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Moon Goddess Heralds Aquarian Goddess

January 21st, 2012 · No Comments · Aquarius, General, Moon Goddess

Moongoddess RA 150x150 Moon Goddess Heralds Aquarian Goddess

Moon Goddess Heralds Aquarian Goddess 

Be sure and link up with the Moon Goddess on her New Moons.

Aquarius Anchors Matriarch Civilization

Aquarius has been working closely with the Goddess of Love in anchoring the matriarch civilization that has officially begun with the March Equinox in 2011.  His role has been to help each of the Zodiac signs move from their masculine to their feminine expression of the Goddess. Of course this affects you, as you are a transmitter on Earth for the zodiac sign in which you were born. How is your own shift going on inside of you?

Man to Man

The Goddess of Love is one smart woman; she knew for this turn over in the cosmos to take place in a loving manner, it would need to be done by a man.  A man asking another man to relinquish his zodiac throne and energies to a woman would be much easier than coming from her directly.  The Goddess of Love was right, and the turn over has gone quite smoothly without even one hitch.

Aquarius Relinquishing Role Happily

Aquarius is more than happy to relinquish his facilitator role.  He’s been on the job 24/7 since 1850 when he put down his first anchor that heralded the beginning of Aquarian Age.  As it happened, Aquarius was able to do all that he needed, and Pisces wrapped up the Piscean Age a few years earlier and the Aquarian Age officially began in 1994.

Aquarius Arrived During Patriarch Era

If you look closely at all the technical inventions that have occurred since 1850, you will be in awe at his influence.  Many of Aquarius’s techy inventions though were related to war, as the God of Will was still in command and the patriarch civilization was still in full swing.  Aquarius’s element is air.  Aquarius is most proud that he helped influence the inventors that got you off the ground and into the air and into the cosmos.

Aquarius’s Zero Point Energy Age

Aquarius’s two accomplishments that he is most gratified with since working with the Goddess of Love are bringing from the cosmos into the physical realm zero point energy or the “field” as Einstein stated.  And the other triumph, of course, is assisting the Zodiac Emperors; turning over to the Zodiac Goddesses.

Aquarius Goddess Now Loving Catalyst

Certainly, it’s with great gratitude and appreciation that the Aquarius Goddess takes over the role as the initiator of the Aquarian Age and a loving catalyst for all the Zodiac Goddesses.

Aquarius Goddess Radiates Scientific Heart Energy

At this momentous event will be all the Zodiac Goddesses ushering the Aquarius Goddess to her rightful place in the Zodiac who will be beaming her scientific heart energies.   In the background will be the Zodiac Emperors welcoming Aquarius into their fold as they continue to adjust to the incoming Goddess of Love’s energies. Presently, they are all learning how to take care of themselves while beginning to shed their warrior stances.

Initiation at Moon Goddess’s Full Moon

The Moon Goddess will also be enticing you to the initiations that will be taking place at her Full Moons.  Again, all the Zodiac Goddesses will be there proudly presenting all those that have developed the quality of caring for themselves at all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

If you are feeling the pull to this initiation, really assess and implement any last steps you might need to do to be radiating the quality of Caring for yourself in all your actions.  You’ll know if you are going to get there this year, as you’ve become truly happy and can feel the Love inside of you pulling you in. And if not this year, there’s always the ensuing years as the Aquarius Goddess will reign for the next 2100 years.


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