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TAURUS:Moon Goddess-Pink Moon of Taurus

August 8th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Moon Goddess

Pink Moon TAURUS:Moon Goddess Pink Moon of Taurus


Pink Moon

April 2010

The April Moon gets its name from one of the earliest widespread flowers of spring, the herb, moss pink according to the Farmer’s Almanac. Other names are Full Sprouting Grass Moon, Planter’s Moon given to it by the Colonial Americans, Peony Moon by the Chinese, Moon When Leaves Return in Scattered Formation by the American Sioux Indian, Seed Moon by the English medieval, and Awakening Moon by the Neo Pagan. By whatever name, this Full Moon phase occurs during spring with its unique characteristics.

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Where Mother Earth Goes, So Do We

Mother Earth began her great new adventure, her yearly trek around the Sun on March 20, which was heralded by the Vernal Equinox. It is a whole new experience for Mother Earth as the Sun God is moving through a new band in the sky on his trek around the center of the Milky Way. Spring will still be spring but with a freshness, surprises, the unknown. Wherever Mother Earth goes, so does the Moon or Moon Goddess as she is often referred to and of course us; her human inhabitants.

The Moon Goddess’s Dark Time

Once a month the Moon Goddess gets in between Mother Earth and the Sun God, we can’t see her; it’s her dark period or dark moon. However, at the exact time of the New Moon, the Moon Goddess’s back side to Earth is being illuminated by the Sun God.

The exact time of the Pink New Moon occurs on April 14, 2010 at 5:29 AM PDT, which means the Moon Goddess is receiving the Sun God’s sun ray energy communication about the new band of sky he is traveling through. The approximate distance of the cosmos that the Sun God will travel through in one of Mother Earth’s years is divided into twelve sections, one for each month or astrological sign. On April 14, the Sun God is still traveling through Section One whose astrological name is Aries. So, what does that mean to us? You have another opportunity to become aware of the big picture, your direction for this astrological year.

Ride the Waves into Your Intuition

Two times of the month, Mother Earth, the Moon Goddess and the Sun God are in direct alignment with each other, pulling us into our inner realms. As Mother Earth’s waters cascade on her shores, the water in us spills over into our emotions, giving us the opportunity to ride the waves into our intuition.

Wisdom Beyond Your Mind

Our intuition is where wisdom lies. It that goes beyond our mind and we can just know. Actually, what occurs is there is no separation between each of us and our higher self, we are one in the moment. The rest of the time we are the avatar or the higher self’s surrogate going through experiences in the physical realm expressing ourselves through our physical body, expressing how we feel about these experiences through our emotions, and thinking with our mind. During our sleep, we upload our findings to our higher self and shortly before we awaken, we receive our directions for the next day. Most of the time, we are not conscious of this process, but as our sensitivity increases, our awareness of this procedure amplifies and we begin to live our lives more consciously with more joy.

Increase Your Sensitivity Naturally

To increase your sensitivity naturally, embrace the magic of the Moon Goddess’s seven day full moon cycle.

Three Days Before the Full Moon

On April 25, prepare your body to receive the full illumination of the Moon Goddess. During the patriarchal reign where the emphasis was on developing your strength and power, the emphasis was on self discipline. The feminine energies have come all the way to outer, no longer hidden in anyway in the inner realms.

Beauty is the theme for the entire astrological year, which puts a shift in how we prepare your physical body. The full turn over to the Goddess energy does not occur until December 21, 2012, which means you still need self discipline, but there is a twist. Three days before every full moon, you now use your self discipline to beautify your body. If you have not looked after your body or let it become ugly and out of control, grab hold and make your body beautiful today. By the end of the astrological year, your body could indeed be a reflection of the love inside of you.

Two Days Previous to the Full Moon

On April 26, coach your emotions to receive the full intensity of the Moon Goddess’s moonbeams. Start with your tone of voice, as no matter the words you speak, the truth of how you feel is expressed in your tone of voice. Concentrate today on transcending any ugliness you might feel about yourself or the meaningful people in your life. Likewise, if your voice tone is too seductive, too charming, cunning and clever, become aware of it and shift. Authentic beauty is the quest for today.

One Day Prior to the Full Moon

On April 27, prime your mind to welcome the Moon Goddess’s moonbeams by focusing on inspiration. When you are inspired, you become receptive, not defensive. Remember, no matter what you do this year though, add the word beauty. Inspiration plus beauty will lead you to being creative, right brain thinking.

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April 28, 2010 at 5:19 am PDT is when the Moon Goddess’s shaft of light pours down on us , but you can bask in her radiance for a full twenty four hours, twelve hours before lasting through twelve hours afterward. This full moon occurs during the time that the Sun is now moving through the second section of Taurus. That means we will have the opportunity to receive Taurus’ quality of harmony in every cell of our bodies if you are not resistant. Even if you do resist or become defensive, you still receive, maybe just not understand the feelings going on inside of you.

Three days afterward the full moon are days to assimilate and begin to put into action any intuitive knowingness you received. If it is your time to move, to activate another aspect of your astrological chart, you could very well receive just where during this full moon time.

Join me for my Free Full Moon teleconference on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 5:00 pm PDT or 8:00 PM ET. Do sign up, even if you are going to listen later. There is a place to ask questions. If you include your astrological sign, I can give you answers that would pertain more to you.

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