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PISCES: Moon Goddess’s Candle Moon 2010

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Moon Goddess, Pisces

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Moon Goddess’s Candle Moon 2010

The party is about over! Get ready to say goodbye, adieu, farewell, bonsoir, adios, ciao to the astrological year that began last year on March 21, 2009.

The farewell festivity begins with The Moon Goddess’s Candle Moon phase with its New Moon on February 13, 2010. You will not see the Candle Moon at this time though, as it is the Moon Goddess’s dark moon time. She is off on her monthly trek around Mother Earth. At 6:52 PM PST, 9:52 EST the Moon Goddess positions herself directly between Mother Earth and the Sun God, receiving illumination from the Sun God’s sun rays.  If you tune in at this time, you could consciously feel a gravitational pull on your emotions. The more you tune in, connect, you can surf your emotions right into the magical realm of your intuition.

As the New Moon falls within the time of Aquarius, you will want to use your scientific reasoning to begin pondering just how you will bring the year to a close with love.

Moon Goddess Seven-Day Captivating Full Moon Guidance

A natural access to your intuition is the assurance of the Moon Goddess if each month you embrace her seven-day captivating full moon guidance.

February 25 – Prepare Your Physical Body – Self Discipline

Three days before any of the Moon Goddess’s Full Moon’s is the time to prepare your physical body to receive the magical moonbeam rays on the full moon. That means concentrating on the quality/virtue of self discipline for a few moments, and have fun becoming more disciplined with your body today.

Do not ask anyone what you should do today to be more disciplined, as the virtue/quality begins with self as in self-discipline. This is the one day of the month you give your body as much of your attention as possible. You want your body strong and in control so it can receive without resistance the full moon energy which is coming just three days from now.

February 26 –Prime Your Emotions– Beauty

Two days before the full moon arrives, you want to prepare your emotions by infusing them with beauty. Always start with your body; it is your own distinctive art piece. Dress yourself in such a way that says, I love you, you are beautiful.  Then shine a light on your inner beauty, on those qualities that you use to express your love in a myriad of ways.

February 27 – Make Ready Your Mind – Inspiration

Today, the day before the Candle Full Moon is a time to prepare your mind to receive the Moon Goddess’s Full Moon energies.  You do that by using your mind to inspire yourself, to come up with a plan to implement the intuitive impressions that you receive on the Full Moon.

February 28 – Moon Goddess’s Candle Full Moon – 8:38 AM PST

Although it is true we will receive the full impact of the Full Moon energies at the exact time of 8:38 AM PST, the veil pulls back ever so slightly between the dimensions of life/death for a full twenty four period. That is twelve hours before starting at 8:38 PM on the 27th, lasting until 8:38 PM on the 28th.

If you are receptive, you could receive impressions from those that have gone on before you that are now in other dimensions.  The most prized transmission however is from your higher self, that conscious part of you that is fully awake, directing your every move in this dimension.

The Candle Full Moon is occurring during Pisces, a time of endings with love.

March 1 – Incorporate with Your Mind – Clarity

On the day after the full moon, is a day to engage your mind now, clarify the transmissions you received, no matter how fleeting. If you are a beginner or did not prepare well to fully receive the energies, then look at any areas of your life where you feel finished, full, ready to go on to the next ledge of your mountain of life.  Make a responsible plan for ending what you have outgrown, but with love.

March 2 – Integrate with Your Emotions – Acceptance

Acceptance is your mantra today, to accept yourself, where you are on your journey with all the parts of you that are magical as well as the parts that are still left to balance. A new year will soon be here, more opportunities.

Then turn your attention toward the meaningful people in your life that shared parts of your journey during the last astrological year that began last March 21, 2009.  Probably not everyone will be going forward with you when the new year begins, so thank them now for the part they played in your life last year so you could learn, could grow.

March 3 – Assimilate with your Physical Body – Action

On the last of the seven-day Candle full moon period, start implementing what you received until the next New Moon. The Moon Goddess’s moonbeams are beginning to wane, and the candles’ flickers will soon be no more.  It is time to let your light sparkle, become brighter. Shine your spotlight on the soul qualities that you developed during the past year, as that is your reward for all those heart wrenching experiences that you might have gone through.

Imitate the gold miners, sifting through all the dirt, the sand, to find the golden nuggets hidden underneath. Your gold nuggets are qualities, like courage, caring, patience, humility. These qualities are the real gold of life and are rightfully yours. Consciously claim them as you will be taking them with you as a New Year begins on March 21, 2010.


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