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Moon Goddess Amplifies the Libra Goddess’s Messages

October 8th, 2011 · No Comments · General, Libra, Moon Goddess

Moongoddess RA 150x150 Moon Goddess Amplifies the Libra Goddess’s MessagesMoon Goddess Amplifies the Libra Goddess’s Messages

 It’s been six zodiac months since the Goddess of Love arrived at the March Equinox, the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of fall in the Southern Hemisphere.  Now it’s just reversed, fall in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern.

 Matriarch Inspired Era Emerging

Most predicted that the Goddess of Love would not arrive until December 21, 2012 on the December Solstice.  The Moon Goddess was her messenger and foretold her arrival, but just two weeks ahead, before anyone had time to try to impede her descent into the physical realm. Now that the Goddess of Love is here, a matriarch inspired era is emerging while the remnants of the patriarch civilization that cannot adapt is continuing to fall apart.

Aquarius, Facilitator of All Zodiac Signs

Aquarius, the facilitator of all the Zodiac Signs, for the next 2100 years, is toiling side-by-side with the Goddess of Love.  Aquarius’ first mission is assisting each of the cosmic Zodiac signs to make the shift from their masculine countenance to their Goddess expression, the most feminine and loving aspect.

You Are Transmitter for Your Zodiac Sign

As you are a transmitter for the Zodiac sign that was on the cosmic stage when you were born, your Zodiac sign during its time will be transmitting energies to you to enable you to make your shift also. If you do not put up a wall and resist, the transition can be a new birth, although at first you may experience a definite death of the old that you knew so well.  That’s especially true for those that were driven, high achievers, seeking acceptance from the outside through your successes.

The Way to Fall in Love With You

You’ll know if you’re making this shift if you’ve begun to truly care for yourself, include yourself in all that you do.  This is your way to fall in love with yourself this year. No longer do you want to “prove” yourself, how good you are to someone else.  It’s not about outer acceptance this year, anyone telling you that you are good enough.

Citizen of Matriarch Inspired Era

It’s you telling yourself through the act of caring, including yourself, giving yourself acceptance that lets you know how far along the path you are in becoming a citizen of this matriarch inspired era that is upon us.  Don’t be surprised if at first you experience a wave of sadness, feeling unloved when you stop seeking love from the outside. You probably never would have gotten on the self improvement path if you thought you were going to end up with you as your own suitor. Don’t worry, it doesn’t stop there but that’s certainly the first place to begin.

Modification Occurred For Six Zodiac Signs

This modification has already occurred for Aries who moved from its Ram expression to its Ewe Goddess expression.  The Taurus Bull moved into the background, letting the Cow Goddess bask in the limelight; the Gemini Male Twins ushered in the Gemini Goddess Twins; The Cancer Crab turned over to the Cancer Jenny Goddess; Leo the Lion backed up making space for the Lioness Goddess, and Virgo the Virgin turned over to the Virgo Goddess, a full bodied feminine expression.  

Libra’s Turn

Now it’s Libra’s turn to swing its pendulum from its Yang to its Yin expression. Both Yin and Yang are fabulous when in balance, but both equally destructive when in the extremes.

Stop the Swing

The Libra Goddess’s first message says it’s time to stop the swing of the extremes.  Women, definitely those of you who have been raped, abused, made to feel second class or even lower, you may feel like now getting your revenge.

You may want to balance the books with those that hurt you, passed you by, or wouldn’t accept you by flinging all the hurt you experienced right back at them.  Justice could be your cry, but I’m encouraging you to stop the swing from one extreme to the next. 

Last Round of Matriarch Civilization

That’s indeed what occurred during the last round of a matriarch civilization.  Women became warriors, found their strength by battling the male. Most men were valued primarily for their sperm and were often beheaded just as soon as the woman was sure she was pregnant.

Open Door to Love Through Caring

This matriarch reign needs to be quite different. Let Love take the lead, not the extremes of smothering, emasculating, revenge.  You could stop the pendulum swing; stop the dualistic nature which perpetuates war again and again.  To do this though, you’ll have to swing into your heart, care for yourself.  That’s the entire theme for the whole zodiac year.  The swing to Love is not immediate; you open that door through caring for you.

Catapult Yourself Out of the Vibration

You could be quite surprised, as you genuinely express caring for yourself.  You will catapult yourself out of the vibration where people take advantage of you and hurt you.

As you do care for yourself, you’ll naturally be dumping out the pain, the hurts that other people have inflicted on you.  Then there will be no supply of emotional hurt to throw at someone else.  You will have transmuted it, changed it from negative to positive through caring for yourself.

Vibrational Healing

Aquarius’ techy inventors have been working with vibrational healing, especially since the Aquarius Age began in 1994.  Search them out, pendants and disks; especially those infused into natural stones can raise your emotional vibration and clear the emotional traumas inside of you. What you spent years doing with therapists during the patriarch civilization can be achieved in minutes now.  Once done, first express gratitude as well as amazement that Aquarius’ inventors are making this possible. 

Way to Sever

Then you want to forgive the person or persons that harmed you. That may sound very difficult right now, but once you’ve begun to make good progress on caring for yourself, you’ll feel differently quite naturally.  Besides, the only way to sever the negative connection is to move out of that vibration to a more positive one. 

Compassion Leads to Forgiveness

Compassion is the emotional tool needed to forgive, both compassion and forgiveness are qualities that I’m transmitting to you during my tenure on the Zodiac stage.  If you must, start with pity for the person who picked such harmful methods to try to deal with their own emotional hurts and trauma.  Pity can then give way to compassion and then you can genuinely forgive.  Once you do forgive, the negative connection will unfurl.  You’ll be free, ready to be a full on participant in the emerging matriarch civilization.

Learn From Your Sisters

Learn from your sisters of Rwanda who survived the attacks of men who raped them, as well as many times killing their children and husbands.  Even though these men were sent to prison, when they were released years later, they went back to the same villages they came from. To emotionally survive, these women had to learn to forgive and go on during the time these men were in prison.  The miracle is that they were able to do so and when the men returned, they accepted them back into the village.

Moon Goddess’s Full Moon During Libra

The Moon Goddess will be amplifying the Libra Goddess’s transmissions on her Full Moon October 11, 2011; 7:06 pm PDT. The Libra Goddess says it’s not just about forgiving the other person, it’s also about forgiving you for any and all your harmful actions during the patriarch civilization. Remember, that was a time to find your strength, now it’s about love. Compassion and forgiveness are the Libra method to guide you to caring for yourself, when then leads you to love.


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