

4.  Cancer                 The Crab                                 June 21-July 22

5.  Leo                       The Lion                                 July 22-August 23

6.  Virgo                   The Virgin                             August 23-September 22

Fall section is proclaimed by Autumnal Equinox September 22, 2011

7.  Libra                    The Scales                             September 22-October 23

8.  Scorpio               The Scorpion or Eagle      October 23-November 22

9.  Sagittarius         Centaur or the Archer      November 22-December 21

Winter section is declared by the Winter Solstice December 21, 2011

10. Capricorn          The Goat                                December 21-January 20

11.  Aquarius            The Water Bearer             January 20-February 18

12.  Pisces                  The Fishes                             February18-March 20 (Spring Equinox)

Not All Constellations Are Equal

Now here’s where Astrology gets a bad rep. It is accused of not being scientific. Please notice, I said each of the twelve equal sections were named after one of these constellations. I did not say the Sun moved through each of these constellations equally or through any one constellation even in 30.43 days.  For example, what we now know is the Aries constellation is ranked in size as number 39 out of the 88 constellations discovered today.  Virgo is ranked number 2.  The Sun did not adjust its movements to go super slow through Section 1 or Aries and then speed through section 9 or Virgo in 30.43 days also.

The Earth Was Flat
We have learned a lot since that time. For example, at that time the Earth was seen as flat. Earth didn’t move, much less revolve around the Sun. Venus was thought to be two stars, one in the morning and one at night.

Sun Keeps Moving On Eastward

The Sun does not repeat the same path in the sky when Earth starts its new year of revolving around it. The Sun continues to moves eastward in its revolution around the center of the Milky Way. In fact, the Sun is now progressing through the Pisces Constellation instead of the Aries Constellation over 2500 years ago.

However, the band of sky the Sun travels through in our Earth year is approximately the same distance, still divided into the twelve sections keeping the same Zodiac names.

Sun Signs and Seasons

A person born during the time the Sun passes through one of those sections is given that Sun sign name.  For example, someone born under Section 1 would have the Sun sign of Aries the Ram.

Not surprising each of these sections and the persons born during those times have characteristics and modes of expression that are very much in alignment with the seasons themselves. For example, someone born in the 1st section, an Aries Sun sign leads the way, is always pioneering new beginnings.

Why Not Have it All?

Why not learn to embrace and develop the characteristics of each of these sections or signs as the Sun travels through them?  Why should you stay stuck in only one sign?  That’s like saying, “I was born in Spring and I only want to embrace the energies of Spring and develop its characteristics.   Forget Summer, Fall and Winter!  I don’t want to do different activities, develop other qualities or modes of expression”.  Why not have it all?

Develop Yourself Naturally

Why not develop yourself in a structured way that is in alignment with nature itself.  Then you do not have to learn from one crisis after another. Instead, let a cosmic tailwind speed you on your way, doing what comes naturally.

Never Boring, Always Something New

What keeps it compelling and never boring?  The Earth’s rotation is the same yearly around the Sun, so there is sameness to the characteristics of these twelve sections. However, as the Sun is constantly moving forward through a new band in the heavens, there is also newness within each of these twelve divisions yearly. That will keep you on your toes, just when you think you have got it, there’s something new to stimulate you.