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Pisces Idealism

May 22nd, 2012 · No Comments · General

Pisces Idealism Energy Rolls Over Into Energy of Beauty

Pisces Blue 150x150 Pisces IdealismOnce the Pisces Goddess infused the Matriarch energies into her Love Energy revealing Nurturing Love energy, she began doing a makeover of her second energy that she transmits continually.

Idealism Energy

Idealism Energy is the second energy that Pisces transmitted when the God of Will was in charge.  Idealism Energy invoked the belief in and the pursuit of perfection as an attainable goal. Those who responded to Pisces Idealism Energy aspired to live in accordance with the highest standards or principles. The God of Will was perceived as a perfect God.

Religions and Spiritual Practices

During the Pisces Age, numerous religions and spiritual practices were spawned with the highest ideals. Each had their own structure, their rules of do’s and don’ts to live one’s life with the highest standards or principles as set down by the religion. Then you would attain an everlasting life, living with God on high. Of course, God lived in an ideal place, one of absolute perfection. 

Virtues and Vices

What is similar between all the religions is the pursuit of Virtues, the quality of being morally good and righteous.  This quest is achieved by overcoming Vices or immoral, wicked, and evil flaws. Each religion spelled out what was immoral, wicked and evil; which always included sexual offenses, gambling, illegal drugs and criminal activity.


Your script to follow was Goodness Triumphs Over Evil. If Evil was a word that was too harsh for you, you could water it down; Bad, not evil.  By whatever degree, it kept you constantly looking for what was wrong with you. You never felt good enough, as deep down, you knew you had serious flaws.

You Were a Sinner

In most religions, you were considered a sinner that must be saved by the God of Will or his second in command, which varied with the different religious interpretations.  You were considered too weak to do this by yourself. 

Total Perfection to Perfect of Now

Even though once the Piscean Era was over and the Aquarian Age began, the God of Will was still in charge. Aquarius did begin to expose the dogma of religions and spiritual practices while endeavoring to keep the good aspects.

Transition Period

There was a transition period beginning with the year 2000, as the God of Will began to withdraw and the Goddess of Love began her reach. Instead of trying to attain perfection as an ultimate goal, you were shown that each step of the journey was perfect, not just the end result.

Matriarch Era Commences

The transition period came to an end at the March Equinox in 2011, when the Goddess of Love began to permeate the physical realm. That’s when the emerging matriarch era commenced.

Zodiac Goddess’s Transforming Energies

Now each Zodiac Goddess is transforming the energies they are emitting from the masculine countenance to the feminine Goddess expression.  It’s not enough, solely a feminine expression; it needs to be a Goddess expression which is the most loving aspect of the female energy.

Goddess Energy Equalizes

The matriarch energy and females of all cultures must be elevated first to equalize the masculine God of Will that was in power for so long. That’s the reason the Matriarch Era begins with Goddess Energy. 

Matriarch Era Inclusive

It’s quite probable once the matriarch era balances the patriarch civilization, the term Goddess will even be dropped, as one of the highest qualities of the matriarch era is inclusiveness; definitely not separatism.   But you are just at the beginning of the matriarch epoch.

Infused Nurturing Love into Idealism

The Piscean Goddess immediately began her task of transforming the Idealism Energy to be in alignment with the matriarch civilization. Her method was to infuse her Nurturing Loving Energy into this Idealism Energy.  No longer was Idealism directed outward and far away. Nurturing Love enabled the Pisces Goddess to pull the Idealism into herself.


Beauty is the ideal of the inner. When Love becomes manifested or actualized, it is Beauty.  Thus, what was Idealism energy while the Pisces Emperor and the God of Will was in command, now becomes the Energy of Beauty.

Beauty Energy Lifts You

Beauty energy lifts you out of the vibration and duality of Good and Evil. In the matriarch era, you no longer look for what’s wrong with you or even what’s good about you.  You begin to search for your Beauty, your own uniqueness.  Don’t be discouraged if you first discover ugliness, which is just the beginning of the journey to Beauty.

Ugliness Unfurls to Beauty

Have you ever been present at the birth of a baby or an animal? Quite often, what first emerges is ugliness.  Within a few short days, your heart begins to sing, “You’re such a beautiful baby”.

Bathe with Nurturing Love

That’s you; let your beauty unfold by bathing it with Nurturing Love.  Your inner beauty will, in time, lead you to outer beauty. Speak words of beauty and let the tone of beauty awaken in your voice. Go through your closet, each room of your home, and let go of any  piece of clothing or possession that doesn’t now look beautiful to you.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and it’s you that is beholding all that you own. If it’s beautiful to you or can be transformed into beauty, keep and treasure it. If not, release it. 

Connect with Nurturing Love First

Once you make this transition yourself, you’ll no longer be looking for what’s wrong or evil about another person.  You’ll also no longer be looking for what’s good about the person as it automatically starts you comparing what’s not good about the person. Instead, you want to first really connect with the person with your Nurturing Love and what will be revealed for you is the Beauty of the other person.

Inclusive of All Consciousness

The Matriarch Era is not just about people but inclusive of all consciousness in many different physical forms; from animals to vegetables and minerals.  Permeate with your Nurturing Love Energy into whoever and whatever you come in contact with.


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