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LIBRA: That Old Devil Moon Herself – the Hunter Moon

June 13th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Libra, Moon Goddess

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That Old Devil Moon Herself -the Hunter Moon

Personal empowerment begins once you consciously delve into the mysteries affecting your behavior Soon you’ll want to learn what influence that gorgeous Goddess Moon up in the sky has upon your actions.

If as you look up in the heavens this month and you feel more inclined toward romance, don’t just stay home and dream of love. Go out and actively pursue tracking down some gorgeous prey, the two legged kind if he’s not already at home with you. After all, this month is the Hunters Moon.

The Native Americans tracked their prey by the Hunter’s Moon, stockpiling food for the winter ahead. And in Northern Europe, it was the perfect time for shooting migrating birds.

What makes this moon so special for hunting, either the two legged, four legged or those in flight? From sunset to moonrise, there is less period of darkness due to the seasonal tilt of the Earth. The Hunter’s Moon also appears bigger and brighter than the other moons, except for the Harvest Moon which just passed. As the Hunter Moon is lower in the sky, it passes through more atmospheric particles than when it’s higher up in the sky, emitting a warm color. This reddish or orange tint accounts for another of its names, the Blood Moon.

Arousing colors is one of the secrets of the Hunter Moon and why it incites us to hunt our prey. Warm colors always stimulate your feelings. The sheer size of the Moon radiating down to you these warm colors liven up your emotions, giving way to your wild side, your passions.

Halloween is just two nights before the Full Moon itself. Just perfect for the trick or treaters, hunting down their candies and treats, threatening tricks of havoc for those that do not fess up their indulgences.

And for you, a little later, as your little ones sneak their treats into their bedroom, dress up as the sexiest and most enticing. Sing or hum to get you in the mood – It’s that Old Devil Moon. Be courageous, wear Devil Red. It’s is the warmest of colors, one that makes you feel powerful yet naughty and drives men wild No wonder we’ve always called us the She Devil, and monks were told to turn down their heads, never to look us in the eyes.

The Hunter Moon actually begins with the New Moon on Sunday, October 17, 2009 Pacific Time. If we could see, it’s the time when the Moon and Sun seem to appear next to each other in the sky. You won’t see anything though, as although the Moon is always illuminated by the Sun, it’s the Moon’s backside that is lit.

We only see darkness, which is why the New Moon is also called the Dark Moon sometimes.

One to two nights after, just a sliver of the moon, a young crescent moon will magically appear.

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And then the moonlight will increase nightly until it’s the Half Moon when half of the moon is illuminated with half is still in the shadow. This year that occurs on October 25th2009.

Not stopping there, the moonlight increases until it’s the FULL Moon. Now we see the front side of the moon, which is illuminated by the Sun and reflects back to us that light. But alas, the FULL MOON lasts only for a twenty hour period, twelve hours on each side. In California PST, that is 11:14 am on November 2nd. Twelve hours before is 11:14 Pm on November 1st, all Saints Night and ends at 1:14 PM on November 2nd.

Then the moonlight begins to lessen, and soon we’ll have a HALF MOON again with only half of the moon continuing to be illuminated while half slinks back into the shadows. Within another week, there will be a dark moon again. This whole cycle from New Moon to the next Moon takes approximately 29 days 12 hours and 44 minutes. That’s the time it takes the moon to orbit the Earth, returning to the same position from when it began.

Hunter New Moon Sunday, October 17, 2009 Pacific Time.

Hunter Half Moon October 25th

Hunter Full Moon Monday November 2, 2009

Hunter Half Moon November 9th

Why not consciously hold close to you, savor the beams of moonlight? Be sensitive as the moon intensifies its illumination, especially from half moon to full moon, to sense if it inflames your emotions. After all, it’s feelings that are the fire for your actions. Become fully alive, empowered as you embrace the Moon Goddess, that Old Devil Moon – this month the Hunter Moon.

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