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Pisces 2011 Forecast For All Zodiac Signs

March 18th, 2011 · No Comments · General, Pisces

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Pisces:  2011 Forecast For All Zodiac Signs

Aquarius will be helping each zodiac sign acquiesce to its feminine side starting with the 2011-12 zodiac year heralded by the Vernal Equinox.  I’ve started to make that shift already, of course under Aquarius’s tutelage and encouragement.  This happened for me on the Moon Goddess’s New Moon, which is the time it will occur for each of the Zodiac signs, at either the Moon Goddess’s New or Full Moon time that occurs within their zodiac month, whichever comes first.

Aquarius Enlisted the Moon Goddess’s Help

The Moon Goddess was the first to experience this shift, as Aquarius helped the Old Man in the Moon propel the Moon Goddess out in front, while moving into the background.  Aquarius then enlisted her to help the zodiac signs to do the same. As at her New and Full Moon times, the Moon Goddess is in direct alignment with Mother Earth and the Sun, she can boost the Zodiac energies that are being transmitted to you.

New Transmission for You

What that means to you personally is that each time one of the Zodiac signs shifts to their feminine aspect, you’ll receive the new transmissions. Whatever part of your consciousness is activated by the Zodiac sign, that part will start the shift also. Let me show you how that works by explaining what happened with me.

Idealism Energy

During the time of the God of Will which was prevalent all throughout my Piscean Era, I activated your consciousness with my idealism energy.  Certainly, my time was one of great idealism, with countless religions being born; with Christianity and Islam to name just two. Just look at the period of 106 B.C. to 1994, if you want more evidence of my influence.  Besides religions, what about the idealism, of the dying for your country, or the ideal of the perfect relationship, outside of you?

Idealism Now About You Personally

On the Moon Goddess’s New Moon which was on March 4, 2011, I shifted my idealism energy away from the ideals of the outer, out of the influence of the God of Will.  I began to transmit my Idealism energy under the influence of the Goddess of Love energy. Instead of the ideals being about the outer now, my idealism is now toward you personally.

Inner Leading the Way

Instead of you dying for an ideal outside of you, you will want to live, express yourself in all that you do from the idealism inside of you.  Your inner is leading the way, which means your feelings and intuitive nature are starting to blossom and expand. It’s not the ideals of the words that will propel you now; the language of Love is feelings, intuition, and energies.  That’s why you want to learn how to feel the energies in the thoughts and words, so you won’t be swayed by words now. If the words and actions don’t match, just withdraw your energies.

Sacrifice Gives Way to Service

Sacrifice of yourself for the outer is shifting, away from the outer. Sacrifice is giving way to service, and your highest service is to you right now.  Each time you develop another part of yourself, you are helping everyone else now but through the inner realms.  And the last step of developing anything is turning around and teaching others, ensuring you are grounded stably in the physical realm. So you don’t have to worry about being selfish as you turn your attention to you right now.  Instead of saying, do what I say, it is, “feel what I’m radiating to you” which activates in the other person’s consciousness that they can do the same, of course with their own unique creative expression.

Let your inner idealism lead your outer expressions of your tone of voice as you speak, how you spend your time, what kind of work you do.  Ensure everything on the outside of your life becomes congruent with what you feel inside, the ideals that really feel good to you, that you feel would further the evolution of humanity and consciousness.

Love Energy

Love is my other predominant energy besides Idealism.  I was transmitting Love energy to you all throughout my Piscean Era and every year since then, but it was Love Energy for the God of Will. For those of you responding, your Love of God was most profound and what guided your life.

Women Will Find Their Equality on World Stage

On March 4, I started beaming to you the Goddess of Love energy which encourages you to love yourself, to get out of any unloving situations that you find yourself trapped in. On the world scale right now, people are protesting, refusing to live under regimes that did not value and care for them.  They are caring enough for themselves to say “no more”, and then they have to adapt, to learn how to govern themselves; which is not so easy but with love can be done. These revolutions will lead to women finding their equality with men and even taking the lead, no matter how it looks now.

Love Has Many Expressions

Love has many expressions with caring being a real starting place.  Just say this to yourself, “If I really cared for myself, what would I do.” That doesn’t mean you abandon people to take care of yourself, but it does mean caring for yourself as much as you do the other person.  You do nothing anymore without including you in the equation, and here’s the magical reason why.   Sacrificing yourself for others gives out the message of “I’m not worthy, you are.”  Then you do not have to develop yourself, to become all that you were meant to be.  Now your real service has awakened all the dormant loving qualities within you.

Become Enough For Yourself

Imagine, you have to finally become enough for yourself.  You are probably depending on the other person to give you love, make you happy.  It is not easy, as you’ll be shifting away probably from every ideal you were raised with and experimenting until you live a life where you are able to awaken every dormant cell to discover the love that is just waiting for you. At the moment, you may not even know what that feels like because every time you turn your attention to you, you may not feel good enough about yourself.

Don’t Give Up On Love

Certainly you may find it was easier to love someone outside of you rather than turning inside, but that’s your journey right now, and it’s the most beautiful light beckoning to you, choose it.  You’ll find the real love you’ve been searching for but never quite found no matter how many times you tried. Don’t give up on love, when you find yours, it will connect you with others that have been doing the same.  Imagine, your love will connect with another person who found their love, and that’s when true happiness will be found during the reign of the Goddess of Love.

Courage is Needed To Go Inside

Hopefully you found your strength during the God of Will’s reign as you will need to summon up every ounce of courage to go deep within you. Let your feelings guide you though, just say, “No, that does not feel like Love to me” or “Yes, that feels like Love, let me explore more.”  And when you do this inside, it will become easier and easier to say, no to another person or situation, simply “that does not feel like Love to me, I’m will not give my energy to this,” or “that feels like love to me, and as long as I feel that, I’m going to connect.”

Food is Love

Food has always been a transmitter of Love energy.  As I’m arriving at the end of the zodiac year, leading you from winter into spring, let’s start with a dessert first.  While you are preparing this dessert, do so with love.  Savor every mouthful you eat this sumptuous Pisces dish which was created by Chef Donny Frate of St. Helena.

Pisces Love Dessert

1 can of organic coconut milk

1 t brown sugar

2 baskets organic strawberries

1 tablespoon arrowroot or cornstarch

1/2 ounce Grande Mariner

In a small sauce pan, heat the can of coconut milk until just ready to simmer. Add the Grand Mariner, cook for 1 minute.  While stirring, add arrowroot or corn starch (it needs to be mixed with water, preferably filtered).

Stir until thickened about 1 minute. Cool and put into glass container and chill in refrigerator.  Take the strawberries and wash, then trim the tops off and slice length wise about 1/4 inch. Put all in bowl and add brown sugar. Stir or fold into the berries and let sit for 1/2 hour.

To serve, put a couple of spoonfuls of strawberries in a small dish and top with a large spoonful of the coconut/Grand Mariner.

Here’s a Pisces fish recipe, again from conscious cooking Chef Donny Frate of St. Helena.  Before you prepare your fish, connect with the energies they embody and thank them for the nourishment that you will receive from them.  Then, with the utmost respect, begin your preparation.

Easy Pisces Fish Recipe

One 6-8oz piece of salmon, halibut, or sea bass

3 tablespoons of mayo

1 t dried dill

2 t chopped capers

2 cloves of crushed garlic

1 piece of foil

1 lemon

Mix the mayo, dill, capers and garlic with the juice of 1 lemon. Place 1/2 the mayo mix on the center of the foil. Place the fish skin side down on top of the mayo. Place the rest of the mayo on top of the fish. Fold the foil over the top and place in a 350 degree oven for 25 minutes. Let cool 5 minutes and enjoy with brown rice and asparagus.

Tea of the Month

Tea of Month – Kava Tea is a tea most associated with the Western Pacific Islanders. Drink just one cup in the evening to relax you, sipping ever so slowly. It’s known for its relaxing properties without disrupting your clarity. It’s often called a natural valium.

Pisces Color

As I’m shifting to the female fish, my colors are the inside of an abalone shell, with the predominant one being the iridescent salmon/pink.

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