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Libra: Annoucement from the Moon Goddess – October 2010

October 7th, 2010 · No Comments · General, Libra

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Announcement from the Moon Goddess – October 2010

A while ago, the Moon Goddess announced that her New Moon was equally as important as her Full Moon. The preparation for each is also equally important.  If you heed her advice, grab hold of your physical body three days before, instilling in it more discipline. Two days prior, groom your emotions with acceptance in your tone of voice; and one day previous to the full and new moon, prime your mind with inspiration.

Moon Goddess’s Illumination Time

At her New Moon time, the Moon Goddess is away on her monthly trek around Mother Earth and is right between Mother Earth and the Sun.  At this moment, there is a direct alignment between the three.  The New Moon is also the time that the Moon Goddess’s back side is being fully illuminated by the Sun’s rays.

Moon Goddess’s October New Moon Time

The New Moon pulls on our feelings while the veils lift with more access to our higher selves.  In October, the Moon Goddess’s New Moon time is Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 11:44 am, PDT.

Moon Sign as Important as Sun Sign

Now the Moon Goddess is making a new announcement; your Moon Sign in your astrological charts is becoming as important as your Sun Sign as the Matriarch Era is almost here.  Your Sun Sign continues to signal the direction of your destiny and why you incarnated to fulfill it.

Moon Sign Holds Secrets

How you get to your future though is greatly determined by your emotional nature whose secrets lie in your Moon sign.  It is, after all, your emotional nature that you could liken to the actor or actress within you that expresses your feelings through the roles it acts out in your relationships.

Emotional Nature’s Three Starring Roles

Many a person on the way to their destiny has been foiled or sent on a detour because of their inability to deal with their feelings.  It is not as difficult as you might think, as your emotional nature always heads for just one of three starring roles that it knows so well.  If it is fearful, it will clamor to star as the victim.  If it didn’t handle its fear through courage, it will swing to the other extreme to the villain role, hurling its hurtful feelings at someone else.   Yet when you learn how to consciously express your emotions in a balanced way, with love taking the lead, your destiny unfolds magically. That’s, of course, when the role your emotional nature is expressing itself courageously through the heroine role.

Moon Sign’s Riddle of Your Past Life

Also your Moon Sign clutches a riddle unbeknownst to most, the karma; both positive and what is left over, still to be resolved from your immediate past life.  Your Saturn sign holds the key to your long term karma, which is usually on hold waiting for you to deal with your Moon Sign’s karma first.

Same with Some Repackaging

Your emotional nature will keep attracting to you the same type of people and situations, repackaged to this time period, that are unresolved from past lives.  You would do well to really understand your Moon Sign and become conscious of what you are often dragged into without your even knowing why.  Once resolved, you’ll be not only happier and relieved greatly but you’ll be on your way to accomplishing your destiny.

Moon Goddess’s October Full Moon Time

The Moon Goddess’s moon beams will be the most intense at her Full Moon time; Friday, October 22 at 6:36 pm, PDT.   Just like at her New Moon time, to receive the full benefit of her transmissions, you would want to prepare your physical body, your emotional nature and mind for the three days before the Full Moon.  On the Full moon itself, you would spend as much time as possible in silence, just receiving, connecting and embracing her cosmic energies consciously. Then the three days afterward, you would then integrate these energies into your mind and feelings and then spring into action with your physical body.

Consciously Unfold Your Intuition

You now have an incredible opportunity to consciously unfold your intuition, giving you access to wisdom beyond your logic. The Moon Goddess’s method is to embrace the seven magical days of both the New and Full Moon, giving you a total of 14 days to resolve any leftover relationship hurts and situations hidden away in times gone past.

Matriarch Govern Through Love Not Will

Then you’ll be up to date, ready to stride into the time ahead where the matriarch era will govern through the energy of love, not will. A time when your emotions and your intuition will take the lead, guiding your mind and your physical body. The future is almost here, embrace it.

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