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PISCES: Do Not Give Up! Love is On Its Way

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Pisces

PiscesBlueB3 PISCES: Do Not Give Up! Love is On Its Way


Do Not Give Up! Love is On Its Way

Pisces finally turned over its reign at the end of the 20th century, just before the new millennium began. Pisces has been the leader of the Zodiac for the past 2500 years. Each of the twelve Zodiac energies is now being filtered through Aquarius with its scientific reasoning.

Male Dominated Civilization

During the last 2500 years that Pisces was in command was also the time of a patriarch civilization where being male was seen as superior. Will, which we understand easier as strength and power, were the most sought after goals. Wars were a natural expression to prove who’s stronger, better, more dominant.

Aquarius Invents Bigger and Better Weapons

Aquarius began its descent to Earth around 1805 while the energy of Will was in command, and a patriarch civilization was still going strong. Aquarius scientific reasoning energy just invented bigger and better weapons. That’s changing, but not fully until Dec 21, 2012. Let’s hope we don’t blow up planet Earth before then with all the advanced technological war machines.

Female Governed Civilization

On the Winter Solstice of 2012, if we’re still around, we will have a rebirth, a swing to another round of a matriarch civilization where females will have their say. And love will be the most sought after quality. Aquarius is already responding to this pendulum swing and is already busy figuring how we can all live a life of love.

Pisces Energies are Love and Idealism

Now why didn’t we live a life of love during the Piscean reign, as after all the energies of Pisces are Love and Idealism? Because the last Piscean 2500 years were during the patriarch civilization where Strength, Power, Kings, Queens, Gurus, Dictators were in control.

Idealism Fosters Religions

Piscean Idealism, which fosters great visions, was usually made into religions as well as the visions of more territory. You add Will to that and you often get fanatic zealots. “My religion is bigger, stronger than yours. Let’s have a crusade, a holy war to prove whose ideal is the best, the strongest. You convert to my religion while I take your land, your possessions, or you die, you infidel.”

Love for Power

And Will, with its expression as power and strength, keeps you in survival mode; leaving little time for Love. Love for Power, yes. But love, just for love; don’t be stupid.

Don’t Give Me a Girl

Marriages were arranged for money which equates to more strength and power. A stronger blood line or more territory to be conquered equates to love. And since females are not the strongest, at least physically, why would you love anyone so inferior? They are just second rate citizens to do our bidding, raise the children to be strong and fight in another war. And heaven forbid, don’t give me a girl, kill it if you must.

A Few Love Stories

Now that was not always the case, there were a few love stories that inspired all of us, but few and far between. No matter how it started, the quest for dominance set in rather rapidly. It’s easy to see why, with Will being the predominant energy, love and Idealism didn’t happen in the way we might have envisioned.

Do Not Give Up, Love Will Happen

Don’t give up though; keep your visions, your ideals of love. Once you find your strength, your power, use it to bring the love inside of you out into the open. Protect the love so it can flower, unfold.



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