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LEO: Moon Goddess’s August Moon

September 16th, 2010 · No Comments · General

MoonGoddess032810Mid copy LEO: Moon Goddesss August Moon


Moon Goddess’s-August Moon

Goddess exclaims her New Moon is as important as her Full Moon, if not more so, as we shift toward a matriarch guided era. Her New Moon time occurs when she is positioned in such a way she receives directly from the Sun who fully illuminates her with his sun rays. At this time, she obtains directly without being filtered through Mother Earth’s energies. The Moon Goddess is right in between Mother Earth and the Sun.

EarthMoonSun copy1 LEO: Moon Goddesss August Moon

What’s Happening with the Sun?

If we prepare and tune in to the Moon Goddess’s New Moon time, we could ourselves collect a sense of what is happening with the Sun. Our consciousness would then have the opportunity to expand beyond what is happening solely as Mother Earth’s inhabitants.

Magnetic Field Strength Becoming Higher

We could begin to grasp what is happening to Mother Earth in relation to the Sun, as she strives to adapt. The new energies that the Sun is passing through affect all of the planets that revolve around the Sun as well, not just Mother Earth. Scientists tell us that the magnetic field strength is becoming higher in frequency for all the planets in our solar system.

Mother Earth’s Turn for Pole Shift Soon

When Jupiter came out behind the Sun this time on its trek around the Sun some of its rings were gone. Uranus and Neptune have already had their poles shift as discovered by the Voyager Space Probe. It will soon be Mother Earth’s turn.

Moon Goddess Becoming Brighter

By the way, have you noticed that the light coming from the Moon Goddess is much brighter radiating a higher magnetic frequency? As the Moon Goddess stimulates more our emotions and intuition, our inner senses are moving more toward the surface, not hidden inside. Our auras are becoming more luminous like the Moon.

Moon Goddess Growing an Atmosphere

Besides becoming more brilliant, the Moon Goddess is growing an atmosphere. Imagine, she now has more than a 3,000 miles deep layer of atmosphere that was not there before. It’s the same with Mother Earth, her atmosphere in the upper levels, not related to any kind of global warming, is beginning to show up.

It’s Not Just the Food, It’s the Air

What about you? Are you growing in size? What was once our standard for weight and size is rapidly changing. And yes, as the Moon rouses our emotions, we may reach for more food to ground us, to help us find an even keel. However, more of our growth is due to the energies pouring down on us from the Sun’s journey through the cosmos. You could say the air we breathe in the atmosphere is causing us to expand.

Moon Goddess Holds Major Key

Awakening our consciousness to being solar system inhabitants, not just residents of Mother Earth, allows us to embrace all this newness. The Moon Goddess holds a major key for this unfolding of our consciousness due to the stimulation of our emotions and intuition. Until you begin to feel the Moon Goddess’s New Moon time, be sure and look up the date and time. After awhile you’ll know as you will begin to feel the gravitational pull on your psyche.

New Moon Time August 2010

In August, the Moon Goddess’s Lightning New Moon is August 9, 2010 at 8:08 pm, PDT.

Three Days to Prepare

Begin three days ahead on August 6, to prepare first your physical body to receive. Two days ahead on August 7, make ready your emotions, swerving away from any emotional conflict or relationship dramas. One day before on August 8, put your mind in order, become inspired. And then treat the New Moon just like the Full Moon, be in silence as much as possible and intuitively connect. Your intuition is a wisdom that goes beyond logic, neither in the physical realm nor bound by distance.

Moon Beams Different Than Last Month

Then look for the Moon Goddess’s crescent moon to appear in the sky. The Moon Goddess may look the same to you, but the moon beams she is emitting are different than last month. That’s why each month the Moon Goddess has a new name, this month it is the Lightning Moon.

Don’t Take Moon Goddess for Granted

Each and every month the Moon Goddess receives illumination from the Sun from where he is now in his travels. You do not want to take the Moon Goddess for granted; she’s always fueling our feelings with newness.

Outer and Inner Senses Receive at Full Moon

On the Full Moon, once again Mother Earth, the Moon Goddess and the Sun are lined up with each other but the Moon Goddess is on the other side of Mother Earth. As the Moon Goddess is fully illuminated in a way that you can perceive through your outer senses, you don’t have to rely only on your inner senses like at the New Moon. Your physical body and mind, which are directed by your outer senses, have the same chance to receive as your inner senses leading you to your emotions and intuition.

EarthMoonSunB copy LEO: Moon Goddesss August Moon

Full Moon Time Produces Tug on Your Psyche

However, if you indeed did embrace the Moon Goddess’s New Moon time, you’ve had two weeks to get accustomed to these new energies coming from the Sun. You can now be in service to those that are just now receiving these energies as the direct alignment of the Moon Goddess, Mother Earth and the Sun emits most powerful energies to all of us, causing a tug on our psyche. You are needed as some people really go out of control now, becoming totally overwhelmed.

Moon Goddess’s August Full Moon Time

The Moon Goddess’s Full Moon occurs August 24, 2010 at 10:05 am, PDT.

Don’t Become Lax

Just because we now are treating the Moon Goddess’s New Moon time as important as the Full Moon time, does not mean we become lax in receiving the Full Moon energies or take the time to consciously integrate them.

Three Days Integration

As we just discussed how to prepare for the New Moon and it is the same for the Full Moon, let’s discuss the integration which is the same for both New and Full. On the first day after the Full Moon on August 25, you strive for clarity, like “What was all that about?” The second day afterward on August 26, you add your acceptance, your emotional zest to what you received. Then on the third day afterward on August 27, you begin to implement into your life what you received. You have two weeks to fully integrate and to serve others. While the Moon Goddess’s illumination fades, step up and radiate your light.


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