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Moon Goddess’s May Transmissions

May 18th, 2011 · No Comments · General, Moon Goddess

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What an array of cosmic stars, planets and zodiac signs that gathered at the Moon Goddess’s May Full Moon. If you have any doubt that the Goddess of Love arrived early, well before her anticipated time of December 21, 2012, just look in the sky.

The World Did Not End

The planetary alignment that was supposed to occur on the December Solstice 2012 is happening right now.  Even better, the world did not come to an end, but a glorious beginning which is called the ascension is being initiated.

Planets Welcoming Goddess of Love

Why not awaken just a wee bit early, right before sunrise and cast your eyes to the heavens. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Mars are visible and will be for a few weeks.  You don’t want to miss the planets welcoming the Goddess of Love and her matriarch inspired era that is now in progress.

A Feast for Your Eyes

If you’re an avid stargazer, you already have a set of binoculars. You can feast your eyes on Neptune and Uranus as well. Each of these planets in their own unique and creative way are bestowing good luck and favorable energies for everyone to utilize, especially to those who are consciously endeavoring to connect with the Goddess of Love. These planets are also here to help Mother Earth in her continued shift on her axis to a new pole star.

Aquarius the Facilitator Heard the Call

Aquarius, the facilitator of the zodiac signs for the next 2100 years, already heard the Goddess of Love’s call and is already working with her. First, Aquarius was instrumental in aiding the Old Man in the Moon’s turn over to the lovely Moon Goddess, as she was to be the Goddess of Love’s messenger announcing her arrival.

Moon Goddess Chosen as Messenger

The Moon Goddess was chosen as her moonbeams can be felt by those who are sensitive to their feelings which then can catapult them into their intuition. It’s in that intuitive state that they can connect with the Goddess of Love and just know and feel their direction in this matriarch civilization that is now upon us.

Enticing the Elders to Dispense Their Wisdom

The Moon Goddess began in the role of the Goddess of Love’s messenger by weaving her magic moonbeams.  She enticed first the elders of the matriarch societies all over Mother Earth to emerge from their carefully hidden retreats, whispering, “it’s safe now, come on out, begin dispensing your wisdom.” Next, the younger women and the children, as well as the men that were expressing themselves from their hearts, came out into the light.

Inner Senses Awakening

During the outgoing patriarch era, it was the outer senses that were most predominant, outer beauty and youth were most prized. Now that the inner senses are being awakened, inner beauty and the wisdom of elders, especially women, will be treasured and sought after.

Zodiac Signs Shifting to Feminine Expression

For this entire astrological year, Aquarius is committed to helping the Zodiac signs shift from expressing themselves primarily through their masculine transmissions to now emitting the Goddess energies. Already, Aries the Ram has acquiesced to the Aries Ewe Goddess.  Taurus the Bull has left for a well deserved rest in the cosmic pasture while propelling the Taurus Cow Goddess to the forefront. Next will be Gemini, then Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn as each take their time on the cosmic stage during their zodiac month. When it’s Aquarius’s turn again, we’ll find out the next step to ensure that the zodiac signs are expressing themselves fully as the Goddess within. Pisces will then follow.

Goddess of Love Speaks

Aquarius’s method in facilitating each of the zodiac sign’s shift is to fully activate the quality of caring, which automatically rotates them to their feminine aspect and connects them with the Goddess of Love.

Ah, but the Goddess of Love says, “Now it’s your turn, instead of caring for everyone outside of yourself in a sacrificial, martyring way, I want you to turn inward, to care for yourself in the same way you cared for everyone else. Only then will the love hidden in you, trust you to emerge, which will allow you to take your rightful place as a Goddess, regardless of your gender.

Aquarius Overshadows Scientists

Aquarius has overshadowed scientists that have developed many “heart techy” energy tools that can activate or switch on your innate energies, revitalizing you. Search them out, use them, and begin to truly care for yourself. Everything is energy, including you.

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