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Moon Goddess Intensifies Scorpio Goddess’s Magic

November 9th, 2011 · No Comments · General, Moon Goddess, Scorpio

Scorpio RA 150x150 Moon Goddess Intensifies Scorpio Goddess’s MagicMoon Goddess Intensifies Scorpio Goddess’s Magic

The Scorpio Goddess is one of the guardians of the secret of death, one of the most important dualities of all – life/death.  Ten zodiac signs transfer to you lessons about how to live your life to get the most out of it. Only two teach you about the enormity of death, Scorpio and Pisces.

Pisces Gives You Time

Pisces teaches you how to partner with the process of death itself, giving you plenty of time to prepare for your eventual ending to this life.  The Pisces procedure is more akin to the birth activity, where you have usually close to nine months to get ready for your entrance into life. Likewise, you have many months or even years to formulate, giving you the occasion to welcome your finale.

Scorpio Gives No Time

The Scorpio Goddess’s transmissions have a different flavor of surprises, shocks and sudden endings.  There’s no or little time to involve your mind, coming up with bold ideas.

Dark Side Takes Control

You either react, at which point your dark side takes over control, protecting and putting you into a slumber which sometimes, you never awaken from again in this life. If you do, you may not even remember what occurred as you were truly not present.  Your dark twin is there with all its might invoking conflict, even war.  This was more the norm during the patriarch civilization.

Scorpio Goddess Beckons

Now that the Goddess of Love is permeating your consciousness and a matriarch era is dawning, the Scorpio Goddess beckons you to your magical self.   The teachings are the same of sudden surprises, shocks and rapid endings. The Scorpio Goddess encourages you to stay present and feel, then engage our intuition which is really your magical, creative self.

Ninja Training

Even though the duality of life/death has not as yet lost its lure for most, you can release its pull on you once you confidently begin to express yourself from your magical, intuitive self.  Instead of resisting, welcome every sudden shock and surprise. It’s all training to catapult you into your intuitive magician stance. It’s like a ninja awakening to someone coming up on her from behind, with no forewarning.  Her senses awaken to feel the intruder in her aura.

Sense Shock before it Arrives

Before long, you’ll begin to sense the shock or surprise before it arrives.  You’ll be waiting to embrace it, springing into action at the level of consciousness that you now possess.  As you go through the experience with a loving manner, you’ll then awake to another realm of what was before darkness or the unknown.

Majesty of the Unknown

The Scorpio Goddess invites you into the majesty of the unknown where white witches, oracles and the intuitive you lives and thrives. Miracles await you!


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