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Pisces Symbol and Intersex

March 18th, 2011 · No Comments · General, Pisces

PiscesBlue copy 150x150 Pisces Symbol and Intersex

Pisces Symbol and Intersex


Pisces Symbol

My symbol is two fish. During  my Piscean Era, they embodied the secrets of the duality of life/death. That duality is starting now to dissolve along with many other dualities that no longer serve a purpose as many of you have developed an abundance of the qualities of the God of Will and the Goddess of Love.  Although you’ve always been immortal, you do not bring that consciousness with you into each new life. You leave your past behind.

Conscious Immortality New Ideal

With methods like past life regressions, you are now able to retrieve those memories and feelings for both your benefit today as well as bringing to the forefront issues still needing resolution. The veil between life and death right now is stripped away right now, and conscious immortality is becoming the new idealism.

Forgiveness Recharges You

At the moment, death still serves a purpose.  In the non psychical realm of death, you learn to truly forgive yourself for your hurtful actions and make ready to begin anew, which recharges you. Forgiveness is one of my Piscean virtues or qualities as Aquarius call them.

Forgiveness Propels You to the Future

In life itself, the faster you can honestly forgive yourself for hurting someone intentionally or through your naivety, and of course make conscious amends in the moment, the faster you can start on a new chapter.  Otherwise, you stay stuck in the current chapter of your life, trying to justify your actions.  It takes a lot of courage to say, I did it, I hurt someone or myself badly. And when you start to figure out how to make amends, you’ll be connecting with Aquarius’s creative energy, which propels you into the future, out of the past where your emotional energy is locked, unable to move.

Pisces a Hermaphrodite

The other secret of the two fish lies in that one is male and the other a female. I’m a hermaphrodite, not one or the other exclusively. During the Piscean Era, I responded to the God of Will and my male fish was the stronger.  Starting this very year, 2011, I’m just transferring my energies into the female fish, with the male fish becoming the supporter. Because I am a hermaphrodite, it’s easy for me to begin to respond to the Goddess of Love feminine energies much more.

Young Boys Expressing Feminine Side

And while many of you women used to be real tomboys when you were little, expressing your male side, there’s a big switch happening now. Many young boys are expressing themselves through their feminine side, playing with dolls, wanting to wear girl clothes. That does not mean they are destined to all be gay, just like many of you tomboys did not all turn out to be lesbian.

Intersex People

You are basically all hermaphrodite in consciousness, having both male and female sides no matter what body you are currently inhabiting. But there are real hermaphrodites, or the new word is intersex, which means the person has the chromosomes and ovaries of a woman but the external genitals of a male. There’s not something wrong with you if you are an intersex person, you’re just a different expression. You are just going through what gays and lesbians used to go through, thinking something was wrong, physically or morally. Now it’s becoming more accepted that the genetic code is different for gays and lesbians, it’s the same with you intersex models.

Robot Bodies

In the not too distant future, once Aquarius’s reverse engineers are finished taking apart the human “robot” bodies you now are inhabiting and learning all the inner workings, you will have the choice of transferring your consciousness into the robot bodies. First though, scientists will have to discover just how you transfer your consciousness into the baby body when you are born.  There will be hermaphrodite robot bodies, so the old express of “Go f… yourself” can literally be done.


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