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Victims, Villains and Heroes

VVH Kindle Cover 212x300 Victims, Villains and Heroes

Managing Emotions In the Workplace

“All the world’s a stage

And all the men and women merely players.

They have their exits and their entrances

And one man in his time plays many parts.”

-William Shakespeare

Enter, Stage Left…

We are all actors in a play, for which the stage is set every day, in every workplace. Owners, managers, employees, customers and suppliers are all part of the constant, swirling emotional drama, a drama we call The Plot, involving victims, villains and heroes.

Why Read Victims, Villains and Heroes?

Do you agree the workplace is overrun with a victim mentality?

Do you sometimes find yourself feeling that life at work “isn’t fair”?

Have you ever tried to help someone at work, but despite your efforts that person never “gets it”?

Do you find yourself “owning” other people’s problems? Do you have fears about speaking up at work?

Do you know why workers turn villainous? Do you know how to deal with a villain?

Do you get worn down from playing the hero role at work?

Do you want to avoid destructive emotional traps in the workplace?

Are you a leader looking to build a workforce where the collective energy is spent on productivity instead of emotional gamesmanship?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this eBook is for you!

Download your eBook today for just $14.95

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