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LIBRA: How to Balance Your Karma

October 11th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Libra

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Embrace Libra’s Energies To Balance Your Karma

Libra is many times called the karma month, when we balance the books so to speak.  Most people usually equate karma with the harmful actions that we need to balance.  There’s such a thing as good karma though when you reap the rewards of the good actions that you have been doing, especially since Aries of this year.  Surely you want to be awake, alert and watchful for these fabulous opportunities that could come knocking at your door. Then you won’t mind harmonizing those hurtful actions at the same time.   Here are some tips to help you fully connect with the Libra energies that are being transmitted to us right now.

Colors Lift Your Mood

Take a walk outside and look at the autumn leaves ablaze on the trees radiating majestic beauty, a sense of balance.   Then pick from your closet rusts, teals, crescents and butternut gold hued clothes.  If your wardrobe is lacking these colors, off to the store you go. By wearing such colors, you will find you will probably want to exude the same charm and graciousness as your attire.

Foods That Give You Balance

During Libra you want to watch your moods for any extremes you might be exhibiting. You can utilize food to help you move toward balance.

If you are sluggish and need some pep, go for the protein and vegetables.  If you’re into fowl, why not pick duck or quail to help you soar above any upsets? Curries with turmeric can incite your body as well.  Carrots and squash, especially acorn and butternut squash are perfect Libra foods and vegetable soups, the heartier the better, will speed you onward while making you feel balanced at the same time.

If you find yourself stressed and need some comforting food, reach for a fresh pear or apple or better yet, take both.  Carbohydrates smooth those jagged emotions. Some Libra carbs are yams or sweet potatoes, squaw bread and brown and wild rice mixed, and plenty of cinnamon for your seasonings.   Red Rooibos teas and Chais will soothe your tummy, as well as your mood.

Sounds for Libra Ambience

Sounds of rustling leaves and the flickering sound of flames in the fireplace work every time.  If you’d like some music to further set the atmosphere, why not download some oldies of George Gershwin, a famous Libra.  Rhapsody in Blue, Shall We Dance or if there is a local production of the famous opera Porgy and Bess, go see it; they are all by Gershwin.  Or listen to most any of Sting’s music, especially A Brand New Day.


Try cinnamon, if not on your food, then as an aromatherapy spray or dab some on the inside of your wrist.


Snuggle up with a comfy wool blanket or run your fingers through a cashmere sweater.  Or if you have a long haired cat, stroke it often this month.

Awaken Your Inner Senses

Now that we’ve satisfied your outer senses, it’s time to turn inward, to unfold your intuition.  A real hit is to embrace the Moon Goddess’s Full Moon energies which illuminate both your feelings and your intuitive sense.  During Libra’s reign this year, the Full Moon occurs on September 23, at 2:17 pm, PDT.  It will appear to be not only the most abundant in size but in light; enjoy.


Balance is a major teaching of Buddhism. In fact, Buddha taught that all of life is suffering as long as we live in the world of dualities. Why not, during Libra, acquaint yourself with Buddhism’s Middle Path teachings?


If you are into traveling, why not go to Argentina and dance the most graceful and precise of all dances, the Tango.  Go to Costa Rica where peace is regarded highly, no military and a University for Peace.

Relationship Tip

Libra individuals all throughout their life will have this natural inclination to find balance in any extreme presented to them. They instinctively can sense the extremes that need to be sloughed off so balance, which Libra equates with equality, can be achieved.

That is really why Libra is often referred to as the people sign, the peacemaker.  Injustice just does not sit well with the Libra individual, luckily they know that being friendly and using more diplomatic words will help them achieve their objective. Extreme expressions just don’t feel right, which is why they will weigh back and forth many times for just how to say or do something. You may mistake that for being indecisive, but think again.

Why not embrace Libra energies to the fullest and communicate everything you want to say through the filter of its Balance Energy.  Then you could have the best of all possible relationships.

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