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PISCES: Relationship Tips

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Pisces

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Relationship Tips

Pisces is all about endings, the perfect time to finish a relationship that is going nowhere, is toxic, does not empower you and there’s just not enough love to keep it going.

Are You Fighting Just to Stay Connected? That’s Not Love!

Lethal relationships happen, even though at the beginning both of you were idealistic and optimistic that it could be a great one. You could have even thought this was the love of your life; heaven forbid.

Yet, it sure didn’t turn out that way. What really happened was you attracted someone that was supposed to teach you to speak up, to become stronger and more powerful. It was never about love, but you didn’t understand that at the time.

Surely you don’t want to give up on your quest for love and settle for a poisonous, over strong relationship. If you do, your body probably will just fill up with an illness or two, or attract an accident to you, to make you more vulnerable again.

Announce Its Demise

You know what I’m talking about; don’t be in denial. The two of you are no longer creating the relationship; it’s dead, even though you haven’t announced its demise.

Maybe sex was hot and great at the beginning, but now you don’t want the other person to touch you. For sure, if that’s been the case for awhile, end it if there’s just the two of you to consider.

It’s not going to get better romantically. Your arguments will escalate just to have a connection, a release that you aren’t getting sexually now.

If Sex is Dead – Opt Out

You can turn this person into a friend, even do business with the person, but if sex is dead, opt out of the romantic relationship.

But you probably need a period of time apart before you create a different kind of relationship with this person. At least give yourself one month before you become intimate in a different way. It does take intimacy, a deep connection, no matter what kind of relationship you have.

Acceptance Generates Friendships

If you are thinking about being friends, you are back to the same problem. Both of you have to create the friendship or it will die, just like your romantic relationship did. Acceptance, flaws and all, is what it takes to generate a friendship. You couldn’t do that in a romantic relationship, but then you were choosing this person as your life partner.

Respect Is the Key for Business Relationships

If you are thinking about doing business with each other, you’re going to have to craft that relationship also. Respect is intimacy of the mind. Let’s make sure you’re not repelled by this person’s thoughts and ideas.

Are You a Coward? Need to Wait for the Next Big Fight?

Be courageous enough not to settle for a life with no or too little love. You can be a coward and just wait till the next relationship drama and then call it quits. At least your mind will be justified.

Wrap It Up with Beauty

If you want to end from the heart though, you’ll need to conclude with beauty. For that you’ll need emotional courage, to speak from the heart while being firm. If you haven’t as yet developed enough emotional courage to talk it out, then write it. Then sit with the person as he/she reads it and touch the person. You could hold their hand; put yours on top or on the side, but touch. No excuses; there’s always a way. You could always end it in a counseling session, with someone to give you courage. Still ask to touch the person as you speak. Touch takes you to your heart, not your dominant side.

“You know we haven’t been close to each other for awhile now. And even though I’m most grateful, appreciative that we gave love a chance with each other. I wish we could have made it, but I really don’t like the person I have become in this relationship. We seemed to have quit creating a romantic relationship with each other, and it died. So I need to bring our romantic relationship to a close now. You probably need the same also. We don’t want to stop here; the quest for love is too precious. Let’s end this in as much beauty as we can. Would you help me? “

Get Back on the Road Again – Love Ahead

And yes, it will bring up abandonment for both of you, but do you really want to stop on this ledge of the love mountain? If you are settling for the connection you get through dramas and combat, wake up. That isn’t love! Get back on the road again that says, “Love Ahead!” You’ll make it!

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