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Moon Goddess’s August Full Moon 2011

August 13th, 2011 · No Comments · General, Leo, Moon Goddess

Moongoddess RA 150x150 Moon Goddess’s August Full Moon 2011Moon Goddess’s August Full Moon

The Moon Goddess’s August Full Moon occurs on Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 11:57 am PDT. You have twelve hours before and afterward to fully imbibe her moonbeams.  However, the three days after her full moonbeams are transmitted, are days to integrate what you received into your mind, feelings and physical body.

Moon Goddess Working with Aquarius

The Moon Goddess is working closely with Aquarius who is facilitating each of the Zodiac signs to shift into their feminine expression.  August 13, 2011 occurs during Leo’s reign and Leo the Lion is turning over his zodiac scepter to the Lioness Goddess.

Moon Goddess’s Role

The Moon Goddess’s role in this turn over is to greatly amplify the Lioness Goddess’s energies that she is transmitting to everyone within her sphere of influence. 

Leos Feel Turned Upside Down

Those that were born during Leo’s reign approximately July 23 – August 21, are transmitters throughout their lives of the energies of Leo. They will feel this shift the most, feeling like they are being turned upside down, which is indeed what is happening.

Attention Now on Endings

The emphasis is no longer on developing their courage, power and strength through pioneering new endeavors. They are receiving guidance to put their attention on endings, being told that’s where the love is hidden, in forgiveness and gratitude. Review your life during the patriarch civilization which only ended with this March equinox.

Lioness Qualities Available to Everyone

Everyone though, not just Leo transmitters, are receiving these same cosmic messages at the Moon Goddess’s August Full Moon.  Love, caring, forgiveness and gratitude are the qualities available to everyone during this time.

Moon Goddess’s Message

The Moon Goddess has a message all her own during this time however, given to her by the Goddess of Love.  The Goddess of Love is most appreciative of all those who believed in her, even though she could not been seen.

Unconscious Anchors

So many people, especially since 1994 when the Aquarian Age began, have been acting as anchors, endeavoring to ground the Goddess of Love’s energies. Consequently, at a physical level, their weight, their size ballooned. It wasn’t necessarily the amount of food eaten, just breathing the air itself caused a rise in width.

You are Released From Duty

The Goddess of Love is here now, in the physical realm. You are released from your duty, you are no longer needed to ground the Goddess of Love’s energies. You can relax, breathe deeply, and turn your attention toward yourself.  It’s time to care for yourself, that’s your first demonstration of Love in the physical realm.  For every intention and action that you do to show you care for your body, to furl off the heaviness inside of you, you will now find success.  No matter how hard you tried before, even when you made it, the weight and heaviness would return. You were needed truly to ground the energies. You’re not now!

Numbing Yourself Out of Physical Realm

Also many of you got caught up in addictions, especially physical addictions such as excessive drugs, smoking, alcohol as well as trying to stuff yourself with copious amounts of food. That was your way of numbing yourself out of the physical realm and lifting you into the cosmic realm where the Goddess of Love’s energies were on the descent to the physical realm.

Not Able to Walk Your Talk

Many of you were able to connect with the Goddess of Love’s energies during these times of excess. Your ability to implement what you touched into during these times, most of the time did not take hold.  In other words, you could not “walk your talk”.  What you could envision and what you could do were often far apart.

Goddess of Love Has Come to You

You no longer need to be numb in the physical realm, to reach into the cosmos. The cosmos, the Goddess of Love, has come to you.  Use the Goddess of Love’s energies to show you care for yourself and put these addictions behind you. Yes, I know you may have tried to do this many times, yet you were overpowered and could not follow through. Now you can, don’t try to fight or develop your strength. Just concentrate on loving yourself, and through caring become triumphant.

Infusing Cells with Love

You’ll find you can do more intense exercise now, lifting yourself out of the prison, the morass you find yourself. Instead of becoming stronger though, you’ll infuse each of your cells with caring, with love.


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