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Moon Goddess’s Full Moon February 2011

February 13th, 2011 · No Comments · Aquarius, General, Moon Goddess

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Moon Goddess’s

Full Moon February 2011

You’ll want to join me for my February Full Moon on February 18, 2011 at 12:36 am PST. It is my last Full Moon for this astrological year. Next month in March, I’ll be ushering in the Vernal Equinox and the beginning of a new astrological year.  There will be a whole new cosmos for Mother Earth and myself to experience when Mother Earth begins her annual trek around the Sun. Who knows what surprises are in store for us as the Sun travels through the next strip of the cosmos on his journey around the middle of the Milky Way?

Stay tuned though, as I’ll be keeping you up-to-date. Twice a month, Mother Earth and I are in direct alignment with the Sun and receive all the juicy gossip of the Sun’s travels which I pass on to you in my transmissions.

Hone In On Your Inner Beauty

This astrological year, the essence of the strip of cosmos the Sun has been traveling is beauty.  You definitely want to squeeze out the very last drop of this energy of beauty, utilizing it in everything you do.  With your creativity, which is the predominant energy of Aquarius, you have the opportunity to really hone in on your inner beauty. Link up with my moonbeams and I’ll shine into your every crevice, showing you any area you might have missed or forgotten while accentuating what is firmly entrenched within you. Then instead of working so hard, you can just let your inner beauty radiate and attract to you some awesome relationships to add to the meaningful people in your life.

Magical Seven Day Formula

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I teamed up with Aquarius, utilizing the Age of Aquarius energies to create a magical seven-day formula for our monthly encounters while I strip away the veils leading to your intuitive abilities. Three days prior to my New and Full Moon, it’s all about getting prepared, getting ready for your hook up with me. On the New and Full Moon itself, you just want to surrender, allow me to pull you into my bosom while you just receive my emanations. Three days afterward, you then consciously assimilate my moonbeams into your mind, emotional nature and physical body.

February 15, 2011

Make Ready Your Physical Body

Today you want to turn away from all the distractions that could keep you from having a wonderful and loving relationship with your body.  Give your physical body all the attention it deserves, pampering, soothing it and opening up its receptivity to receive my transmissions.  You may find it won’t be clamoring for food to satiate it; after all it’s got you filling it up with adoration. If weather permits, go for a nice long walk. If not, snuggle up inside where it’s nice and cozy.

February 16, 2011

Set Up Your Emotions

Your emotions demand connections, with love being the most prized.  However, when love has stepped off the stage, then conflict will ensue. Hey, don’t knock it! If you have not yet developed the sensitivity to feel lighter feelings, negative drama is chock full of feelings. That is what emotions are all about, feeling and then expressing. Emotions just like to express, positive or negative. It’s up to you to guide your emotions to which feelings to latch onto and act out.   Today, to set up your emotions to feel my connective pull in just two days, swerve out of any heavy negative dramas today. Instead, give your emotional nature so much love, so much adulation that relationship dramas would have no pull today.

February 17, 2011

Prime Your Mind

Today, you want to inspire your mind to be responsive to me. It’s really up to you and your style of inspiring your mind; just make sure you give it lots of accolades for its planning abilities.   As Aquarius energy is still pouring down on you, why not sing or listen to several renditions of This is the Age of Aquarius from the musical Hair.

February 18, 2011

Full Moon Showers of Moonbeams

Hey, are you still up? My most magical transmission occurs at 12:36 am, PST.  Want to do something really far out?  Take a nice long shower and feel my shower of moonbeams cascading all the way down to you.  Lift your arms and beckon me to touch your heart. If you’re not a night owl, before you go to bed, create this shower ritual. Drift off into your dreams relishing in your encounter with me. You might even move out of your body and fly to meet me.

February 19, 2011

Bring Me Down into Your Mind

Today the Sun moves into the last of the twelve sections which was named after the Pisces constellation.  My moonbeams are heightening this energy, giving you the impetus to wrap up, bring to a conclusion what clearly is no longer working and would truly keep you from expanding your consciousness.  It’s also a time to discern; what did work and was truly beneficial that you want to take with you on next year’s journey.  Engage your mind to problem solve, come up with loving plans.

February 20, 2011

How Do You Feel?

Do you feel magical, full of passion? Whatever you accept, you can connect with. So get busy being an emotional detective, searching out what you can accept in the meaningful people in your life. Pay special attention to anyone that you had to swerve out of the way on February 16 while preparing for your connection with me. Make sure you’ve got you on your list as well.   Acceptance leads the way to positive connections and then you don’t have to fight to get connected.

February 21, 2011

Let Your Light Shine

It’s time to move into action, get your physical body into gear. My light is starting to wane now that I’ve given my all to you. Hey, I didn’t hold back, fully emptied myself out and soon I’ll be off replenishing myself.  It’s your time to shine your light in all your actions and words. Have fun, enjoy your life and be really productive which will ensure you feel really good about yourself.

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