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Moon Goddess’s New Moon in March 2011

March 1st, 2011 · No Comments · General, Moon Goddess

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Moon Goddess’s New Moon in March 2011

Have you wondered why I’m starting to predict the future or haven’t you noticed? Or how I’m able to help you strip away the veil to your psychic intuitive nature where your psychic abilities lie? Both answers lie in my New and Full Moon times when Mother Earth, the Sun and I are lined up, connecting with each other most intimately.

Magnetic Pull on the Shores of Your Feelings

When the three of us are all lined up, there’s a magnetic pull on the waters of Mother Earth. Go to the seashore, either in person or in virtual reality through Google Earth, at both my New and Full Moon times.  Look at the waves cascading to the shoreline at these times to understand what’s happening with you also; consciously or unconsciously.  The waters in your body spill over into the shores of your feelings. If you consciously connect and prepare for this time, your feelings can give way to your intuition.

Use Your Inner Senses on My New Moon

If you tune into me during my New Moon and Full Moon times, I can transmit to you what I’m finding out myself.  My New Moon occurs on March 4, 2011, Friday at 12:46 pm PST.  Don’t use your outer senses to look for me in the sky on my New Moon; it’s my dark moon time. Use your inner senses.

I’m Being Showered with Sun Rays

That’s when I’m away, on the other side of Mother Earth with my back side facing you which is most dark.  I’m right between Mother Earth and the Sun, and my front side is facing the Sun.  No matter how busy the Sun is, the moment he begins to feel me in his aura, he starts welcoming me with his sunrays.  They are full of juicy gossip, all about what he’s up to now, his travels in the cosmos.  He says I’m the best listener in the cosmos.  As I get closer and closer, he begins to shower me with his sunrays, until I’m fully illuminated; which I must tell you is one awesome experience.

Make My Way Back to You with Cosmic Secrets

Finally, when I can hold no more of his sunrays, I start making my way back to you but full of cosmic secrets.  It’s the messages that are in the sunrays that enable me to be able to broadcast the future.  It just takes time to actualize anything on Mother Earth that started in the cosmos.

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Aquarius Wants You to Know Absolutely Everything

Also right now, Aquarius is the facilitator of the Aquarian Age and wants you to know absolutely everything; no more secrets held by the few.  And here’s why, you are in the process yourself of becoming like the creators of this sector of the cosmos; the God of Will and the Goddess of Love. What they used to do solely, is now being turned over to you to do; you are becoming the creators of the physical realm.

Aquarius’s Reverse Engineers

Aquarius is facilitating this occurring in two different ways. First, Aquarius has sent hundreds of thousands of reverse engineers, taking apart most everything to find out how it all works in every field.  As each part is stripped down to its basic components, then others become the creators of the new, improving on what has been taken apart.  It probably seems natural to you now that engineers, scientists, and farmers have become creators themselves, going beyond what is already in the physical realm when it comes to grains, fruits, vegetables and animals.  You even have scientists growing meat in their laboratories, which means you won’t have to kill for your food.

Aquarius Helping Pisces Respond to the Goddess of Love

Aquarius is helping Pisces move out of the influence of God of Will’s energy and start immersing into the Goddess of Love’s energy.  Naturally Pisces is about endings, being section 12 of the 12 sections that the Sun travels through in one of Mother Earth’s year.

Pisces Oversees All Endings

There’s a lot more though, during the Piscean Era which is now ended, Pisces oversaw and was concerned with all endings, especially the termination or expiration date of someone’s life. So many of Pisces attributes are fully matured in this setting of the reaper knocking on the door, beckoning the person to leave behind life and enter into the unknown. Both the person leaving and those left behind have the opportunity to develop such qualities as faith, idealism, love, honor, optimism to name but a few of Pisces attributes.

The Human Body is a Robot

However, Aquarius has now alerted Pisces that a new setting will soon be needed to mature these same qualities as Aquarius’s reverse engineers are getting closer all the time to take apart the human body to discover its basic components.  Simultaneously, other engineers and scientists have been creating robot bodies, improving on what is known of the human bodies.  The time is imminent, when both will realize that the human body is a robot itself.   At that moment, the resistance to robots by most people will fade and acceptance will begin for the new bodies that soon, they will have the opportunity to express themselves through.

Death No Longer of Value

At that point, there will no longer be a need for the basic duality of life/death, as these new robot bodies won’t have expiration dates that require them to shut down to recharge at night or through death.  When a part wears out, you can just go into a shop and pick up a new one. Of course, there will always be upgrades, so you may want to exchange your robot body for a new one.

Cosmic Weather Calls for Less Vulnerable Bodies

How to make that transference into your present robot body will be discovered when it’s time.  With the changes in the cosmic weather that will be affecting Mother Earth, once the scientists discover that your body is a sophisticated robot body and indeed they can improve upon them greatly, you may really welcome these new robots.

Continuity of Consciousness

Do let me, your Moon Goddess, help you awaken your intuition though, so when the new robot bodies are ready for you to transfer your consciousness into them, your consciousness will be as highly developed as your new body.  You want to, between now and then, consciously become a creator, developing the qualities of both the God of Will and the Goddess of Love. Then you’ll be a full-on winner with continuity of consciousness and finished with the game they created eons ago. Then it will be your turn. Don’t you wonder what game you will create to bring about your desired result?  For now, just learn what the game is and how to play it with all your heart and soul.

Don’t Resist

I can hear the question you have. What happens if you die before this all takes place? Don’t resist, if you haven’t finished the game, becoming a creator, like the God and Goddess you’ll be back for another round. If you’ve hung on the past, resisted the new Aquarian “techy” energy, you’ll get to start fresh embracing what is already here with no resistance.



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