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Moon Goddess Gives Boost to Money Making Energies

January 1st, 2011 · No Comments · Capricorn, General, Moon Goddess

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Moon Goddess: Gives Boost to Money Making Energies

After partying away on New Year’s Eve, you may need an extra boost of Capricorn’s money making energies to get you going again. You have 19 more days to get the best that Capricorn has to offer which is tremendous: leadership, manifesting money and clearing out your karma bringing you toward balance.  For sure, you want to rev up your money making engine, so you get all the rewards you are entitled to for all the hard work you put into producing your products and services.

Moon Goddess’s New Moon Accentuates Zodiac Sign

Get ready to embrace the Moon Goddess’s New Moon energies. Whatever zodiac sign energies are being transmitted at the time, when the Moon Goddess’s New Moon arrives, that zodiac sign gets a big boost, is fully accentuated. Even better, at both the Moon Goddess’s New and Full Moon, her moon beams are transmitted to your feelings and to the unfolding of your intuition.  You don’t have to be dependent on an authority outside of you to give you direction during this time. Dependency on anyone keeps you from feeling good about yourself.

Dependency Keeps Love at Bay

In January of 2011, the New Moon occurs during the time of Capricorn. Money, being self sufficient and being rewarded for your endeavors, is the gift of Capricorn’s energies which really is fabulous for your self-esteem.  If you are dependent on someone else to give you money, it’s hard to love yourself in this area.  Every time you grow past being dependent regarding the rewards of money, you become happier and happier.  Being too independent of course is not the answer, but it’s a balance of the two. Interdependence is where you’re going, working together with others, but each of you being richly rewarded for the worth that you add to the team.

We are firmly entrenched in the Aquarian Age now where scientific heart reasoning formulas are being given to achieve the theories that are being expounded.  No longer do you have to rely strictly on faith alone; as in the Piscean era. The Moon Goddess has her own magical formula for connecting with her energies.

Moon Goddess’s Seven Day Magical Formula

The Moon Goddess wants you to prepare three days before her New Moon time to receive her magnetic pull on your conscious.  On the New Moon day before the exact time and 12 hours afterward, she wants you just to feel her pull on you.  Love is a pull-in energy, like when you fall in love.  Love is the energy the Moon Goddess is transmitting on her New Moon as well as the sunbeams she is receiving as the Sun fully illuminates her with energies from his travels through the belt of the cosmos he is moving through.  Then three days afterward, it’s time for you to integrate this tug on your emotions and intuition.

Get Your Body In Motion

January 1, 2011, the calendar New Year’s Day occurs three days before the New Moon. If you fully utilize this day, you’ll probably want to make some resolutions that especially pertain to three things: any resolutions for your business, especially becoming organized and getting your physical body in shape. Don’t just think about it; get your body in motion, becoming more fit today as you put order into any chaos in your living environment. After you do some work, don’t forget to pamper your body.  Give it some special attention; minimum, tell it how good it did today, putting order into your life.

Pull Out of Any Emotional Dramas

On January 2, two days before the New Moon, it’s time to prepare for the Moon Goddess’s tug on you by pulling out of any emotional dramas. Otherwise, you’ll be too much in a relationship trance to get all that the Moon Goddess has to offer you.

Tow Yourself Past Any Pessimistic Thoughts

On January 3, one day before the New Moon, inspire your mind that it can come up with a great plan to move you up to the next ledge of your business or professional life. Find yourself some really moving music that tows you past any pessimistic thoughts you might have about your monetary survival. Concentrate on your business success.

New Moon Time

On January 4, 2011 at 1:03 am PST is the Moon Goddess’s New Moon time. Be tucked carefully away in bed at this time and just let the Moon Goddess work her magic while you sleep. When you awaken, take a moment to tune into the Moon Goddess. In the journal that you already have by the side of your bed, write down any impressions you might have. Take a few sips of water and just stay there for a good five minutes before bounding out of bed, staying connected.  Then go take a shower with your attention still toward the Moon Goddess, as water is always a fabulous conduit for her moon beams to come sliding in.  Again, write down anything you might receive. If you are new at this, you might not be able to grasp the Moon Goddess’s transmissions at first. Take your pen to paper anyway and draw or doodle, most abstractly, the energies; real or imagined, that are present.  By the way, you’re going to have until 1:03 pm January 4, to feel the pull so be receptive even when at work. Don’t forget, it’s your professional money life that is being boosted.

Improve One Step at a Time

January 5, 2011 is the first of the three days of integration of the Moon Goddess’s New Moon magnetic pull on your consciousness.  Always, the first day after the New Moon, you want to awaken your mind and come up with a plan, which can be as simple as looking at your business, and seeing any improvements that you can make before January 19, when Capricorn energies come to an end.  Plans do not have to be elaborate, just steady progress, improvement, better organization of what you already have going on.

Acceptance Gives You What You Want

January 6, 2011 is the second day after the Moon Goddess’s New Moon.  It’s a day to integrate these energies emotionally which is all about acceptance.  Acceptance of you to begin with whatever stage of being self sufficient, being a good provider to yourself and those that you’ve chosen to be responsible for.  If you are too hard on yourself, often you crush whatever you are trying to accomplish.  The more love, the more passion that you put into your business, which to be authentic, must come from the caring you have for yourself.  Instant success is often years in the making; it’s the journey with all its experiences that takes you to the top. Accept where you are today, trusting yourself to make it.

Get the Juices in Your Body Flowing

January 7, 2011 is the third day after the Moon Goddess’s New Moon. It’s a day of integration for your physical body, to let the juices flow through your body and propel you into action.  You just always want to exercise today, whether it’s at the gym or doing manual labor in your home or office.

Keep the Momentum Going

Keep the momentum going until January 16, when you’ll want to start the Seven Day Magical Formula for the Moon Goddess’s Full Moon.  Her Full Moon occurs during the time of Aquarius, the energy of the Age of Aquarius.  Enjoy!

Great New Year’s Resolution

One great resolution for New Year’s would be to become adept at receiving the Moon Goddess’s New and Full Moon energies; awakening your intuition naturally. Life becomes all it can be as your intuition unfolds.

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