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The Plot Starring the Victim

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The Plot Starring the VictimCover600x900 v5 200x300 The Plot Starring the VictimAll the world’s a stage

And all the men and women merely players.

They have their exits and their entrances

And one man in his time plays many parts.

-William Shakespeare


Shakespeare’s famous lines very aptly describe your emotional nature that fuels all your actions. Your passions are less well understood than your brain or your body, about which a wealth of literature has been written.

Drama, conflict and controversy is what your feelings thrive on. No amount of logic, facts or figures can ever change them. Emotions need action, plays, songs and stories to learn from if they are to transform.

The Plot Starring the Victim, Dealing with Feelings is the first of a series of three eBooks that introduce you to your feelings that drive you into actions that many times you don’t agree with. Don’t feel dim-witted that you haven’t figured out your feelings by now, few have.  In spite of our high spiritual ideals, religious teachings and incredible scientific advancements, human behavior has shockingly been much the same century after century.

Ironically, the victim role is by far the preferred role of the emotions, especially in a conflict, as it allows for the greatest drama. The pain, grief and suffering that the victim endures can be so heart-wrenchingly and blood-grippingly dramatic.

All of us have auditioned for this role more than once in our lives; and no wonder. It’s such a seductive role. Through the hurt and suffering that we endure, we tap into our seductive, tender sensuality that makes the agony worthwhile.

Your feelings keep you unconsciously playing the same old roles again and again like a broken record. You will change the scenarios and the cast of characters, but your emotional nature won’t change the script.  In fact, the more familiar the plot, the more it appeals to your emotions.

Why is your emotional nature so intent on expressing itself?  Because, then its role can be recognized and you can be understood. Otherwise, you’ll lament, “No one understands me.”  Feeling misunderstood is something your emotional nature is continuously trying to correct by expressing your feelings.

There’s a whole range of feelings to be conveyed, from love to joy, laughter to tears, fear, anger and hate. That’s the manner in which you and everyone else’s part can be distinguished. That’s when your emotional nature can receive the attention it direly wants.

Your emotional nature, the actor and actress within you, expresses itself through three starring roles – victim, villain or hero.  The villain abuses the victim, the victim who is saved by the hero and the hero defeats the villain.