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Leo the Lioness Goddess’s Forecast for All Signs

August 6th, 2011 · No Comments · General, Leo

AquariusN copy 150x150 Leo the Lioness Goddess’s Forecast for All SignsLeo the Lioness Goddess’s Forecast for All Signs


Hi, I am Aquarius broadcasting, and I want to introduce you to Leo the Lioness Goddess who is now accepting the cosmic scepter from Leo the Lion to utilize and dispense her energies.


Life/Death Losing Its Power

The Lioness Goddess will be working closely with me on one of my objectives of bringing about physical immortality during my tenure.  All dualities, including the most infamous of all (life/death), are beginning to lose their power that only extremes can give you.  Power, as in overthrow, conflict and excessive strength, belong to an era on its way out.  I’ll let the Lioness Goddess tell you herself though; by the way, she’s a most beautiful Goddess swirling her hot pinks and peach hued energies.


Leo w.name  150x150 Leo the Lioness Goddess’s Forecast for All SignsLeo the Lioness Sending Vibrations

Hello to all of you, I’m overjoyed to step up to the stage and start sending you my vibrations. To be collaborating with Aquarius is awesome I must say. During the time of Leo the Lion’s reign, Aquarius and Leo were opposites.  That’s a time gone past, as Aquarius and I are becoming bosom buddies, bonding on our similarities.  Besides, Aquarius’s style of leadership is just wonderful, being a facilitator.


Raise Your Consciousness to Love

While other zodiac signs under Aquarius’s direction are busily engineering bodies that will allow you to become physically immortal, my message and method is about raising your consciousness, your vibration to love.  You definitely want your consciousness to match your new body when it’s ready. Then you’ll enjoy being immortal or living as long as you want until you graduate from the Planet Earth school.


Leo Fade 150x150 Leo the Lioness Goddess’s Forecast for All SignsLeo the Lion a True Pioneer

My man, Leo the Lion was always instilling in you to find your power and strength by charging ahead into new pioneering endeavors. It took a lot of courage to go through your fears as you forged ahead into the unknown many times.

Lioness Goddess Message is Love

Now, as your Lioness Goddess, my message is quite different. It’s not about finding your power, your strength; it’s about discovering your love, which has been hidden deep inside, waiting for the Goddess of Love’s arrival.

Quest Is To Rescue Love

Now that the Goddess of Love has arrived, your quest is to rescue this love and bring it to the surface, not so fast though, little-by-little, first learning to truly care for yourself.  That’s been the message since the beginning of the astrological year at the March Equinox 2011and will continue to be the theme until the end of the astrological year, March Equinox in 2012. What’s unique, as each of us Zodiac Goddess’s take over the reign from our male counterparts, we transmit energies to you that will activate in you different ways to care for yourself.

Loving Relationships Emerge

That’s the way the zodiac signs are cooperating together under Aquarius’s tutelage. We’re like a relay team, each taking the baton from the preceding zodiac sign. If you are tuning into our energies and implement what you receive, you can’t help ending up truly caring for yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually by the end of the astrological year.  For those of you who make it, include yourself totally and truly take care of yourself, the huge reward waiting for you is that your love will trust you and begin to emerge.  That’s when truly loving relationships will emerge on the world scene.

Martyr Out of Vogue

You don’t have to wait until the end of the year for this to occur. Caring for yourself is truly new for most of you who, during the era gone by, sacrificed yourself for everyone else with no inclusion of self.  In fact, being selfless was considered the highest virtue of all. That’s all changing now. Whether you realize it or not, not including yourself turned you into a victim; you were exhausted even though you felt good about yourself. Martyring yourself is out of vogue; there are more loving ways to find your goodness now.

Relish Your Endings

You’re probably going to feel turned upside down now if you are a transmitter for Leo or have been a big fan of Leo the Lion following his directions.   My message to you is not about pioneering new beginnings. Instead, my message is to relish your endings, that’s where the love, the nuggets are.

Awaken Your Consciousness

You aren’t given an Owner’s Manual when you are born; you have to write it yourself by going through life’s experiences.  When you are firmly entrenched in the experience, you go through it at whatever stage of consciousness you are in at the time.  But once you are on the other side of the experience, you have the opportunity to sit, reflect, and gather all the “nuggets” that was available to you.  That’s when you learn forgiveness, gratitude as you “learn from your mistakes.”  You have the opportunity to make amends and become accountable as needed.  That’s when you awaken and expand your consciousness.

Your Owner’s Manual

If you are thorough with your endings, gleaning every morsel of love available out of the experience, you usually do not have to repeat the same experience again if it was negative.  This is really how you write your own Owner’s Manual, with its guidelines and gain your wisdom. Without taking this ending-time, you usually attract the same situation over again, and you bring out this same part of another person to react against.

Don’t Miss Out on Death

As death is still a happening thing right now, don’t miss out on it. If you have a family member or close friend that is near that stage, make sure you spend some real quality time with them. There’s the possibility for a lot of love to be transferred between the two of you.

Heart Openings with Animal Children

The same with your animal children; go through their transition with them.  You may be amazed at the heart openings you will have as a result of being by their side. Their time is a lot shorter than humans.

Eliminate Need for Death

It’s by savoring these endings in the now, that you eliminate the need for the life/death duality.  Death is, in reality, the ultimate ending.  Surely you’ve experienced death yourself while being alive such as a relationship breakup.  Or when your partner died, your child, your parents, or your most beloved animal died especially if it was sudden, and you had no time to prepare yourself.  Didn’t it feel to you like you were dying? To live, you had to resurrect yourself.

Purpose of Death

The real purpose of death is this time of reflection, of looking back on situations and suddenly waking up with exclamations like, “so that is what it was all about”.  That’s when you start laughing away, as you just didn’t get it at the time.

Guardian Angel Mentors You

Death is a time of releasing those pains and hurts you weren’t able to deal with or let go of when you were alive.  You have a mentor who many of you think as your guardian angel to help you go through this releasing process.  For those of you that are involved in the self improvement field, you’re taking over this function that used to be handled primarily during the death cycle.  Counselors, social workers and just good friends who have the ability to listen to you abound.

Changing Genders

Also there are some real pioneering people who instead of dying as one gender and incarnating as another gender are having sex changes.  When your new robot bodies are finished being engineered, you can just switch parts. That will be a lot easier when you want to experience your life as a different gender.

By the way, there are more hermaphrodites than you might think presently living. They’ll emerge more once the prejudice about admitting gays and lesbians fully to the ranks of human family as equals is over.  Also the continued ongoing inclusion is animals and mammals.

If you listened to the Cancer Goddess’s message, she was encouraging you to include the consciousness that has taken on mineral kingdom forms like robots, water treatment machines, machines to facilitate your breathing and the like into your family.

Become Adept Gathering Those Nuggets

The ultimate goal is for you to become awake enough that you can be processing in the moment, not even waiting until it’s over to reflect.  That’s when the duality of beginnings and endings are brought to a close; you’re just in the steady rhythm of continuations. To get to that awakening, become really adept at gathering the nuggets that are there for you to pick up as you savor those endings.



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