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Silver Tongued Charmers

Silver Tongued Charmers2Cover 172x300 Silver Tongued Charmers

They can turn any No into a Yes!

This enchanting story takes place in Texas and Oklahoma during 1939, where strict fundamental religions prevail. It’s a time when a woman’s worth is determined by the man she marries, so she better be sure she marries the right one. She no longer will be referred to by her name, just Mrs.

Besides marrying the right man, popping out pretty children is what makes every woman feel like she is doing her job. The first born must surely be a boy as girls are definitely inferior at this time; just a few notches above blacks and Indians. If your baby turns out to be a girl, many just give her a boy’s name anyway.

Love will not be deterred in any setting and this enthralling love story is no exception. It begins one moonless night. A most handsome traveling salesman named Brady on his way to Abilene, crosses the Red River from Oklahoma into Texas. Stopping at the only café for miles around, he needs some strong coffee, as he’s taken a few too many nips from his sipping whisky. It’s a long drive to Abilene.

As Brady walked in the door, a new waitress greets and escorts him to his table. She is a beauty and Brady could not take his eyes off of her as he stumbled into his seat. She was his kind of art-work, one he could just stare at and inhale by the hour.

Brady’s one of those men that had to have every beautiful woman he saw. His best friend likened him to Johnny Appleseed who populated the west planting apple seeds everywhere he went. “Instead of apple seeds, Brady was always planting his sperm in willing women’s bellies. He populated the west with babies with long gangly arms and legs and his Irish red hair.”

As passion runs through Brady’s groin, he’s got to have her no matter what it takes. Besides he thinks he’s falling in love, which he always does, at least in the moment. Gifted with a silver tongued charm, he sets out to win her over.

Brady’s met his match as Karen Sue has a certain charm of her own. She’s saving herself for the man who is going to put a wedding ring on her finger, who’s rich and will take her out of this desolate farming town.

Brady sure looks like this rich man with his shiny new car and freshly pressed suit, not like the country hicks around here. Besides her beauty, her power is in her restraint. Every man around here from Wichita Falls to Amarillo has put in his shot, but she had shown them all the door.

Get ready, as they both set out to seduce each other, in their own way. Silver Tongued Charmers is not your simple love story of boy-meets-girl and lives happily ever after. This one has so many complications, surprising twists and turns that you are not sure what’s going to happen next.

Be ready to be captivated, once you begin you won’t be able to put it down till finished. You’ll be enticed from one chapter to the next with its intrigue.

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