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Libra Goddess Exclaims Fall Back in Love with You

August 27th, 2017 · No Comments · General, Libra

LibraNoBorder 150x150 Libra Goddess Exclaims Fall Back in Love with You

The Libra Goddess says it is time to fall out of love.  Surely she doesn’t mean that; Libra is the sign of relationships after all.  Yes, the Goddess does mean it; you’re in a matriarch era now.

Patriarch Era Love

During the patriarch era, falling in love was what most everyone wanted. Magnetically you were attracted to someone, usually your opposite, and became so enamored you actually fell into the other person’s energy.

Please Don’t Abandon Me

You lost your own balance as you fell into the other person, and most of the time became dependent on the other person for your source of energy.  No wonder you became so fearful that the other person might at any time abandon you.

Withdraw From Extremes

It’s time to realize that you abandoned yourself, and you want to move back to your own center.  That’s what Libra is about, becoming centered and balanced, withdrawing from the extremes.

Overthrow Out of Vogue

Does that mean you give up the person you fell in love with? Only if, when you extract yourself, you swing to the other extreme.  Don’t fall too far back into the other extreme.  This will happen if the way you get back to yourself is to find everything wrong with the other person and overthrow the individual.  Overthrowing someone is really an out of date patriarch method, just like falling in love and giving up you is out of vogue.

Forgive Yourself  for Abandoning You

The matriarch way to fall out of love and back to your center starts with you forgiving yourself for abandoning yourself.  Then you review all the positive traits you saw in the other person that you felt you didn’t have at the time and you wanted enough to abandon you.

See and Feel

Your own self esteem in those areas just wasn’t high enough, you saw yourself as not good enough.  The Libra Goddess implores you to write these traits down, don’t do this in your mind.   You want to see and feel them.

You’re a Survivor

Now ask yourself, which of those traits and qualities do you possess today, which means ones that you implement in your life regularly now? Now applaud yourself, you survived, and now you do have those qualities yourself.

Give Gratitude

You are definitely more expanded in consciousness than when you fell in love and gave up yourself. You just need to truly realize that.  Every time you find any negative thoughts or feelings toward the other person, transform those into gratitude

Methods Probably Too Strong

Now it’s time to give gratitude to your partner for having those qualities, and for mentoring you at least energetically.  The Libra Goddess says don’t get caught up in dwelling on the methods they used, as in all probability if this occurred during the patriarch time, they were often emotionally abusive, way too strong or controlling.

Energies Now Much More Loving

The energies being bestowed on both of you, your partner and yourself, are much more loving now.  As you extract yourself through forgiveness and gratitude, you’ll come back closer to your center.

Reclaim Yourself

Now make a list of the qualities that you temporarily gave up to keep from being abandoned by the other person.  You now need to reclaim those fully.  In order to do that, you’ll need to at first express those with new people, which could be professionally or in any other setting.

Fall Back in Love with Yourself

Have fun falling back in love with yourself. Don’t take it too far though, there’s a wonderful journey ahead of you. Loving relationships during the matriarch era are between two people that have returned to their center and stay there while thoroughly enjoying each other.


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