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PISCES: Astrology Forecast 2010 – 2011

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Pisces


PiscesBlueB5 PISCES: Astrology Forecast 2010   2011


Astrology Forecast for Pisces

(General For All Signs)

Pisces is all about endings, the finishing of winter, and conclusion of Mother Earth’s yearly voyage around the Sun. The passage of the heavens that the Sun travels through in one of Earth’s years on its way around the middle of the Milky Way was divided centuries ago into twelve sections. Each section was named after one of the Zodiac constellations. We are now in the 12th section, the end of the Zodiac year.

Piscean Energies

Pisces has two energies: Love and idealism. But hold on a minute, that’s not all! We are now in the Aquarian Age, and Aquarius is the leader or facilitator which is its style of leadership for the next 2500 years. All Zodiac energies are filtered through Aquarian energy now, which is scientific reasoning. Pisces is no longer the ruler of the Zodiac team with its style of leadership of gurus, kings, dictators, or even love relationships; where one was the head of the household, the one in charge.

The change-over from the Pisces Age to the Aquarian Age began around 1800, which has caused us to feel like we were turned upside down. Religion, which had been the predominant expression of Pisces idealism energy, has really been under the Aquarian microscope with one dogma after another being exposed and thrown out.

Being agnostic became in vogue. The Aquarian Age is not finished throwing out the dogma of religions, while keeping the best, especially when it comes to women. Spirituality is replacing religions that profess to have the “only way” or even the “most superior way for the enlightened or more advanced.” As we learn how to unfold our intuition, each of us has our own connection, not needing someone else to tell us what we should believe or not believe.

Idealism Energy

Idealism is the optimism that keeps you going forward, knowing that it will all turn out okay no matter how it looks now. Even better, Aquarian energy is teaching us that Now is perfect for where we are in our evolution, we don’t have to believe in faith in the future. We just have to find the perfection in the Now, and improve on it until we reach our visions.

Love Energy

And now let’s look at love. During the Piscean times, there was the concept of love. But even most relationships were arranged, you didn’t have a say. And once you did, you mostly picked who could help you survive, who was stronger. Love took a background seat for the past 2500 years for most. If you got too old, not pretty enough, you were replaced with a younger model.

Aquarian Energy with its scientific energy is actually getting us closer and closer to unconditional love, which is the real love; not love with all its conditions. Just look at all the inventions, the time saving devices that enable us to connect, to get closer and to have quality time when we are together.

And we’re also learning not to get so close up that we lose our own identity which was a big problem during the Piscean reign. We gave up ourselves to become like the other person. Become yourself. “How to live a life of love”, is the promise of Aquarian energy. The Aquarian Age is teaching us the practical way of how to have real love instead of false love. Living happily can be done.

Virtues: Virtues: sensitive, compassionate, emphatic, intuitive, loving, and caring.

If you don’t like the word virtues, equating them to dogmatic religions, why not translate virtues to our spiritual qualities or even positive qualities? Virtues do inspire you to your goodness, the best qualities inside of you. Do not throw virtues out, at least just now. Take the best instead.

Vices: Too sensitive, get caught in drugs or alcohol easily, loses self in others, vampires other’s energy, sacrificial and smothering.

All vices are the down side, the negative aspects that you grow out of if you keep on going. Now apply some scientific reasoning to these vices, and you can progress through the vice stage much faster.


Fall in love with yourself; don’t try to emulate or become someone else. Find out what is perfect about you today, and of course, what you can always improve on to become an even more perfect you. Perfection is not stagnant; it’s ever-evolving just like the cosmic energies.

Intimate Relationships

Become really close and connected when you are together; then give yourself some space to go back to yourself. You do not want to lose yourself in your partner, becoming the other person. Otherwise, you’ll just hit up against the other person’s flaws and start criticizing.


Family is even more difficult, as if you do not have enough space, for sure you’ll collide. And the old paradigm of overthrow, vying for the alpha male or female in the family gets set in motion. Use Aquarian energy of freedom to filter through the love you have for your family.


Working night and day to prove your worth is on its way out. You may need to update yourself so you work less time and achieve more by using Aquarius’s scientific inventions and connecting devices.


Idealism always leads a person to help the weaker. During the Piscean time, helping became sacrificial, you didn’t matter. Sacrifice yourself for others was the motto. That’s no longer true, it’s about including yourself also. Service, not sacrifice, is the teaching of today.






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