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Leo the Lion Flipping Over to the Lioness Goddess

July 31st, 2011 · No Comments · General, Leo

Leo w.name  150x150 Leo the Lion Flipping Over to the Lioness Goddess

Leo the Lion Flipping Over to the Lioness Goddess

Aquarius, the facilitator of the zodiac signs for the next 2100 years, is working closely with the Goddess of Love and the Moon Goddess to help each zodiac sign make a great cosmic shift.  Each zodiac sign, during its reign on the cosmic stage, is being guided to move from its masculine side to its feminine expression.  The most beautiful and loving aspect of any woman is the Goddess, thus all the zodiac signs are transforming into their Goddess voice.

Leo the Lion Flipping Over

Already, Aries the Ram acquiesced to the Aries Ewe Goddess, Taurus the Bull gave way to Taurus the Cow Goddess, Gemini the Male Twins turned over to the Gemini Twin Goddess’s, and Cancer the Crab to the Cancer Jenny Goddess. This zodiac month, Leo the Lion is starting the flip over to Leo the Lioness Goddess.

Taking the Best of Leo the Lion

From July 23 , the beginning of Leo’s appearance on the cosmic stage, to July 30, the Lioness Goddess will be dialoguing with Leo the Lion going over the best of Leo teachings during the time Leo the Lion was on the cosmic stage. None of the Goddess’s want to overthrow or denounce the male expression of their sign that was in charge during the patriarch civilization we are now leaving behind as it was fueled by the God of Will’s energy.


Power, Strength, Intellect and Courage were the virtues and rewards available to us during that time.  The Leo Lioness for sure wants to keep those qualities, not discard them.  Certainly Leo the Lion with his mighty roar developed these attributes with his entire valor.


Now during the Goddess of Love’s reign on the cosmic stage, Love will be the equalizer for the Power and Strength, Caring will walk hand-in-hand with Courage, and the Intuitive will be developed with the same tenacity as Intellect was during the patriarch civilization.

Moon Goddess’s New Moon

Then on July 30, at 11:40 am PST on the Moon Goddess’s New Moon, Leo the Lion will withdraw his energy and the Moon Goddess will greatly amplify Leo the Lioness energies, boosting her into her Goddess expression.  Aquarius will be right there facilitating the full turn over.

Moon Goddess’s Full Moon

By the Moon Goddess’s Full Moon on August 13, at 11:57 am, Leo the Lioness will be fully transmitting in her Goddess voice without Aquarius’s assistance.  Aquarius will be there, fully enjoying the fruits of the facilitation.  The Moon Goddess, as always on her New and Full Moon, shines her moonbeams on the zodiac sign energies, greatly amplifying the messages of that zodiac sign.  As well, the Moon Goddess’s moonbeams strip away another veil of our intuition.

Leo’s Energies

Leo transmits two energies. The first is Will which is also transmitted by Aries and Capricorn.  Its expression is most different now, instead of us becoming more willful and strong, this energy is dissolving anything that is keeping us from love.

Become Creators

The second is Scientific Heart Energy which is conveyed also by Aquarius and Sagittarius.  During the patriarch civilization, this energy was expressed as scientific reasoning energy and picked up by scientists, engineers, inventors and physicists. Now, as the Goddess of Love has appeared, the feminine expression of this energy is scientific heart energy or at its essence is pure creativity inspiring each of us to be creators.

Leo’s Colors

During Leo the Lion’s rule, red was the color being conducted to bring out the power in you, stirring the courage within you.  Leo the Lioness Goddess is sending a different hue of red, a hot pink leading you to your heart. The other color of Leo the Lion was bright orange as in the Sun’s ray.  The Lioness Goddess is choosing a different hue to emanate, a more gentle peach color.

Leo Foods

If you like to get your energy through food, here’s some: Guava, Gala or Fuji apples, dulse (seaweed), pink beans, pink grapefruit, strawberries, watermelon, cherries but especially rainier cherries, rhubarb, and reddish corn. For the orange hued foods  feast on cantaloupe, mangoes, nectarines, carrots, almonds, apricots, peaches, papayas, orange tomatoes, orange peppers, sweet potatoes and walnuts.


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