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Pisces Characteristics

Pisces CharacteristicsPisces Blue 150x150 Pisces Characteristics

(February 19 to March 20 )

Pisces, you have so much love and compassion in your heart. It’s no wonder that you are known as the “love sign”. One would think that there could never be too much love, but without boundaries, even love can be a failing. Setting your own boundaries and being yourself is very foreign to you.

People find you difficult to figure out. You change like a chameleon when you are around others, blending in until you become them. Your true identity is hidden because you loose yourself in the process.

You tend to choose a leader that you can learn from; then your complete devotion turns to emulation, and ultimately loss of your own identity. Your devotion is so pure that you do not question “why”; you just have faith and do whatever it takes to satisfy.

You are the most sensitive Sun sign in the Zodiac. You are prone to have every allergy, every illness and every addiction because of your abundance of sensitivity. Illness sometimes follows you like a black cloud.

Since you are the last Zodiac sign of the year, you are compelled to complete everything. Much like spring cleaning, you must decide what to keep and what to throw away. This is a continuing process until Aries comes along to bring in the new.

Energies: Sensitivity, love and idealism.

Sensitivity Energy

Sensing the mental, physical and emotional feelings of others, becoming one with them is a powerful energy. It is intuitive and psychic in nature. It is so powerful that you are unconsciously making their feelings your own. Your own true feelings can get lost in the process.

Love Energy

Love energy in balance becomes unconditional. The journey to balance though can be quite tumultuous. Imagine something as beautiful as love can turn to hate and jealousy if denied. Learning to love oneself is one of the longest of all journeys, but oh so worth it. That’s the key to love, to include oneself while loving another. Then your own identity is secure, and real love emanates from you.

Idealism Energy

Idealism requires no scientific reasoning. Faith without questioning defines this energy.

Virtues: Devotional, sensitive and compassionate.


Pure devotion comes easy for you. It could be your spouse, your church, your teacher or your boss. No questions asked, you follow someone’s guidance implicitly and love every moment of it.


You can sense the feelings of others and are drawn toward them like a magnet. You get so close to the feelings that they become your own.


Pisces have compassion for the ones left behind, the needy, all those that no one else wants.

Vices: No boundaries, self-sacrificing and vampire sign.

Your negative characteristics are really just your positive qualities that are not yet balanced. That just means your vices are still in progress and haven’t yet matured into the virtues they will become.

No boundaries

You find it difficult to know when to pull back to yourself. You go beyond the normal boundaries and take control of the other person’s feelings, beliefs and make them your own.


You do not know how to include yourself, showing little regard for your own well-being. In fact, you have no “self” because you have scarified yourself, worn yourself out.

Vampire sign

You are said to suck the blood out of others. It is more like taking every feeling that is theirs and making it your own, leaving them left with nothing and wondering what happened.


As you naturally gravitate to those that are weaker, either with birth defects or from crisis that occurred during their life, in your desire to help; you could be a natural healer, therapist or anyone in the medical profession that helps those that are less fortunate. You often work for or set up non-profit institutes to help the unfortunate. Working with the terminally ill or in hospice will give you great satisfaction.

Vocations that take you to the sea, being a Captain or crew member fits you well. Dolphins, whales, sea lions generally feel most comfortable with you, and you are an excellent educator for anyone.

Hopefully you don’t get caught in drugs or alcohol, as you would be too susceptible. However, if you do, once you get through this chapter in your life, you would be most emphatic and could help others that are stuck.

Your devotional demeanor leads you to religion and spirituality, and hopefully after you’ve been a very good student, you will then teach or counsel others.

Relationship Compatibility

Once you understand that there must be boundaries in any relationship, you can keep a reign on the sensitivity in order to connect and then come back to yourself. Since Pisces can often lose their identity in their romantic partner, a Virgo will help them come back to themselves and actualize their own identity.

As Pisces is often very dreamy, the words don’t quite come out. But a Gemini will help the Pisces greatly by channeling what Pisces is lost in.

Sagittarius is also wonderful for a Pisces who needs uplifting. They will show that beyond the depression is a light and activate the idealism and optimism in Pisces.

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