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Out of This World Prediction

February 19th, 2011 · No Comments · Aquarius, General

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Out of This World Prediction

Greetings from Aquarius; broadcasting to you through the portal of Section 11. I’ve got so much to tell you.  I only have until February 19, to empty out my water carrier jug on your consciousness without any other energies getting mixed in with mine.

Nothing Will Be Kept From You Any Longer

In case you haven’t been tuning into the cosmic news stations, you may not know that one of my promises is that you will know everything; nothing will be kept from you any longer.  That’s quite a contrast from the Piscean era which preceded me when really important information was known only by a select few: kings, queens, dictators, popes and the like.  I vowed that it would be different during my reign; everything you wanted to know would become available to you.

Facilitator Leadership

I’m keeping my word, just look at all the inventions that have sprung up since 1994 when I fully stepped on the cosmic stage as the facilitator of the zodiac signs. Notice, I didn’t say dictator or even leader, as that’s not my style. I’m a facilitator, encouraging the other Zodiac signs and also you to find your own solutions to problems or tasks. I just outpour my energy of creativity, the rest is up to you and how you use it. When you use it for the good, your heart expands. When you use it in hurtful ways, you wither.

Big Bang Not the Beginning

Let’s recap my last major broadcast when I told you that the Big Bang was not the beginning but was one of many tremendous cosmic organisms, which occurs every time the God of Will and the Goddess of Love become most intimate.

God of Will Manifests

Then the God of Will spins off to manifest all that transpired during their time of intimacy.  The Goddess of Love supports, inspires and cheers her man onward. And when the God of Will is totally spent, he begins to withdraw his energy.

Goddess of Love Lets Extremes Go Extinct

That’s when the Goddess of Love takes over; pulling into her all the manifestations that will forward evolution, letting the extremes go extinct.  The God of Will turns inward, transforming his outer strength into inner strength in full support of the Goddess of Love.

God of Will Withdrawing

The stage where you are at on Planet Earth is the God of Will has started to withdraw his energy, and the Goddess of Love has already started her ascent, but for the moment it’s the pioneers, the intuitive that are picking her up.  In a really short time though, once the God of Will has transformed his outer strength into inner strength, the Goddess of Love will fully take the lead. It’s so close to happening that we’re even starting to bet among ourselves the exact date this will occur.

So What’s New?

Okay, that’s it for the recap. Now here’s what’s new; it’s the ever so sexy part that got the God of Will and the Goddess of Love so excited that they just couldn’t contain themselves any longer. After going back and forth many times each tossing their energies, ideas and feelings back and forth to each other, they came upon a plan for how they would forward evolution in this round.  When they finally had their epiphany, they went rushing into each other’s cosmic arms, swirling and intertwining their energies so intensely that the Big Bang occurred.  And then the God of Will went rushing to manifest what they both excitedly agreed upon.

God Is In the Details

Their plan was to create Gods and Goddesses just like themselves who had the power, love and abilities they have, even going beyond them if possible.  They could see exactly how evolution would be forwarded if they could accomplish this.  Implementing that plan, well now you know where the expression came from, God is in the details. The God of Will went to manifest the details, which were many.

Confirming What Many of You Suspected

The reason I can reveal this to you now is because so many of you have already got it, at least the concept of what it is.  For those, I’m just confirming what you already know or have suspected.

Created a Game

For now, I’m just going to give you an overview.  The God and Goddess thought that creating a game would be the best way to achieve their vision.  Talk about a sophisticated game. No rules, no guidelines, no manual, nothing; absolutely everything had to be learned through experience.

Hot Couple

The God of Will and the Goddess of Love are one “hot” couple.  There were many individuals that wanted to be like them and even the thought of going beyond them was so very enticing, that soon there were enough players to begin; knowing more would want to join later.

Players Express Themselves Through Avatars

Here are the stripped-down basics of the game. The players themselves would not enter into the physical realm on planet Earth but would continue to reside outside in their own dimension. They would express themselves through avatars in the physical dimension.  You could think of the player as the puppeteer and the avatar as the puppet.
The player would pick out the avatar body type, like picking out a suit of clothes.  There are not too many avatar body types, it’s just the color of the hair, skin, eye-shape that could be mixed and matched.

Avatar Body a Robot

Let’s stay with the puppet illustration to make it simpler. The avatar body is a robot with a built in computer to do all the automatic functions, etc.  New robot bodies are presently being crafted which will far surpass the human avatar bodies and will be far less vulnerable.  At the moment the present human avatar bodies all have expiration dates encoded in them.  This gives the puppeteer just so much time to become a winner in the game or to become like the God of Will and the God of Love.

Puppeteer Uses Up Many Puppets

The expiration dates are a result of the roles that the avatar human will play during its one life or one round of the game.  It’s not a short game by any means, and a puppeteer will go through lives with many puppets or human avatars on its quest to become like the God and Goddess.

Plot of Game

The plot or script for this game is, “Goodness Triumphs Over Evil”.  Hey, how many movies have you seen with this plot? It’s the same in life though for the human avatars.  This is where it gets tricky.

There are three roles, two on the side of Goodness and one on the side of Evil; that is in the beginning stage. After that, it becomes much more complex.  The three roles are: victim, villain and hero. The victim and the hero are on the side of Goodness.  The villain is on the side of Evil.

Roles Determines the Avatar Body

Depending on which role the puppeteer player plays determines greatly the body and the circumstances it will pick.  There’s a lot to learn in all three roles. Many of the avatar humans will stay true to one role for the duration of its life.  Make no mistake, there are avatar humans that begin as victims and die as victims.  There are also avatar humans that are always a villain, and no matter how you try to change them, they always come back to their programming of being a villain.

Adept At All Three Roles

The puppeteer outside of this realm must become really adept at both victim and villain before progressing to the most advanced of the three roles, the hero.  After all, the hero must save the victims, and needs to know the victim role really well to know how to save it. If not, the hero is too susceptible to returning to the victim role.

Must Also Know Villain Role Well

Also the hero is to triumph over evil, so it better really know the villain role well and it will if it had a long enough stint as a villain before starting off in the hero role. Otherwise, the hero gets snookered over and over, as the villain will just pose as the victim, but really is just a villain disguised as a victim.  Likewise the villain will pose as a hero and the naïve hero will be duped. Finally though, the hero becomes adept as saving true victims and can move on to the more advanced stage of triumphing over other human avatar villains.  A true hero or heroine is made.

Thirty Six Variations

By the way, even though the plot is always the same basic one of Goodness Triumphs Over Evil, there are 36 different variations that get mixed and matched to throw both the puppeteer and the human avatar off guard.


Now the rewards, what the puppeteer earns by expressing through its puppeteer or human avatar is the qualities that he/she developed while playing this game. It’s the same qualities that the God and Goddess possess and is how someone becomes like them.

Here’s a quick look. To really excel at the victim role, the puppeteer had to develop the qualities of vulnerability, sensitivity, devotion to mention just three.  It may be harder to see the qualities that would come from playing the villain role, but they are there for those that really become good at the role. Here are three: adaptable, fun, and smart.  The most important quality that the hero develops is courage, as with that quality, developing all the other qualities of both the God and Goddess are possible.  Two more hero qualities are strength and creativity.

Puppeteer Expresses Through Multiple Human Avatars

Once the puppeteer gets really skilled in playing the game, many times the puppeteer expresses through multiple human avatar puppets. It’s really fun playing the victim, villain and hero roles simultaneously and often against each other.  That’s when the most qualities can be earned, and that’s what the game is really about, developing the same qualities as the God and Goddess.

What Quality Do I Need?

If you want to ask yourself, what’s really going on when you are in the middle of some big relationship drama, just ask yourself, what’s the quality that I’m in the process of developing right now?  Or what quality am I missing that keeps bringing me back to act out this same scenario over and over?  When you get it, you may find yourself inspired to resolve the situation you are in, where you end up with the quality you need.

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